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  1. C'mon, you're from Montreal, and you claim to know shark fans that have decided a young player like Gorges is their whipping boy. Why don't we just wait and see what he can do. Hey, he blocks shots, that's an upgrade in my books.
  2. Great. So I guess now there's a built in excuse to suck tomorrow night against the leafs. Look for Koivu to be completely lost, mourning the trade of his buddy.
  3. Oh c'mon, what's that comment about Koivu for. He hasn't refused to talk to the media.
  4. For those without RDS, or the Journal de Montreal, seems Martin Brodeur has weighed in on the Souray issue. They're close friends, and he says Souray loves Montreal, but is looking forward to being an unrestricted free agent. With that in mind, Jacques Demers thinks he's gonzo at the end of the year. I think he MUST be traded, or else we get nothing for him.
  5. The Slovakian flag on the front of his helmut makes it kinda obvious...
  6. Smon, I love it. What catch. He can get Bonk's and Johnson's money next year. The only catch would be trading with a huge rival in the eastern conference.
  7. What's it at now, 1 goal in 23 games for Koivu, and 0 goals in 15 games for Higgins. Laughable.
  8. Tampa's GM, his name escapes me, said the team would NEVER trade Lecavalier. At least not while he was GM. Jay Feaster, that's it...
  9. If I had to guess, it means Huet's not going to play this weekend. That puts it into next week, thus, CKAC calls it a week.
  10. Carbonneau's getting ripped on local radio. Gotta admit, Niinimaa with Murray might be the worst 4th line in the NHL.
  11. Do you think Claude Julien misses Montreal? He wasn't such a bad coach after all. This may be the game that turns us into sellers.
  12. Oh well, two goals was more than I thought they'd get against Brodeur...
  13. I'm no computer genius, but, isn't there a way to simply get rid of aebisher4life??
  14. Sakic, oh c'mon, you don't really think he's availabe do you? Not a chance in hell...
  15. I tend to agree with you, However, just to add to the discussion. PJ Stock, on Montreal radio, told a story about how he, a career 4th liner basically called a players meeting. He says it's irrelevent who calls them. The story goes, while playing for Boston, the team lost several in a row. The coach at the time Robbie Ftorek was super passionate on the bench, yet at games end, he walked into the room, and said "Not our best effort tonight boys, practice at 10:30AM". PJ, who sat next to the door, looks up and says, "is that it, that's all you're going to say". What followed was a very productive meeting. Lets not look to seriously at who called a meeting that didn't seem to solve anything anyway.
  16. They lack the mentality eh. Great. So what are you really trying to say. I see you're from Sweden. I guess that means you only have the "mentality" to make cheap furniture.
  17. We all know we need a first line center, we all know Koivu is a second line center. NOBODY is going to give us one. We're not even close to developing one, and we can't convince free agents to come here. It's been this way for what, ten years now. I don't see this changing.
  18. No team is gonna give us one. We don't stand a chance. The only way is to get the first or second pick overall. Come to think of it, if we keep playing like this, we may draft high enough to get an impact player.
  19. He's injured, has been for some time. He's tried to play thru it.
  20. What a game, two teams going absolutely nowhere. What trade can Gainey possibly make? Talk about dealing from a position of weakness. Nobody wants our crappy players anyway.
  21. As a habs-fan with eastern european lineage, it pains me to say that it may be time to go for a canadian. If we assume that a trade with an eastern conference team is difficult at best, how about Shane Doan from Phoenix. It seems we have a ton of small and fast europeans, and no talented-all heart and soul north americans. If that sounds like that fool Don Cherry than I apologize. But, something seems to be missing on this team.
  22. My dream is that Carbo coaches this team for the next ten years. We've had too many coaches lately, I want some stability. However, I'm starting to have my doubts.
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