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  1. Bit of a weak call on Nylander but also a really unnecessary play by Nylander.
  2. I do wonder if Romanov not spending any time in the AHL will hurt his offensive development, because man he makes a lot of poor decisions at the opposition blue line.
  3. Some rare Rocket injury news. That Teasdale injury is rough, as he was probably a candidate for Black Aces duty.
  4. Also of interest tonight is if Ottawa can do us a solid and beat Winnipeg.
  5. "Welcome to the big show! Now... it's gonna take a lot of work. It's gonna take a lot of sweat. But eventually I am gonna mold you into one of the greatest 12 year olds to ever play this game! Now... ack... ack... kyeh... kyeh.. aeeeeh.... suit up... I'll see you out there..." So how about that Cole Caufield goal, huh? Yes please, and may I have another? Looks like the same lines as last game but with Allen getting the start.
  6. Which is why there is some risk to leaving great UFAs exposed in the expansion draft. "Hey Dougie, we're interested in signing you." "No thanks guys, I plan to re-up in Carolina." "We'll pay you $10 million per year for 8 years, and you get a private tour of every museum in Seattle." "...Carolina who? Lol."
  7. Toffoli has nothing, but you are correct that Anderson gets a modified NTC starting next season (I only looked at this season's NTCs.) Habs have 7 contracts with trade protection next year: Price, Gallagher, Petry, Drouin, Anderson, Edmundson, Chiarot.
  8. Just further to this because I decided to deep-dive Capfriendly... Number of NTC/NMCs on each team: Anaheim - 8 Arizona - 5 Boston - 5 Buffalo - 2 Calgary - 6 Carolina - 2 Chicago - 5 Colorado - 6 Columbus - 3 Dallas - 7 Detroit - 4 Oilers - 3 Panthers - 8 Kings - 3 Wild - 6 Canadiens - 6 Predators - 2 Devils - 0 Islanders - 12 Rangers - 5 Senators - 1 Flyers - 3 Penguins - 6 Sharks - 7 Blues - 10 Lightning - 9 Leafs - 11 Canucks - 10 Kn
  9. Only 6 players on the team with NMC/NTC that Bergevin handed out: Price, Petry, Chiarot, Edmundson, Gallagher and... Alzner. 1 miss, who was bought out. None of the remaining players really hurt his ability to deal because none of them were going to be dealt. Comparatively Benning gave out 9 to Eriksson, Beagle, Ferland, Holtby, Hamonic, Myers, Edler, Roussel, and Sutter. 6 misses, and I'm being generous because a case could be made that all of them hurt Benning's ability to trade them.
  10. That game eliminated the Sens from the playoffs (might as well kill that suspense early), dropped Vancouver's Tragic # down to 8, and Calgary's Tragic # down to 6 (or less, depending on their game tonight.)
  11. We've all had these moments of weakness and we understand and sympathize, but before you watch the rest off the game we require three Hail Beliveau's as penance.
  12. I dunno if that's on Frolik for dragging ass back to the bench or for the Hab that hopped over the boards jumping the gun.
  13. Bit worried about Ottawa's speed taking advantage of the long change this period.
  14. I like Allen. I'd like him to continue to be on the team. I really don't like the idea of Habs management bending over backwards to protect a backup goalie.
  15. Is Montour terrible or did he play in Buffalo?
  16. Also noted that Armia was a bit banged up but hopeful for the game against Ottawa.
  17. A win of any kind or an extra-time loss eliminates the Senators from playoff contention. Looking for help from Edmonton and Toronto as well. Mostly Edmonton.
  18. "Look at this cake for example! Now I wrap it up in my vomit bag, I take it back to the hotel, put it on ice, and in the morning... voila! Breakfast! Conservation, Henry. Managing resources. That is the key!" Injury trouble and very few days off from now til the 12th will test the Habs down the stretch. We'll see if Kulak, Primeau, and another forward draw in to give more Habs the rest they seem to need right now. Lineup TBD.
  19. Armia to the dressing room after his head got jammed into the boards. Because our happiness must come with a price, of course.
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