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  1. Yes they have but I think Komisarek is still too prone to mistakes. His reaction time isnt up to NHL speed but the coaching staff has handle him very well IMO, he's developping and progressing so thats what counts. Also, I think putting Rivet on his left side has been a very good move and it helped Markov so why not him too? He's getting better by the game, he keeps things simple and he hits. With time, he'll pitch in on the offense too.
  2. I'm not glad Perreault is still here. 2.8M is still a lot of money that could be spent well elsewhere. Draper, for example, is making 1.5M and he brings much more to his hockey club. Truth is, we don't need his scoring because as we've seen, someone else can do it. Dagenais and Ryder have easily replaced him. We don't need his faceoffs that much, its not worth what we're paying him. We don't need him on the fourth line, that line should build momemtum, not kill it.
  3. http://www.habsworld.net/show_big_news.php?id=226 to whoever made it, exacty what needed to be said . Can't understand why people think BG will make any major trades. [Edited on 2003/12/22 by Habsaku]
  4. I agree with all you said, except two things: You forgot to mention Julien is a good coach AND!!!!! Theodore is a top 5 goalie :/). Great avatar too btw . :ghg: :que: :que: :que: :hlogo: :hlogo: :can:
  5. Very good move by the organization. Hopefully he can stick around and be lethal with Begin! This guy will be a fan favorite no doubt if he can translate his AHL success into the NHL(minus the 70 points of course)
  6. They don't want to compromise anything I think. Bobby Clarke has been known to lie while Bob Gainey has been known to be a silent GM who rarely makes trades and especially blockbuster trades. He won't say a thing, he talks to the media about once every month or two. Every GM has their own way of dealing with things. Kevin Lowe wasn't affraid to talk about the ANA deal and it never happened.
  7. Peca for Koivu straight up doesn't do it for me. We fill a hole but we start a new one on offense. But ch_nl had a great point, if its Koivu and Rivet for Peca and Hamrlik, then I would seriously consider it. Personnally I like tough defensive centers with offensive upside, I like Svitov and I like Peca(even though he hasn't impressed me lately). If we could have both for our 2nd and 3rd line it would be awesome. Especially if we could keep Koivu.
  8. Did you miss the last few games? Begin did an admirable job on the third line, Juneau would definetly not have played like he did yesterday if it weren't for Begin threatening his spot like he did. We've got Gratton who would be happy with just a callup and would be a great player on the 4th line. Kilger also can fill that job easily, so can Ward, he can play both center and RW. BTW Kilger 6'4" 220lbs, Hossa 6'2" 215lbs, Rivet 6'2" 220lbs. You want more size then that??? Besides Begin makes 400K and made a better job then 2+M$ Juneau.
  9. Saying Hossa gets paid because of his name is total ignorance. He gets paid 1st round draft choice money, because thats what he is. Thats what other first rounders get paid like Hainsey, Komisarek, Perezhogin and eventually Kastsitsyn Don't give up on Hossa, he's got all the tools to succeed, all he needs is someone to light a fire under his ass. Juneau will leave because he brings nothing more then Begin can. He is slower, older, softer, he's always in his own zone and he's way overpaid. This guy was playing 4th line minutes before coming with us, how he gets 20 here is beyond me. Begin proved he can be way more usefull because of his timely checks and his defensive awareness. Not to mention the energy level he brings. Its not a coincidence Sundstrom and Dackell lit it up when he joined that line just like its not a coincidence Zednik, Ryder and Bulis got much better once Koivu joined them. Well, some people are blinded by their personnal grudges...
