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  1. What exactly is the issue here? What are the NHL and PA in dispute about?
  2. Yikes. Makes his teammates consoling him at the end of game 5 make a lot more sense. Everyone must have known he was basically done. Obviously big changes coming this summer.
  3. Got help us, no more left handed defensemen!
  4. Tampering be damned, Weber should be on the phone with Suter and telling him he wants to get their "band" back together and by the way Bergevin's favourite number is 2 000 000 (with performance bonuses.)
  5. It is a little worrisome that Bergevin has touted "character" so highly in the past, but has been linked to having interest in bringing in toxic players and assholes.
  6. Unfortunately the Habs are heading for a bit of a developmental logjam on left-side defence, and about 1 year later than what is ideal.
  7. Interesting because this is phrased in a way that suggests Montreal won't be trading an asset to Seattle to pick someone else, but instead trading Allen somewhere prior to the Expansion Draft for another asset. Habs can expose McNiven, so they're set there. Teams that would probably protect Allen in the Expansion Draft over their current goalies: Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Edmonton, LA, Pittsburgh, San Jose.
  8. LOL Edmonton cap hell continues?
  9. Well if the job only requires knowing every player's birth city and school they attended, he should be fine.
  10. If Chicago ain't retaining salary... Yeesh.
  11. Lehkonen's QO is 2.4 million. He might want long term stability at a lower cost, but he could also just keep accepting his QO until he hits unrestricted free agency. He probably wouldn't get more on the open market til the cap starts rising again anyway.
  12. If the Habs end up protecting 8 skaters instead of 7 forwards/3 defensemen, I hope they trade for a puck-moving defenseman and protect him over either Weber or Chiarot. Neither of them had a great year, and I'm 99% sure the Kraken would take Allen or Drouin over them anyway.
  13. Teams will publicly release their protected lists on Sunday the 18th. (That seems like a pretty good day to shut down this thread and start up an Expansion Draft Discussion.)
  14. All the important dates this month are there. New team entering the league. Big names in trade rumours. Players going on LTIR for the whole season but returning for the playoffs. Let's go!
  15. UFAs: Corey Perry Joel Armia - re-signed for 4 years, 3.4 AAV Philip Danault Eric Staal Tomas Tatar John Merrill Erik Gustafsson Michael Frolik Jordan Weal (signed in KHL) Alex Belzile - re-signed 1 year, two way deal Gustav Olafsson Charlie Lindgren RFAs (* arbitration eligible): Artturi Lehkonen* (QO received) Jesperi Kotkaniemi (QO received) Joseph Blandisi* Michael Pezzetta (QO received) Ryan Poehling (QO received) Jacob Lucchini* - re-signed 1 year AHL deal Otto Leskinen* (signed in Europe)(QO received) Cale Fleury (Expansion Draft Fodder) Michael McNiven* (QO received) I will keep this list updated as signings happen.
  16. Adding insult to injury here
  17. Next season Habs fans will let him hear it. Habs players will let him feel it.
  18. Seen some chatter from fans speculating that Weber might be "done" because of this image. I think it's just his teammates paying respect to the oldest guy on the team (that hasn't one a cup yet) and knowing that he was definitely playing hurt this whole time.
  19. Gallagher is taking this one really hard. Very emotional talking about his teammates.
  20. Vasilevsky has shut out every team this playoffs in the game they were eliminated.
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