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  1. Lately? They haven't been with us since THE OLD FORUM
  2. I going to have to agree with them and you. It never really bothered me before but after losing Souray and Streit and now potentially Koivu(i doubt it) Kovalev,KOMI etc... I can't thelp but wonder how it makes the team feel. It shouldn't bother anyone because Bob has always been a fair guy and always puts a fair market value deal on the table, but when you push it right up to July 1st it's no skin off the players a.....ss to wait it out and see what free agency brings. By that point they become more comfortable with the idea of playing somewhere else as well. Then on the other side of the coin maybe BG doesn't want Kovalev on the team next year and will let him walk, and Koivu might get low balled and doesn't want to have that conversation just yet. Only Bob Gainey knows why he works this way, and obviously he is sticking to his guns. I'm going to have to trust him on this one because if Komi can't get his game together because he's in turmoil over a contract he really isn't doing himself any good whether he gets it now or in the summer. The part that sucks is we may lose a bunch of these guys for nothing. After the Souray deal I wonder How is Gainey comfortable with this. One could argue it until they are blue in the face but with so many free agents Bob can't deal with 2 or 3 and not the others. The fact that it's maybe making our team crap, well, that sucks.
  3. Ya, I usually do but I was on my phone at lunch. Sorry
  4. Bummer. For some reason I thought there might be a few on these boards in the South but I guess not.
  5. I know, but that was the answer Lappy gave the media when asked why they had a tussle. Oddly enough when Komi was asked the same question he sounded annoyed and then just seemed to walk away. I don't know if he walked away but you could just hear room chatter and he never really ended the interview. Anyways I'm sure it was no big deal.
  6. Not new thread worthy so I thought I would just pop it in here. During a skating drill today Komi and Laps got into it. No big deal of course, apparently Laps cooked Komi a well done steak when Komi asked for medium rare last night. Nice to see there is intensity at practice. O.K back to rumors.
  7. Ya, the only thing that bugs me about Higgins is that he could go to a team like Philli and become John Leclair. I hate when that happens.
  8. I'll have to agree that we have not looked strong this year. I've watched every game and have to admit I've been looking for the team that looked so good on paper at the start of the year. With the way the NHL is now, it's about getting hot at the right time. With injuries I don't think we've iced that team we thought we had yet, running on all cylinders. While I don't like what I've seen so far if we can get confident and a few teams like Florida can knock out The B's and have San Jose choke in the west we may put together a 93 type cup run. In hindsight many talk about what a power house the 93 team was. I disagree. It was a team much like this one. It had a few lucky eliminations and then got hot at the right time and very lucky while standing confidently on top of very hot goaltending. This is what keeps my hopes alive that we can still do it this year. But for now we still might not even make the play-offs. Game by game for now boys and as Saku once said, "let's get to the play-offs and then anything can happen"
  9. If we can bring the shots down and keep them from the outside with Halaks head space right now he will get even stronger. There is no need to bring in Price right now or any time soon. I hate that deflated look he has now when he let's in a goal, it droops right across the bench and into all the players. This team is way to fragile right now to invite those feelings back in. I don't understand why it is "definitely" our goal to get Price back in net. Right now it's up in the air who the better goalie really is.
  10. No southern bound habs fans? What a laugh, I just called Phillips arena box office and the guy working there is from Thunder Bay. Hooked me up with tickets in Habs attacking zone 4 rows from the glass for $78.00 each. I also could have got four rows behind the Montreal bench for $98.00 but decided I wanted to see our boys fill the net from up close. Pretty cheap I must say.
  11. They are saying Guerin will move for a high draft pick so that takes us out of it. I bet it's Washington. I don't want him anyway. We need a bigger impact move.
  12. I would love any and all these players in a habs jersey. Carbo and options with the D? Damn, he would probably start playing Komi as a forward if we got Morris. Really :puke:
  13. Hey guys, Being stuck in Nashville has been tough for a Habs fan. They've been here once in the past three years. Thank the Lord for centre Ice and HW or I would be a basket case. I've had enough and am going to drive out on Friday to catch them in Atlanta. I know a bunch of you live in the States and was wondering if anyone from HW is going to make the trek. If so let me know, we could have a few beers before or after the game. I think seeing Kovalchuk play is going to be pretty cool. Like Sergei, " I'll ask him to come play for us and maybe he will come play for us" GO HABS GO!!!!!!
  14. It's funny how Halak has been finally given a situation where he can shine and make a name for himself. I'm sure we all thought that it was Price that was going to show up in this fashion and make a statement. In another thread you summarized Halak's career briefly, while I was aware of all, you put it into a couple of paragraphs and you were bang on as far as comparing his development to where he is now and winning games. I hope he takes us on a run through the play-offs. The team needs to start playing around him which seems to be happening in baby steps. I was always a big supporter of Jaro and I have started threads about him being a diamond in the rough, under another name that got suspended for life,-(that's a whole other can of worms) but quickly died when Walmsley would come on and bring paragraphs and paragraphs of stats defending Price. I couldn't deal. I love Price but Halak has always been my man. Like you Kozed I have a thing for underdogs. This is just the beginning though. Maybe Price comes in and gets 10 shut-outs in a row to shut us all up........... you never can tell, but somehow I doubt it because Price never see's or knows where the puck is. It either hits him or it doesn't. Bottom line, This is life and Jaro is having a defining moment..............glad to be a part of it, He's been fun to watch that last few games.
  15. I'm 90% sure Halak can't keep this up, and when he slips Price will be #1 again. Sure everything that's going on is great but let's be realistic. We don't need to create a bandwagon here. Let's just be happy and hope Carey can match this type of play when it will be his moment, we are going to need both of them at their best.
  16. May I toot my horn again? TOOT TOOT!!!!!! Not a shootout but 2 of the scorers right and the score once again!!!!!! BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
  17. Big confidence builder, but we were killed. Could we last a 7 game series? I don't know but that was a huge 2 points.
  18. Kovy the game changer, breaker, whatever you want to call him, but he does have the power to light the building and his teammates up. Keep it coming KOVY!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Wow, We are getting outworked. Our boys are trying but they are starting to look really tierd. hanging on.
  20. One positive note out of the third. BGL has a pulse!!!!!! I think the secret is to get him in the game. Luckily Shelly is pissing him off. Now the shots are worrisome. Except the shot clock.
  21. No ...he's not a goof. I don't mind the celebrations after the goals but the 80's rock star thing from the bench......."Come on, I can't hear you!!" stuff is a little over the top and annoying. All Don is saying is that someones going to lay him out for it. I would. And I'm an Ovie fan.
  22. Not that I mean anything important, but I am so proud of the boys after that 1st period. Yes Yes! Yes! Please don't fold, show us 40 more minutes of that!!!!!!!!!
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