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  1. The Around the Boards article is up including posts from this thread and from some of the writers: http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=3324 Honestly hope that readers of the article come join this thread - it was a fun one to read through with a lot of solid discussion on this hot topic. Here's hoping Markov sticks around to raise a Cup with the Habs before he retires. It wouldn't be as satisfying as Koivu doing it, but a good consolation prize.
  2. Here's the verdict according to you guys and the HW writers: http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=3305
  3. Habs and Kings make a minor AHL deal: Steve Quailer is out, Robert Czarnik is in. Czarnik: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=17501 Quailer: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=15531
  4. There's a rumor report claiming that the Habs are listening to offers on Andrei Markov as they decide whether or not to re-sign him. Take it for what it's worth: http://www.xnsports.com/2014/02/03/murphs-musings-habs-listening-to-trade-offers-on-andrei-markov/
  5. It was actually Ryan White, who amazingly still draws back into the lineup after tripping up Le Coach.
  6. Dave Stubbs reported that Christian Thomas may have been recalled by the Habs. Unsure if that means he'll play tonight. Hard to see the Habs sitting Parros against the big bad Bruins, but you never know. Maybe Therrien wants to bench Briere? Source: https://twitter.com/Dave_Stubbs/status/428881651503230976
  7. On a personal level, I love Markov. He's a career Hab thus far and remains a threat on the powerplay. However, in the bigger picture, I can understand why trading him now makes sense. He's nearing the end of his career and while he's likely to take a pay cut to remain in Montreal, a new contract might still quite rich for a 35+ player. His play dropped off both last season and this season at about the midway point. While this could be attributed to Therrien's line juggling, good players find ways to succeed under most (if not all) situations. What if Markov's game regresses considerably over the next few years and the Habs lock him up on a three or four year deal? Again on the flip side, who's capable of filling Markov's minutes in the Habs lineup if he's moved? The team has found varying degrees of success without him while he recovered from reconstructive knee surgeries in the last five years. Nathan Beaulieu is getting a serious look and could be a lock to stay with the team through to the end of the season. I assumed that he was the natural replacement for Diaz, who is almost surely to get moved by the deadline - but maybe he can inherit Markov's role sooner than later. For a player with Markov's talent, moving him would return solid assets for the Canadiens - whether they be picks or prospects. Of course, moving him also weaken the team's defense core, which could prove problematic in the playoffs. What do you guys think? Should the Habs trade him and look to the future? Or keep him, re-sign him, and hope he holds up through the playoffs and forthcoming seasons?
  8. Update on Bourque/Parenteau: RDS' Francois Gagnon claims Habs were ready to make a Bourque for Parenteau deal, but it was Colorado that refused. Source: https://twitter.com/GagnonFrancois/status/427988778792542208
  9. Bit of a bump since I'm planning an 'Around the Boards' column on the main site later this week. So if you have some more thoughts on the topic - throw them in and they might get featured. And to spice things up, how would you rank the Top 5 Habs? For example, my list: 1. Carey Price 2. P.K. Subban 3. Tomas Plekanec 4. Max Pacioretty 5. Alex Galchenyuk
  10. Interesting to see Plek get a lot of love in this thread. When I posed the same question on Twitter - most of the responses were for Pacioretty. I still haven't really figured out if I'm on the Pacioretty side or Plek side. They're both very good at what they do, although Plek brings more to the table with his two-way game. Hard to find 40-goal scorers, though.
  11. Had a thought concerning the top three players on the current edition of the Habs. Most would peg Carey Price and P.K. Subban as the teams top two players, but who's number three? Some options: Max Pacioretty - Top goalscorer Tomas Plekanec - Two-way player, logs a ton of hard minutes Alex Galchenyuk - The future, but not necessarily the present Brendan Gallagher - Leaves it all on the ice Andrei Markov - PP QB specialist, but aging If you have an argument as to why Price/Subban would actually be the third best player behind one of the aforementioned Habs, I'm interested in hearing that too!
