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  1. Me too. When Kozed first brought her out I was whatever. Then I googled her for other pics and fell in love. She's pretty tasty.
  2. Weird game. Very slow and chess-like. Is it just me?
  3. So Saku was hitting hard in a practice. Hard enough where Ribs still remembers it 2 yrs later. When Saku came back from cancer he was pissed that nobody would hit him in practice, Saks plays hard at all cost. Ribs remarks just tell me he wasn't as much of a competitor. He didn't say Saku was a bad captain, he just couldn't figure out why he was getting hit and assumed Koivu couldn't give up the idea of being a first line centre. You can see right through that bitter BS statement, Saku didn't have that problem with Plex last year did he? So ya, I say it in this thread because Ribs didn't question his leadership, he said he didn't understand the rift . Saku didn't like Ribs. Now a captain has to love everyone to be a great leader. BS! Just wait a little longer and we'll probably start hearing things about Ribs .. He was easily overshadowed when Shawn Avery was on the bench. With Avery gone the stage is all Mike's. Unfortunately the media in Dallas nor the fans have a finger on the pulse where shit disturbers get called out daily so it may take some time.
  4. I think it's funny that fans are the only ones who question Saku's leadership. Nobody else does. To the point that he was throwing a tantrum at the Hammer for hitting him with the puck. Are you kidding me? How could one lean to that negative side as opposed to what really happened. That makes me question the common sense of Koivu haters. As far as Ribs is concerned? I choose to believe that Saku couldn't stand the little bugger for legit reasons in the same way he had to have a discussion with Grabovski for diving on the ice last year, letting him know that's not what a real/honest hockey player does even though he was on the other team. I must add that no player on the Habs or the Leafs had a problem with it because he was right and he was honest. Has anyone ever seen Saku take a dive? and..........Saku never felt he had to tell the media what was discussed. It was between him and Grabs. THAT'S IT! Now that is a human being that should be respected. Ribs is a puke that's why he was traded and Saku still wears the C because he deserves to. Sorry to the guys who believe points translate to leadership because that's not the case . I hope Saks skin is as thick as I believe it to be and resigns with us. He is a player who truly wears the CH with pride, and I always thought that's what all you guys want in Montreal. It kills me that you can't see it. I want Ribs to do two things. Shut his yap and score a bunch of goals against Florida tonight.
  5. I hear you. It's more hoping then assuming based on being picked 5th, which I guess is supposed to be a lock for Stanley Cup/Saviour. I get caught up in it too. It's hard not to. It will be answered in the first round this year assuming/hoping we make the play-offs. If we go down 2-0 in the series and there is a goaltending switch that takes us on a cup run it could get really interesting. For now I'm with Gainey on who should be starting, but wouldn't be surprised if Halak steps in and gives us what we really need in the coming month. My crystal ball says: We lose the next few games with Carey. Gainey puts Halak in and he takes us into the play-offs. Starts the first 2 in Boston and we lose. Carey comes back in and takes us to the finals. Man, if crystal balls really existed how boring would sports be?
  6. Time will tell. His development may be slowed by a few things. Carbo wasn't a good communicator,it brought the best of them down this year and they're english speaking kids that didn't understand they're role. His english is really bad and I'm sure it's been hard for him, but yet he still puts up decent numbers, even with all the sex, drugs and rock and roll this season. He will explode! Imagine if Vinny came over this year? He's been terrible. How miserable would Montreal fans be with him this year? 26 goals from a big franchise centre worth 10 million a year. AK has 23 and there is more to come. He was a steal, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. He's too special of a player to just fall into mediocrity, AK just hasn't got over that career changing hump yet. It's coming. This years play-offs? Plus.............The flu bug? It seems this year when you come back from the flu you kick ass. Kovy? Tangs? and now AK!!!!!
  7. Regardless, They played well. Sure the score was 3-2 OT against Tampa but at-least it wasn't a game we barely won. Ramo was great and it should have been 10-0. Gainey has them going in the right direction which is playing up to there potential not below it. I think that is why Gainey fired Carbo, he was going the wrong way. Gainey is fixing that.....just in time. Carey is growing game by game back into form and it just could be this years play-offs where he turns it around, this was his first career meltdown and Gainey is holding his hand all the way through it. Nice, that's what a coach is supposed to do. Stop with Koivu bashing. At the start of the game before puck drop he was cheering and shouting both ways up and down the bench pumping the boys up. Let's not be blind as to the reasons he may be captain and just assume he plays a big role in the dressing room. He came through for us last night. Thank-you. San Jose has lost to Phoenix and Nashville in the past week. Boston lost to Phoenix and L.A does that mean both these teams suck and won't win the cup???? Nope! It's a new NHL and if the Habs get hot which they are starting to I think we have a good chance of going all the way. The 100th season was pressure but if we get confident and play well in the play-offs that pressure is going to turn into an encouraging weapon, along with the fans support we will be unstoppable. Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!!
  8. They are up on a bunch of sites. TSN, Habs inside out. That was a great shot. Can you use it? or are there legal limitations? I say go for it, it won't be the last time it's seen. I'll make sure of that. These are pretty good too.
  9. I hope Florida's schedule is as intense. Then again they beat the Flyers, They're ready. I hope we can get on a roll.
  10. Same could be said for Price and the entire 1st half of the season, and it just happens that's where Gainey is putting his faith. We won, getting better, be happy!!! Halak blew it last time out didn't he?
  11. Boys are playing for a tie now. I'm getting really nervous Hang on Pricey, Don't listen to us!!!
  12. What a lame goal, again Price had no clue where it was
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