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  1. A trend is developing. Why do we lose? Yeah, yeah. Theodore has been terrible. But, even in games where our goaltending was awesome and we lost, I'd repeatedly ask "WHERE ARE THE GOALS?" I DEMAND A GOAL! "WHERE ARE THE GOALS?" "WHERE ARE THE GOALS?" "WHERE ARE THE GOALS?" C'MON
  2. Bull, no call - Montreal is owed one. Hopefully the refs take a number
  3. I'm just trying to jinx Eddie. The only problem is, it never works. A Leaf fan has to say it. Everyone, please call your Leaf fan friends and trick them into it. Let's have a killer 3rd period - GO HABS!
  4. Habs are HOME. Time for us to really turn it up. We need this. Toronto is killing a penalty right now but have a 2 goal lead. We need the win. Go HABS I hope Ed Belfour gets the shutout.
  5. Poni got the goal. Kovalchuk currently is a fellow member of the "Smokebreak" club. I hear Zednik is also a current member of that organization. Go Kovalchuk T.O. scored again - damn! Go Habs. :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: YES, GO ZED!
  6. As they say in the business, "way to go Shutout". Cmon, lets score. HIGGINS SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES
  7. Habs rule, please refrain from jinxing. Please never use the word s_____t again until the game is over. That is, unless you don't buy into these types of superstitions. Go Habs
  8. I chose Bonk although I understand Zed being the answer. NO TRADING ZEDNIK. NO. NO. NO. ...at least before the deadline. Maybe team Slovakia causes him to have some freaky revelation. I hope so. I say be patient though. Look at this guys' shooting percenatge in the post season. In 2003-04 before the lockout he was averaging 8.00. But he's been known to hit 17.00 or even 18.00. Look around the NHL and find me numbers like that. Of course, my whole argument hinges on some sort of rebirth for Zed. Let's hope. By the way, The Bulis goal wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Pleks. Pleks wouldn't have gotten the puck if it wasn't for good work by Zed to tie up the Flyers defenceman - I forget his name. On another note, why didn't the Czech team take Pleks too? Go Habs - destroy Tatonka.
  9. Don't worry - Gainey is going to do something under the radar. We will no doubt be delighted (I hope). Let's remember. For the exception of the Bonk trade and possibly losing Perreault, Gainey has been genius. My two favorite moves are the Kovalev and Begin moves. I have reservations about trading Zed. I wish he would smarten up! He's a nightmare in the playoffs but is doing little to make keeping him worthwhile. It's important to have patience with a playoff nightmare but Zed isn't even meeting the bare minimum to justify his staying. Maybe he can turn it around - HE'D BETTER DO IT SOON! Denis Gauthier would be nice. Too bad he's injured right now. Maybe he'll be back by the break. Imagine a Gauthier and Souray, Rivet or Komisarek pairing. LETHAL! Can our enemies spell W-H-O-M-P? Very soon habs games would have Batman graphics liKe BAM - WHAM - BOOM - SLAM!
  10. Ha ha. Better than I would have dreamed. How many shots did they block? Awesome. Gainey and Carbonneau are just getting started. Montreal is only going to get better. HABS!
  11. Agreed, we need a buffer to launch from after the break. All in this forum pray that "the law of averages" does not come to haunt us today. The season series between Boston and Montreal was 2-0 for the Habs until Wednesday. Then the "the law of averages" reared it's ugly head. Currently we are 2-0 against the Flyers. GO HABS! :hlogo:
  12. Hopefully Boston continues on this path. Then we can all attend the Boston "TEE" Party hahaha
  13. I also believe in miracles. We always get them. Red hot stretch run. Anyway, for those of you doom and gloomers out there, consider this: In 2001-02, we had Perreault and his F.O. pct was awesome, of course. But, so was Gilmour's and Dackells'. If you were a GM and you had a genie say you could hire a F.O. specialist to teach your centers faceoffs, who would you hire? Me? I'd hire Carbonneau. Now, maybe there will be others out there who you might take but at the very least, they are either equal or not as qualified. Remember how frustrated the B's were then? We played SUPERBLY without the puck in that series. Much of this had to do with Carbonneau. The players are going to be around him learning day in and day out. In a nutshell, we are going to have a lethal F.O. win percentage as a team. But, this training takes time. It will also take a little time for the players to learn to implement & transition Gainey's game plan. These things don't happen overnight. It is true that the players have been exposed and they should have adapted. But, second nature? That takes time...and it won't be long. It isn't Gainey's fault that these guys have little heart right now. Mind you, in time it will. It's up to him, Carbo and Doug to get it to the 2nd nature point and to restore confidence. I believe this will happen. Also, there's Koivu who is able to motivate the players. He's good at it too. Hopefully we can close out before the break with some solid wins. We're not dead yet. Let us all hope. GO HABS - destroy to (B)Ruins
  14. TRY THIS: http://www.echl.com/cgi-bin/mpublic.cgi?ac...s&cat=1&id=6855 AND: http://ahl.leaguestat.com/hm/transactions.php
  15. Olivier Michaud has been called up to Hamilton.... http://www.hamiltonbulldogs.com/ind...display&nid=179 Jaroslav Halak as well... http://www.echl.com/cgi-bin/mpublic...s&cat=1&id=6855 Deslauriers sent to Ice Dogs. I'm not going to speculate. I'll leave that to the repliers. Maybe this might only mean Theo takes leave for a while. That is something that no one has mentioned as a possibility.
  16. Does anyone know the nicknames for Bonk, Higgins, Markov & Bulis? Little help? On to tonights game. Ribeiro being on line 1 might throw Carolina off balance. At least I hope so. If he carries over the Toronto performance into tonight, it means we can roll 4 lines that can score. Very balanced lines. It'll be interesting to see if Ribs sticks around on line 1 for a full 60 minutes. Theodore has a chance to steal one too. Hopefully he won't have to. At least we're "HOME". I hope we see Zednik do an about face and get back to basics. The sweet truth underlying this team is they're only going to get better and it will happen soon. GO HABS :hlogo:
  17. You've mentioned Hitler and bin Laden in 2 posts. Please take your meds. This is a forum on hockey and the Habs etc. I'm confused as to what these people have to do with anything at all. The fact that you are associating them is...disturbing. :puke:
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