  12. A separate thought - getting the rookies some quality NHL experience before the playoffs could pay off significantly if a) the Habs make a deep playoff run; b) the Habs run into injury trouble before or during the post-season.
  13. These pairings are truly encouraging. They represent the best possible puck-moving top six available to the team. Beaulieu is the natural replacement for Diaz, with Pateryn and Tinordi entering the fold by next season (or earlier). Some interesting things to consider: Davis Drewiske is skating and could be back after the Olympics. This would give the club eight veteran defensemen, and three rookies in Beaulieu, Tinordi, and Pateryn. We all know that other injuries can arise between now and then, but in the bigger picture - something has to give. The club can't afford to keep stifling the rookies' development by relegating them to the AHL. Especially when one could argue they're already better options in the top six than Bouillon, Murray, Diaz, and even--at times this season---Emelin.
  14. This is the best quality of it I could find: http://1.cdn.nhle.com/nhl/images/upload/gallery/2014/01/463144739_slide.jpg
  15. Hahaha, JMMR, that's the picture I tweeted ya last week. Had a feeling I'd found Waldo.
  16. I'm disappointed Pateryn hasn't got his shot this season yet with the Habs. I suspect management feels Beaulieu has more of the tools they're looking for as a replacement for Diaz. I can't see the team re-signing Diaz after this year - so if Beaulieu plays well enough to keep his spot trading Diaz becomes a viable option.
  17. Bourque expected to be a healthy scratch tonight vs. Leafs with Nattinen drawing into the lineup. Source: http://www.hockeyinsideout.com/news/leafs-vs-habs-on-hockey-day-in-canada
  18. I don't know about you, but Rene Bourque is in my doghouse. The guy hasn't looked good this season, nor has he been especially impressive since coming to the Canadiens from the Flames in the Cammalleri trade. Chris Nilan even called Bourque out in the latest installment of the Hockey Inside/Out show, saying Bourque should, "Just suck it up and play." So what's wrong with him? Can he turn his game around or is this the best we're going to get? I'm interested in hearing some suggestions on what the team - or Bourque himself - could do to turn his game around.
  19. This question was posed on TSN 690 last week and I thought it might be an interesting one to discuss here. Very simply: If you could undo one of GM Marc Bergevin's moves since he was hired, what would it be? Please try to keep it to only 1. Examples: Michel Therrien hiring Gorges extension Paciorety extension Emelin extension Desharnais extension P.K. Subban bridge contract extension Trade: Cole for Ryder Trade: 7th 2014 + Lefebvre for Parros Trade: Kristo for Thomas Murray UFA signing Bouillon UFA signing Briere UFA signing Drafting Galchenyuk in 1st round Drafting McCarron in 1st round If I missed any - don't hesitate to mention it and I'll try to add it here. Forum moderators feel free to do so as well if I don't get to it right away.
  20. The HabsWorld community has spoken! We prefer Jagr over Briere - hands down. http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=3284
  21. Saku Koivu's return to the Habs to finish his career with a Stanley Cup in bleu-blanc-rouge.
  22. Yeah agreed - I'd said something similar early today. I was just hoping we'd get to see him in action for more than one pre-tournament match.
  23. Tough break for the Habs prospects on Canada. Still, both Hudon and Fucale could find themselves playing more prominent roles by the end of the tournament. Hudon needs to find a way to contribute more while the starting role will be Patterson's role to lose. Have to think everyone's confident in Fucale's abilities to take over if that happens.
  24. Heads up that I will be filing another "Around the Boards" article on this topic later this week. So if you have any final thoughts on whether the Habs made the right choice between Briere and Jagr - unleash them! &&& Happy Holidays everyone!
  25. Have Tinordi & Beaulieu's play improved since the start of the year, or is Pateryn still the favorite for a promotion to the NHL if injuries occur?
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