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  1. You forgot the #1 rule for hippies: WHERE'S DA WEED!?!?
  2. It's the sound that a sniper rifle makes.... Not "SPARKLE" or "FLUTTER".... B) BINGO! BANGO! BONGO! HIS NAME IS ROBERTO LUONGO!
  3. "CRACKLE!" *Faerie falls(tranquilized and now asleep)* I got you first. :king:
  4. Great game tonight. Just how I figured them to play except while our PK was dominant today, we're taking too many penalties. Anyways, Jackets tomorrow.... hopefully Bourdon plays.
  5. Win-Win for both teams. NJ gets cap space freed up and SJ gets a first for taking a cap hit which they can definitely afford.
  6. Yep, Bulis has been playing pretty well so far.
  7. No it wouldn't be. There's a reason why Jim Rutherford did it and you'll never know. The value of youth is so overrated.
  8. It's not as bad as you think. The negotiations between JJ and the club obviously didn't go well and the Canes are in a win now mode as they need to defend the Stanley Cup. Lots of factors go into the trade but all I'm going to say is I'm glad JJ is a King.
  9. I believe players who attend college have 4 years to be signed. Two years are for the CHL players.
  10. It does suck however Mojzis needs to get stronger. Still needed some work but who knows how he's doing now...To add to that we traded Brett Skinner to the Ducks who a lot of us were high on as well as a 2nd for Carney who's now gone. Sure Skinner and Mojzis and those picks would really be a big help right now but Nonis did what was needed to give last years core a last push. There were so many things wrong, it wasn't enough though. Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm pretty sure they were all rentals anyways, but Nonis now had a reason to blow up the core and re-build the team to what it is now. It's just the way it goes.
  11. Bulis played last night with Morrison and Pyatt and looked pretty good. Scored a goal and an assist and was dangerous all game apparently. We'll see if it continues but tomorrow should be interesting as he'll be playing with the Sedins against the Sharks.
  12. I'm mixed with Bourdon and Brule. Realisticly though, if Malkin heals quickly, then him easily.
  13. He's a traffic lawyer. If you see his bright red smart car, it's him on the job.
  14. The Canucks have matched. www.canucks.com www.tsn.ca
  15. It is sad to see he won't be coming back and I wish him only the best in CLB. He got the money he was looking for and could do well. I find it stupid MacLean would be so strict with Zherdev though. Reminds me something of what Burke would do.....(Umberger).
  16. I would to but of course I have my reasons. Anyways, do you have any idea what this could do if a player who scored 10 goals the previous season gets 1.9 million? That could really screw the balance and players could start to be even more overpaid.......
  17. Yep and Kesler is one of my favs so I'm pretty pleased if Nonis IS matching. He better play well this year however.... I can't wait to hear what Nonis has to say about it tomorrow. Primeau is done......... Primeau To Retire
  18. I liked him. However, I'm furious right now. He has Umberger already and wants Kesler too. There was no way Nonis was letting Kes go. I'm glad he didn't. However in the end I think we'll be fine. We won't be screwed like we were last year and we came out ok. I'm not really worried but of course, which Canuck fan wouldn't be mad right now...... :puke:
  19. Yep, we will match however we are kinda screwed on cap space now. I hope Clarke gets what he has coming that ******........
  20. We CAN afford to match however I dunno if Nonis will.......... :puke: Link We will match apparently.....
  21. Ego yes and it saddened me to read all that. Especially how he wouldn't play his designated role and listen to the coach. Selfish. At least all the problems are gone. Just Kesler needs to be signed.
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