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  1. hey i;m as curious as all of you about thesse new jerseys but can these be the prototypes? http://www.sabresinsider.com/images/mtl.jpg To me honestly they don't look too bad
  2. Another thing, we only have one Alternate Captain. Kovalev. will we have 3 this year or just 2? im putting money on Hamrlik and/or Begin
  3. Hey, just a quick question about eklund's hockeybuzz site, i check it regularly even though its apparently not legit, but i need hockey and any news is good for me. The question is when he states a rumour, for example today he has trade rumours Marleau to Montreal as usual its like this Marleau to MTL(E3) what is that (E) thing is it like how valid they are or something, can someone explain please. Note: Nevermind guys i just checked it out now, no need to reply
  4. Breezers bonus might be , beaing funny "score a goal" but beaing realistic maybe includes, playing all 82 games, 15-20 goals, +-, the usual.
  5. Just one question...off topic but, who the hell is Lahti, where did he come from and i've seen his stats and they aren't impressive, how can that lead him to potential #1 liner? Was he drafted? To me he's unknown and he used to be on the canadiens.com roster but he's not there now, i don't put him ahead of Chip, Grabs ot Kosti, he hasn't proved anything.
  6. so about the Marleau situation, can anyone confirm about the SRC and RDI reports beacuse i can't find a single thing on their sites... I would do that trade anyday but then our backup goalie would be Danis?Price?
  7. yea i know just because he wants to prevent our team from getting better just because for once his team looks good (on paper)...he's got another thing coming to him when we whoop those laffs!
  8. yea ATHLÉTIQUE.CANADIEN I just saw that on Hockeybuzz.com, don't know if its a credible source but i have been reading for the past couple of days and some of the stuff he says, u cant deny come true or are true but i doub hossa will come, we can only dream...
  9. well if there was a luxury tax would the owners care? if they get the best players signed, the stands will be filled, they will most probably make the playoffs and are in contention fo the cup like the Rangers are now. Owners, now in the New NHL are proviong that they can still buy the cup like the Rangers and Wings have done before!
  10. Hey i was wondering what if a team is over the cap before the start of the NHL season? What happens, are they fined I honestly don't know and if someone can answer it, it will be much appreciated. I took a look at the NYR right now without the signing of Avery, Hossa, and Lunqvist(already signed) at http://www.thefourthperiod.com/NewYorkRangers.html and they are at 47 million without the Shanahan signing. The Cap is at 50.3 million i believe, add Shanahan to that and you're already over...how can they afford this?
  11. YES...Hey guys i've still been reading the forums don't worry, just lazy on making posts but im pretty excited for this draft because I think BG will make a big impact with a trade of some sort. Hoping the Habs Pick up the Italian Stallion Angelo Esposito!! Oh and i was watching The NHL Networks Pre-Draft Special and saw what a horrible mistake the Habs made by taking that joke Doug Wickenheiser instead of hometown hall of famer Denis Savard. Well is good to be back posting after my long laziness period but hockey is still months away and i can't take it anymore i need the ol'bloodstream filled up with that hype and adrelnaline that the hovkey season brings. BTW good idea on starting a Draft thread CHice GO ANGELO GO (funny thing Sam Gagner was born the same year as me and is getting drafted, suck to know that u could've been there either this year or next year )
  12. Hey wats up guys!! Catclaw awesome game thread. One thing I don't really understand how come Aebischer's GAA is 1.88 when he only played 1 game and had 2 GA...so shouldnt it be a 2.00 GAA? And NHL.com has him at 1.85 Can someone clear this up? And also Huet has a 3.69 GAA when letting in 4 GA... :?-
  13. That was fun I appreciate the votes guys!! GO HABS GO Let's Demolish the Maples
  14. This is gonna be interesting PS. Sorry Piere the Great I forgot about Huet, my bad lmao
  15. So who do you guys think...Im putting my money on Higgins
  16. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hlogo: :hlogo:
  17. Lmao if you're listening to CJAD 800 they announced the line on the ice (Kostitsyn, Koivu, Kovalev) and he said Special K's all over the ice seemed funny to me
  18. ROFL yea i know what you mean but he's doing the air guitar man Nice observation though P.S. My quoting sux im not good
  19. Thx shortcat1, ATHLÉTIQUE.CANADIEN and sakiqc for clearing that up
  20. Just quickly i don't get it...is it Kostitsyn or Kastsitsyn like wtf im confused??? If u check on Canadiens.com check roster it shows the way i say it (Kostitsyn) but if you see on boxscore it says Kastsitsyn?? Can anyone clear this up...?
  21. He's (kostitsyn) making the team and lats is getting another year in the juniors then coming next year and making the team for sure with chips!
  22. Yea they actually did cut to commercial wtf is up with that??
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