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  1. TSN.ca hasn't updated their power rankings
  2. 275 000$ ? I thought the minimal salary was 450 000$.
  3. Don't worry, I'm wishing the same. The crazy part is that even if he's sent back to the AHL, he will still dominate and come back to the Habs as if nothing happend.
  4. Probably the most craziest part is that all the young guys can still kick it up a notch based on their performance in the AHL last season.
  5. Putting Dagenais on the fourth line is crazy considering he sucks defensively. I'll give him credit by finishing his checks tonight but aside from that he was a magnet for stupid penalties. If the Trashers would have scored on one of his calls and would have costed the team the game, Dagenais would have officially became the city's new "Patrice Brisebois". [Edited on 2005/10/13 by Tony]
  6. Bob Gainey, with all his might and wise, probably couldn't even get a bucket of pucks in exchange for Dagenais. Don't forget, Danis recorded two shutouts in his first two AHL games
  7. I think we shoud start the new HW 3 stars! This way we could argue and bicker well into the wee hours of the next day.. I think the only thing HW would agree on now is the idiot of the night award goes to Dagenais for his stupid penalties.
  8. Alexisonfire? The Stills? I know there's a crapload more.
  9. Hopefully he'll miss next weeks game against the Habs
  10. Doesn't RDS chose the 3 stars for the Molson Cup ?
  11. If I couldn't love Yann Danis anymore, he just topped himself tonight with that shutout.
  12. Where did you get that info? That's rather interesting, especially if correct. I heard this on RDS a while back.
  13. Here's an article about Phil Kessel. It's an old article but if you do the math he should be 18 years old right now. http://www.insidecollegehockey.com/7Archiv...kessel_0245.htm [Edited on 2005/10/10 by Tony]
  14. The 30 game clause is related to the Swiss Elite League. If Streit doesn't play 30 games this season with the Habs, the Habs owe 200 000$ to the Swiss Elite League.
  15. Don't forget about Dagenais too. He's one of those French people Avery referred too also.
  16. [sarcasm] Wow, and Chad Kilger was a 30 goal scorer with a huge mean streak who would crush opponents with his massive size. [/sarcasm]
  17. Alfredson said it best, "you only get two eyes and you should do everything to protect them." Just wondering, who doesn't wear a visor in the Habs? All I can think of now is Dagenais and Kovalev. I think Begin too but I'm not sure.
  18. GO HABS GO :D Show some love for the Habs and make some noise in the Bell Centre.
  19. Allison seemed to be a bad signing, he's real slow. Lindros seems to be the only one who is doing something good.
  20. If no one is answering your best bet is to send a U2U to one of the commishes.
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