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  1. I think they are a very solid team with good depth. They have lost some character players in Dubinsky and Prust, but Callahan and Richards are still good leaders. I think they are the current favs to win the Stanley Cup. I know we have seen Sathers Rangers load up on talent before, then crash and burn, but I think he's got it right this time.
  2. I'm just looking at the big picture, he's a quality top line winger, for sure, and he may even pot 35-40 goals this year, but he is now being paid as an elite NHL superstar, and he's not really at that level. You have to remember that the same owners who are signing guys to contracts like this are at this very moment crying poverty to the NHLPA.
  3. Thats why we should try to trade him, rather than lose him through wavers.
  4. Yeah, a buyout at this point still has us stuck with a large cap hit for the next 2 seasons, so its pretty much out of the question, unless there is an amnesty period like last CBA, Bergevin may want to revisit at that point. I've stated before why a demotion to the AHL is the best idea for all concerned. Bergevin, of course, is not going to come out now and say it, it would be totally classless to do so at this point. If by some chance we do sign Doan, then Gomez fate is sealed.
  5. Thanks, if that doesn't cheer up your day, I don't know what will, lol. 7 million for that guy is crazy, just way too much.
  6. I can't see many ways that we don't lose Weber. We can't demote him to AHL, and I don't think he'd be content to watch from the pressbox all year, either. He won't be playing forward this season, as we now have good depth on bottom 2 forward lines. In my mind, he's behind Kaberle and Diaz in the depth chart. He
  7. Some are saying Galy has the potential to be the best player from this years draft, in which case, his knee injury might have been the best thing to happen to habs in quite some time.
  8. I think he has more offensive upside than Draper. A hardworking 20-25 goal man with an excellent work ethic and defensively reliable, thats how I see Leblanc.
  9. Its Semins fighting ability that could land him in Montreal. (God, I wish I could find a clip of his fight a few years ago).
  10. Isn't New Jersey nearly bankrupt? Why would they do such a thing? Fact is, we can easily fit Doan under the cap if we want (well, depends on if he's reasonable in salary demands), just means demoting Gomez, which may happen eventually anyway.
  11. I don't think there is much of a chance he signs here, but this is the winner of "Best Thread name of the Decade" for sure, hats off to habs27.
  12. Its possible you may get to sign a longer elc with the new CBA, but the real issue is when the player becomes an UFA, and in my opinion, that period will only increase in the new CBA, and that doesn't really impact any contract he'd sign before or after the new CBA is arranged.
  13. I agree, Doan seems more in line with the attributes MB likes in a player. And, if the guy is actually interested in playing in here, the least you can do is meet with him.
  14. Keeping the Leblanc tread alive, he and I share the same last name (almost), perhaps if we're related, he can get me some tickets?
  15. It was a terrible trade, but he did play well for us that year. Mind you, the guys we traded played much better. Just another example of not knowing the value of your own players, and even some of us on here seem guilty of that.
  16. I think he's probably meeting with the teams which have expressed serious interest in him, and where he would actually like to play. I'm not sure the Habs are going to offer him the same kind of money he'd get in Philly or NY, but you never know, I guess. If he's looking for a huge contract, I'd sooner pass at this point.
  17. Thats quite possible, they would certainly be Cup Favorites, even without Doan, it would be a great move by the Rangers.
  18. I think we should maybe join this tread with the trade proposal tread? it seems like we're saying the same stuff over and over here. Or perhaps I'll start a "trade Thomas Plekanics" tread, to get some diff ideas?
  19. The longer the Coyotes sale situation goes on, the more likely Doan signs with another team. I still don't think the habs are favorites, as any team with cap space would be at least playing with the idea of bringing him in.
  20. New York will be a team to be reckoned with, and the fact that they still have the cap space to possibly sign Doan shows they have learned, after years of terrible cap space management, how to deal in the NHL cap world. Good for them. I still stand by my criticism of Nash, though.
  21. Trading Subban for Kane would be another bad trade in a long history of bad trades. We have a young star, who will only get better, loves playing in Montreal, the fans adore him, the thought of trading him for anything other than an outright superstar is total nonsense, I'm glad the individuals proposing such things are not running our team. As for Cammy, does he deserve being bashed for what went down last year? I don't think so, all he said was that the team, himself included, were playing like a bunch of losers, which was true. Just another panic trade in a long history of such trades (Chelios, Ribero, S Kostitsyn, Grabovski) by a team which seems to panic when a player does something they don't like, or something slightly out of line. If Cammy should be crapped on for anything, its his anemic play last season.
  22. The Rangers have a huge contract buried in the AHL, (Redden), we can do the same.Cammileri, Gionta, Cole, Kovalev, all amongst the biggest free agent names available in the years they signed in Montreal, they had no problem signing here, so I don't see what some of you are getting at. You can't sign every free agent out there. New York and Philly both wanted Parise and Suter, neither team got them, either. Sometimes we tend to group all other teams together vs our team and say, well, New York and Philly always get the free agents. Truth is, they don't really do much different, individually, then the Habs do. Also, Nash was traded, not a free agent signing (See my rant in the NHL forum).
  23. As stated above, doesn't count in any way if he doesn't stay with habs this year. No downside to signing him now.
  24. Whnat I'm saying is that if we didn't get a player like Stamkos or Tavares, I wouldn't think about trading PK. In fact, I wouldn't even be looking to trade him, why would we? You don't trade you're premier talent just because they are tradable.
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