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  1. Hey guys haven't been on in awhile but I came across a twitter account that analyzes draft picks and NHL prospects briefly but accurate. I wanted to know what you guys think of the assessment given to Tinordi. I personally think he has a bigger upside than they portray. Go check it out @YoungGunsDaily. I also dont agree with the comparison to Adam Foote because I think Tinordi has greater potential than him,
  2. I joined as well, should be fun
  3. Brian Gionta clean hockey play by lifting stick and possibly a goal = penalty?? wtf is going on? leafs get PP goal as usual!! Blatant trip on Kostitsyn no call... Hamrlik cough up puck = goal for leafs Refs suck hard tonight... 4 powerplays for fkn Toronto!! I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND!!!! FK REFS!!
  4. lol I just read the game thread and noticed the compilation video from youtube...I made it when Saku left and i was surprised to see it up here on habsworld. Sorry about the quality was my first video compilation I though Habs deserved a better fate but I'll take the point. Go Habs Go!
  5. KOIVU!!! deserved to be treated better!
  6. I'm sorry but whoever thinks Hamrlik and Spacek are top 4 defense men are totally delirious! They have been the worst defense pairing this year and are both on the way down. On any other team in the NHL they are a bottom 6 and 7 defense men. Hamrlik is way too much at 5.5 mil and we should let him walk at the end of the season and I am very strong on buying out Spacek's last year because they are two defensive liabilities. If nobody else see's this they are completely blind! Okay I'll give it to Spacek he covered Ovechkin well in the playoffs last year but we are in Montreal and there is a "what have you done for me lately" mentality. 1) Markov 2) Gorges 3) Gill 4) Subban 5) Hamrlik 6) Spacek/O'byrne 7) Picard
  7. Johnnyhasbeen and The Chicoutimi Cucumber :clap:
  8. Waited there to see Halak at Fairview Mall, 5000+ freakin' people, it was crazy!
  9. Gorges or Cammalleri I believe
  10. Kozed, you cannot just blame a coach for players lack of skill/talent/agressiveness/intensity, it is up to the player to show that im sorry but you are completely off with Lapierre. Right now Pyatt>Lapierre Sorry it's just reality
  11. Yes Tank and Rebuild, get rid of Hamrlik, Spacek and Gomez (if possible)
  12. Hey Matt, Big Fan here. 1. I am Italian and know you have italian roots, where is your family from in Italy? 2. Do you speak Italian? 3. Who is your best friend in the locker room? 4. What do you eat before a game? 5. Looking ahead, how many points do you think you will put up in 2009-2010? lol
  13. Check my video guys, Tibute to a great Captain!
  14. hey guys i would i appreciate it if you watched by tribute video, check it out! Good luck SAKU!!
  15. Since so many Habs are defecting to our rivals i though there should be a poll about....Koivu. Want to know what Habsworld thinks. I picked NO!
  16. Btw i don't know if anyone knows yet, but RDS has Cammalleri wearing 13 like last year, and Gomez wearing 91. Just a heads up http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/277909.html
  17. sorry man i dont agree with you! He know unlike Komisarek that rivalries exist and i highly doubt that koivu would want to get booed by the city he loves. End of story
  18. No Habsfan i am not 12, im just trying to put some positive in such a negative thread made by koivu bashers! Were supposed to be honoring this guy not crapping all over him comparing him to habs greats. I may have been a little overexcited when i said he will be retired but show the guy the respect he deserves. Kovalev gets 200 people at the bell centre and signs with the Senators, and Komisarek with the Laffs. Koivu would never do something so disastrous because he knows this city and know the backlash that would happen. He is what he is, if it were me I would have 200 people outside the Bell to get him back not the overpaid, underachevieing russian. Please guys, show some class!
  19. Guys come on! Give the guy his moment his time to shine. Stop comparing him to the greats. He may not be the most talented guy but damn he has heart if ive ever seen it. I think any team would welcome his presence. He will go up into the rafters, mark my words.
  20. WOW, 10 million for 2 season? I would not pay Kovalev 5 million per after that horrible season. He is fkin 36 for gods sake! http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=283891
  21. Honestly, as much as i hate Kovalev, if he could be had for 2mil per, then i would welcome him back. Koivu too because if they decide to put Cammalleri to the wing like in Calgary, then i wouldn't mind Koivu being our number 2 centre.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMYtibLF_kw
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMYtibLF_kw Enjoy Guys!
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