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  1. I guess we'll see what Petry at 75% looks like on Wednesday.
  2. He builds winning teams and then can't keep them together. There was an Athletic article where former Blue Jackets hinted that Kekelainen's methods don't inspire loyalty to the team. His negotiating style in particular builds a culture of resentment. All business, no humanity.
  3. Seems to me that the culture change won't happen until Kekelainen is fired.
  4. Probably the Avs, but with all due respect to Cam Talbot and Philip Grubauer, Vegas hasn't faced a goalie that can help neutralize their offense like Price can. Habs have a chance against either team.
  5. Habs might face a tougher opponent in the next round than they might in the final round.
  6. I can't believe all that resulted in so little.
  7. Habs are dominating but getting goalied. Wait, is this what other teams usually feel when playing Montreal?
  8. I feel like if Caufield got one goal the flood gates would open.
  9. What did he get a penalty for? If it was roughing, that's weak shit since he got swarmed by 4 Jets after the whistle.
  10. They are frustrated. This needs to be 6 minutes of not getting injured.
  11. Caufield the playmaker, exactly how we thought he'd make his impact in the NHL.
  12. Habs are turtling. Gotta get pucks out, get pucks deep, and get pucks to the net.
  13. Ehlers was falling from a hit so tough to blame him, but then again did you see that gash on Byron, so...
  14. Stastny made the trip to Montreal and is likely to play tomorrow.
  15. Some members here are so superstitious they only post after losses.
  16. Last game the offense saved Price. This game Price saved the offense.
  17. They didn't really have a choice, tho. Flat cap killed them, Barzal contract used up all the money they had, and nobody was taking on dead money like Ladd's - even for a king's ransom. All the cap dump moves were for contracts with 1 year remaining, of which the Islanders had none.
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