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  1. I don't see how the psychological battle is lost. Do you really think the Caps feel that good about their current situation? If we take game 3 with solid D and some timely scoring, don't you think the Caps are going to be just a little frustrated that this pesky eighth seed won't go away? I'm sure the Habs are a little down right now but like I said before, this team is mentally tough. We fought through a multitude of injuries this season and we can fight through a blown lead in the 3rd.
  2. We can take the wind back out in front of the home crowd in the 1st period on Monday night though.
  3. Well guys, 2-0 would have been fantastic and we gave it our best effort tonight. I wasn't happy with the non-GI on the Caps 2nd goal, but what can you do. Now in the past, a game like this would have crushed our team. We all saw it in 2002 after the Canes came back from 3-0 down to win 4-3 and take the series in 6. I truly believe this team is different and I'm excited to see how we respond. Remember, 1-1 was all we needed coming home, and we got that. Of course it is disappointing but we still have the upper hand here, we just need to come out and take control on Monday and Wednesday. Knocked down but not out, we CAN still get the momentum back and win this thing.
  4. He was certainly better, just the way you put it I thought you were implying that Smith took a scrub like Davis and made him a star, but in retrospect that is likely not what you were saying. Haha, CTV aired a segment about his new interest in curling during the olympics, great stuff.
  5. I dunno about that, Davis was well on his way to busting out under Shaun Hill IMO. Smith certainly helped, but Davis always had the talent and Singletary has finally gotten him to mature.
  6. The game 4 is the still the most gut wrenching defeat I have experienced as a sports fan.
  7. Could not sleep so I decided to make this:
  8. I agree but it is mission accomplished at this point for the Habs. We needed to win one and we did that. It would be spectacular if we could put the cherry on top and take both, but at the very least we have taken home advantage.
  9. you were saying? JAROMIR! JAROMIR! JAROMIR!
  10. Wow, what a fabulous end to the period and a great game from Cammalleri tonight, We have to be happy being tied after two, Caps will start to feel the pressure. GO :hlogo: GO
  11. Too sloppy in our own zone but really not that bad of a period. The 1st was always going to be the challenging one, let's get it going in the 2nd! !
  12. Can't say I entirely disagree but ya gotta support the team.
  13. Nearly 20 degrees and sunny out, molson in the fridge, Habs beer glass chilling in the freezer, smells like the Playoffs! GO HABS GO!
  14. If you liked Grizzly man, check out Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World, all about Antarctica and the researchers who live there.
  15. Haha, fair enough. I never quite had the discipline, when my bedtime was lifted I was quickly a nightowl. I do remember making deals in order to stay up late when the Vikes were on in primetime though. And when I was really young I was only allowed to watch the first period of the Habs game even on Saturday night!
  16. I'll jump in for a second, you really couldn't stay up past 1030 until high school? Even just for the Super Bowl? I used to not be able to stay up until midnight for MNF before high school but I even thought that was strict...
  17. Yeah you can definitely get it, they also have RDSHD as well.
  18. Just Cable? No Satellite? If you are just going Cable then I don't know if you have options beyond Rogers. I'm not a big fan but you can get all of those channels rather easily with a digital box.
  19. The irony might be the thread you made a month ago about how Montreal was voted a top 3 organization by the players
  20. I agree with a lot of what you've written but I've never understood the "we don't deserve to be in the playoffs" argument. Does a team like Toronto, that played well over the last two months, deserve to make it ahead of us? There is a reason that games in October matter as much as games in March and April. We deserve to be in the playoffs because we finished in the top 8 in the Eastern Conference. Period.
  21. It obviously would be at about twice the cost, but you should be able to find tickets on stubhub in the 100-130 range. I went to a Habs/Flyers game for about 150 two years ago, i found it was well worth the money even though it was the beginning of the end for us.
  22. I managed to get the Fan pack for Game 4. Two zone Molson ex, 2 jerseys and 2 tickets to the Habs hall of fame for 270 all in. I thought it was a pretty good deal, I was looking to get a new Habs jersey anyhow.
  23. I thought we were done when Markov went out, as I'm sure most people did. I guess in retrospect, I am surprised we control our own destiny on the final weekend. That would be good enough tonight!
  24. Some of you guys take all the fun out of hockey. This is what it is all about, Habs/Leafs, Saturday night, cold beer, high stakes. Let's kick their ass. *Fires up NHL94 to get the good vibes going*
  25. Yeah I rank it 4,2,1,3. Not that 3 was that bad though, it was still Dexter haha.
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