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  1. It's rumored he's already signed. Take it for what it's worth. I hope it's true.
  2. How do you know Bob didn't whine to the GM and get Perron fired, or Bob Berry or Boom Boom. He was close to management, I'm sure he had some complaints back then. It's pretty unfair to express such an opinion and compare it to Saku when you are clearly assuming Koivu was whining about Carbo at all in the first place. What do you base that story on anyway, link please? As far as Nilan kicking Richer's ass in a practice, and I quote you ''That's what a captain does? Anyone remember that?'' I find that statement really funny because you Kozed are the one who who doesn't remember when Koivu kicked Ribero's ass in practice for similar reasons. Of course you don't remember that, I mean you would have to praise Koivu's actions and I know that's hard for you to do. Oh but that doesn't matter because your posts only magnify things and certain players YOU don't like. Very good insight, I hope your "lurkers" don't develop opinions based on your one sided judgement calls that are based on, well your on sidedness.
  3. What did Koivu say before that? and after that? We don't know because the audio has been edited. Clearly by the sound-clips entrance it's been clipped. I doubt Koivu was flat out bagging on Carbo. He might have praised his strengths for an hour before that 30 seconds summing up his weakness. Plus this isn't the first time we heard about Carbo and lack of communication. Thank-you Saks for honesty, at least you aren't waiting to be traded to let the truth out, like most other players. I'd rather hear an honest answer then what I've heard from Komi who never says anything but the cliche right thing to say bullcrap, Gee thanks Komi, do you have an original, honest bone in your body? Some insight please, Oh right...."He's a proven winner and I'm just glad to be a part of the organization............. Gainey is full of crap 80% of the time when he talks to the press too. I don't blame them, that's just the way it goes. What bugs me is how some of you guys don't see this and take a 30 second clip and completely base judgement on an entire career. I think Koivu getting Carbo fired is the stupidest thing any of you could ever come up with. Carbo got Carbo fired, end of story. Ownership got Carbo fired not Saku. The owners could have called for Saku's head at the trade deadline, but they didn't.......and they never will.Hmmmmmmm I wonder why? I'm not going to pretend I know either like most do here. Usually it's the same guys that bitch about Koivu not speaking french.......who friggin cares. I hope to God the rumors are true and he's already signed. I hope we win the cup and Saku stays healthy to hoist it and his MVP trophy just so all you nay sayers can pout while your team wins the cup. SICKENING! is what it is.
  4. What? How you came up with your nickname? KOIVU ZEDNIK embrace it my friend, your a good man Man Koivu rocks when it's on the line. I wish he could keep that fire all season Wooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  5. My fearless prediction...... Habs miss the play-offs and Bob Gainey resigns as GM once the season is over. You heard it here first.
  6. Carbo is drunk at home laughing his ass off
  7. Who's the dude in your avatar? He has man boobs.
  8. I'll answer that after Stewart fights Lucic
  9. I hate Metropolit. He looks like a squished, shorter chubby version of Ryder
  10. Pretty funny. On the Sportsnet tonight the guys had a picture of Carbo and his record. There comment was that it looks more like a coach you hire not fire. I wonder if this was a good move at the end of the day. This smells of a "coming back to haunt us" one day big time. Boston's been bad enough with Julien. I just hope it's not Toronto one day. In no way was this Gainey's decision. It kind of blows actually. If it wasn't for Gainey behind the bench I don't know if I'd feel good about it at all.
  11. Interesting Kovy on left wing , all defense changed up, anyone know who's in net?
  12. I was commenting @ sb on saying Kovalev is grinning, and that the lazy burp has another thing coming if he is smiling. I got you, why you trippin???
  13. Ya, the lazy burp got rewarded for his lazy play. No excuses now with his buddy behind the bench. 10 bucks says he gets injured within a week or two because Gainey's going work his a$$ off. Man I hope this wakes the boys up......
  14. My head hurts. I love the idea of Gainey to coach for good, but I always was under the impression he didn't want to. Lever? another rookie coach? Come on boys, just started winning games like you mean it! F***K My head really hurts.
  15. Wasn't it only a few weeks ago that Gainey stated that the best thing he's done since becoming GM was hiring Carbo when asked by the media?????????????? That was when? around the all star game? or the last time Gainey evaluated the year in a press conference? None the less it was 2009 so no more then 2 months ago. IMO this has been going on for a while and whoever has suggested this is pressure from the owners is right on the money. When Gainey made those comments I bet it was a last ditch effort to save his friend. Now I'm worried about one thing, Is Gainey's heart still in it? or is he just going through the motions. I hope this doesn't destroy him too and he walks at the end of the season. I like the idea of Gainey coaching but we all know that is not what he wants. So just for the record, I don't think this is news we should be celebrating. For those that are anyways. THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN.
  16. :clap: to Carbo! He was the one that told Gainey to bring the kid up again during the Kovalev melt down and Sergei getting sent down. A little plug for Carbo since he's been taking a lot of crap lately.
  17. So where are we at now? 5 on 3 for how long? Look at the positive, this will fire us up. Hope we can get a shorty
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