  10. Agreed, we need to lose some players because we have many who are currently doing nothing for this team. Potential RW: Dagenais, Zednik, Ryder, Dackell, Sundstrom, Audette, Kilger, Ward, Balej, Perezhogin. Potential LW: Bulis, Dagenais, Zednik, Ryder, Sundstrom, Kilger, Langdon, Hossa, Higgins, Plekanec, Perezhogin, Juneau, Gratton, Begin, Perreault, Potential C: Koivu, Ribeiro, Perreault, Begin, Kilger, Bulis, Higgins, Hossa, Juneau, Gratton, Ward. Potential LD: Markov, Souray, Bouillon, Hainsey Potential RD: Brisebois, Rivet, Quintal, Komisarek G: Theodore, Garon. Now you gotta choose who you think will make your team better. If I started at center I'd say the closest thing we have for a 1st is Koivu, a 2nd is Ribeiro, a 3rd Begin, and a 4th is a Kilger(the one who shows up). At LW its Zednik, Bulis, Hossa, Langdon. At RW its Ryder, Dagenais, Dackell, Ward. LD: Markov, Souray, Bouillon have been the best. RD: Brisebois, Komisarek and Rivet(only because he's younger then Quintal). Goalie: Theodore by far, Garon So my lineup for now would be Zednik-Koivu-Ryder Bulis-Ribeiro-Dagenais Hossa-Begin-Dackell Langdon-Kilger-Ward Markov-Brisebois Souray-Komisarek Bouillon-Rivet Theodore, garon that means , IMO of course, that Juneau, Perreault, Sundstrom, Quintal and Audette are of no use to this team anymore, in fact I think they hurt it with their lack of physical play(forwards) or their costly errors(Quintal). Eventually, during the year, I think Higgins will find a spot wit the team. For this reason I think Hossa should be put on RW on either the 2nd or the third line. The way Hainsey has been playing in the AHL, I think he'll take Bouillon's spot too. EDIT If you look at my lineup, you can see that very few players are soft, in fact its only Ribeiro and Dackell. The rest either have size or grit. If you add Higgins an you substract Dackell, your left with only Ribeiro who doesn't have much stength or grit. So it would be a very acceptable lineup. [Edited on 2003/12/13 by Habsaku]
  11. Saying Saku Koivu is not intense is ridiculous, thats the reason why I began to like him, because of the fact he's the only one who works his ass off. Putting Begin as captain would change nothing, he's like Koivu but hits more and has way less talent. Sheldon Souray is the guy I would want as captain but he isn't the kind who can back up his words with his play. Right now, we have no real captain and we'll have to wait till guys like Higgins or Komisarek developp into dominant players, if that ever happens. PS: Réjean Tremblay likes to make up stuff, I wouldn't base my opinion on his crap, because thats what comes out of his mouth most of the times.
  12. No one deserved more then a B tonight except Theo. It was by far the worst game since the Michel Therrien era. Really pathetic, I can't believe what I saw. I do not agree at all with the grades you gave to our third line Guy!, in fact you seem to give them great grades everygame yet they contribute to nothing, they are 9 times out of 10 in their own zone without Begin. Tonight, we posted a lineup with few hard workers and lots of softies and it showed. Guys like Audette, Perreault, Juneau and Dagenais really hurt this team with their lack of implication, it frustrates me a lot. Rivet and Quintal we're simply terrible. Everything was going so well lately, who could've believed Begins importance to this team, give him the A please and the other to Souray. The more the season progresses the more you see which players want to stay with the team and which don't. BTW, Dackell has been good lately, he's really surprised me. Better then Sundstrom and cheaper.
  13. I've been thinking about the lines and I gotta say I've got no idea what to do with them. Koivu and Ryder are good together and Zednik puts up goals with Koivu. Perreault isn't a fourth liner and he did a good job on Perreaults wing, Dags was OK, better then I expected and Ribeiro seems to like playing with him. Ward and Begin played well together and I like Bulis I lot on the third line. Langdon has been doing what he has to do,Kilger has been awfull, Sundstrom and Dackell are ok and Juneau is close to the end of his career. Zednik-Koivu-Ryder Perreault-Ribeiro-Dagenais Bulis-Begin-Ward Your choice. Markov-Brisebois Souray-Komisarek Bouillon-Rivet Eventually we'll have to find spots for Perezhogin, Hossa, Kastsitsyn, Higgins, Plekanec, Hainsey, Gratton(love his heart). Perreault, Ribiero and Dagenais should look out, I don't think they are a very important part of the future. My dream would be this(in a perfect scenario, which is in many years): Kastsitsyn-Koivu-Perezhogin Higgins-Plekanec-Zednik Bulis-Hossa-Ryder Begin-Gratton-Ward Markov-Komisarek Hainsey-Brisebois Souray-Rivet There isn't much size but with that kinda talent, you can always trade for it. Someone will eventually be traded for something big because we have too many prospects who will soon come up, I don't see how we will make space for them...
  14. I noticed non registered members can't view the forum. I think thats a really bad idea. I read for a few months on Hockeysfuture and especially Habsrus before actually makind an account, I wanted to see if it was truly a good forum. It seems to me its a good way to showcase to sites knowledge unless thats what your trying to prevent :/).
  15. I'd probably trade Koivu , a top prospect and a pick to get Lecavalier. He's just that good. If you talk about a franchise player, he's the man. Thats the kind of player I would trade Koivu for. Lecavalier is big, strong, fast, with sweet passes and a great shot. Exactly the type of player we need. It would also be great for the marketing department and It would give the Habs two centers the media will praise no matter what .
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