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  1. I'm not sure Cleo Lemon would have a field day against a high school squad.
  2. Funny thing is the "fresh" guy had a 4 hour match that ended 16-14 in the 5th
  3. Poor Isner had nothing left for today's match. Too bad.
  4. I really enjoyed the finale. I realized a while ago we weren't going to get answers to many of the significant questions, and the finale was really all about the characters and I was ok with that. From a character point of view, it was basically flawlessly done IMO. Really happy with how it turned out and will really miss it now that it is gone.
  5. Really need to come out flying in the 3rd. GO HABS GO!
  6. Lots of hockey left guys, keep the faith.
  7. WOW! This is absolutely stunning. I can't say enough about the heart and character these players have. Gorges, Gill, Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri, Spacek, Moen, Moore, Lapierre, the list goes on! I am so proud of this team and can't wait to see them in the Conference finals for (realistically) the first time in my life, 8 years old and under aside.
  8. Well guys, that game was there for us, lots of rebounds from Fleury but we could never get our sticks on them. Disappointing, but live to fight another day, take it one game at a time and hopefully bring it back to Pitt for another Game 7.
  9. That was some of the most bias officiating I've ever witnessed but we fought through it! Best of 3 series from here!
  10. I've basically defended the Kosty bros mercilessly the last few years, but I've had it with Andrei. I'd much prefer to keep Sergei if the option were there but I bet we trade them both.
  11. Nah, you are actually the one missing the big picture IMO. You can't label a season as a failure everytime it doesn't end in a Stanley Cup. 1. It is damn exciting when your team does well, let's face it, that was fun. 2. It is a process, very few teams will go from missing the playoffs to winning the cup the next year. It would seem to me that very few teams will go from losing in the first round to winning the cup the next year. Each game in the 2nd round is one more chance for our players to earn even more experience for the years to come. Wining the Stanley Cup will very rarely come overnight, it is a process. And this is a big step in that process.
  12. That's fair and you have some valid arguments. I was very skeptical of what he did in the offseason in 2009 and I have been pleasantly surprised with just about everyone he brought in 10 months ago. That's all I'm saying. As far as the cap issues go, I think we need to calm down and realize that there are always ways around the cap. Someone is going to be near the floor and needing a veteran, one year contract (Hamrlik). Someone is going to be hoping that they can catch lightning in a bottle with a couple of very skilled forwards (Kostitsyn x2). But enough of that, Let's enjoy the Playoffs while we can.
  13. I'm in the past and you go ahead and quote moves Gainey made years ago. Bottom line, the players he brought in last summer helped us win our first round series.
  14. So Gainey deserves no credit but the players that Gainey brought in are the ones who deserve all the credit?
  15. That...was...amazing... Can we try and give Gainey a little credit here? He assembled a team that has LOADS of character. Sure Halak was the biggest difference, but guys like Gill, Gorges, Gionta, Moore (Gauthier Pickup), Gomez, Cammalleri, these are Playoff Warriors and regardless of the price tag for some of them, Gainey assembled this team from almost scratch last summer and I think he did a damn fine job of doing so. Let's enjoy round 2.
  16. I'm too young to really remember Roy so I am glad to hear someone say that it is comparable. I remember Theodore and I think this tops that. I am still stunned.
  17. Wow. What a performance by Jaroslav Halak. Quite simply, that might be the best goaltending performance I have ever seen. Can't wait for Game 7, no pressure on our boys, all on the Caps, let's do this!
  18. He said he was just joking around with the kid, which is fine, but why not pat him on the head or tap him on the shoulder or something? What he did isn't all the surprising given what we've seen from him in the past, but the guy really needs to mature at some point.
  19. I miss the draft starting at noon on a Saturday for the reasons that have been stated above. Was so nice to sit around, drink some beer, get together with the guys and make fun of their team's picks.
  20. I'm really hoping the Vikes take Clausen at 34th overall. Pretty sweet trade down if that ends up being the case.
  21. Well guys, down but not out, this team isn't going to give up and neither should we. Let's enjoy the rest of the ride, no matter how long it may be.
  22. Yeah I don't really understand the point of him to be honest. I'd prefer it if MAB was on the 4th and O'Byrne back in on D.
  23. A game that's tied 2-2 heading into OT?
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