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  1. To be fair, this year, we are honestly not trying to win the Stanley Cup. Realistically, that will be in 2 years or so when Galy, Leblanc, Tinordi, Gallager, Beaulieu, etc are with the team and contributing. Make no mistake, our goal this season will be to be more competitive and make the playoffs.
  2. Nope, I'd think he'd like to sign with a team which he sees as having a chance at playoff success.
  3. Don't forget that even if you send him down, you still have to pay him. Thats real money, folks. If Montreal has the cap space, and he looks alright in camp, he'll be on the team. If, by trade or other route, we do pick up a top 6 winger, and we are tight against the cap, then he gets sent down.
  4. Maybe BS, but you can see it happening, a team like Islanders or Florida, someone needing to get to the cap floor, might be an easy way to get there. Doan still has a few good years of hockey left in him, but at that price, he is at least 3 mill over what I think he's worth. I'd stay way clear.
  5. On the bright side, it wouldn't take a lot for Gomez to improve on last years numbers. (thats supposed to be humor)
  6. Negotiations always start off this way. The NHL knows its cannot get all these things, but it has to ask for the moon initially in order for an eventual settlement that comes in somewhere in between. Its obvious that they have to address the current habit of super long contracts circumventing the cap. As for the split in revenue, it'll probably end up closer to 50-50. My issue is not the initial offer, which I'd expect to be like this, but rather the time both sides wasted doing nothing when they could have been negotiating for months now. It makes it less likely to have a deal in place before the season starts. Both sides may see this as an advantage, thinking the other doesn't want to delay another season, but man, have some respect for the fans!
  7. We always tend to understate what DD did last year. Its quite possible he could move into the 75 point range, or more, this season. Do I want him moved around? Hell no, unless his line starts to regress. Will Therrien feel the same? Thats the big question.
  8. I agree with that, I just don't know what there are going to do with him. Has he ever played wing? I believe it is possible that he gets pushed out of the lineup, though, in which case, he may indeed be booted to Hamilton.
  9. I know i'm being repetitive since I mentioned it above, but in todays NHL, you pretty much have to stand there with opposing forwards and hope the shots get blocked. I don't like it, but moving a player without the puck is interference, and cross checking him down is, well, crosschecking. I much prefer the old days, when we had Craig Ludwick body slamming opposing forwards and clearing the crease, but the fact is, in most games, especially during power plays, there are pretty much six guys between the goaltender and the shooter.
  10. I think it is very possible Therrien will totally mix up the lines. He is a new coach, and is not bound to keep anyone together. In fact, he'll probably mix things up just to get guys out of their comfort zone (Pleks should be fine, as that was going on all year for him last season). As far as being a playoff team, well, major injuries aside, we should at least be in contention this year (we were last year, up until they fired Martin and replaced him with Cunnyworth), but I don't think Bergevin is of the opinion that we must do whatever is needed to do that this year. I think he is planning on being competitive this season, waiting for our young guys to mature, then really put it together over the next 2-3 years. Thats how Stanley Cup contenders are built. If we mortgage the future on a few guys now, well, thats the Brian Burke/Maple Leafs model.
  11. Yes, Kovy had great hair, I'm sure he was quite popular with the ladies. As for Semin, I suppose he could have great hair too, he needs some tips from Kovy on that, but he'll never have his style. On a serious note, Semin is not exactly the type of player Bergevin seems to covet, and as I stated before, I believe we are done adding free agents for the summer.
  12. After a night to sleep on it, perhaps banning Nash from representing Canada might be a bit harsh, but I still don't like his attitude.
  13. Like I said above, I think we're a long shot at the least, if we are even interested in the guy.
  14. Columbus has always been inept. Nash couldn't figure this out?
  15. Neil could have gotten more on the open market. He is, in my opinion, agreeing to less because he likes Ottawa and the team he has always played for. You have to respect the man for that.
  16. A pay raise has nothing to do with this situation, and neither does job security. He has his contract, he'll get his money. It has nothing to do with the center of the universe. If Nash lived up to the commitment he made when he signed with Columbus, we wouldnt have this discussion. If he decided 2 years ago that he wanted a change and then signed with whoever he wanted, then thats his right. I do have a problem with Canadians who refuse to even consider playing in Canada, and I don't think I'm alone in that.
  17. What does this have to do with what I said? I am being critical of people who grow up here, enjoy the benefits of this country, then want to give nothing back afterwards. He wants to represent Canada in international play, yet he doesn't want to live and work here. Every Canadian in the NHL can't play here, but I find it refreshing when someone welcomes the limelight and welcomes the chance to play in a Canadian city. Nothing to do with canada vs USA, or Europe, etc. I also feel its wrong to sign a long term deal one year, then decide you want out the next. He knew all about the organization he was with, if he didn't want to stay, he should never have signed the deal. As for apologizing for your post, I take no offense from opinions which differ from my own. If I did, I would never post on here.
  18. You're of the mindset that we should challenge for a cup this year perhaps? Nothing wrong with that, but I don't think Bergevin and Co.think that way. I think he is looking at contending 2 or 3 years down the road, and I think any moves he makes will reflect that. If we can sign Doan to a decent deal (see the Doan tread) then I wouldn't have a problem, but when it comes to trading our young guys and prospects, I'm not so sure thats the road we need to take this year.
  19. I always liked Desjardin, he'll be excellent in Hamilton this year, thats going to be a very interesting team to watch, with all the young talent and a decent keeper. Desjardins is good enough to be an emergency backup in the NHL, he looked good against us when he played a bit for Tampa, I wouldn't mind him getting a couple of games if needed. Blunden worked hard, good depth guy, again, wouldn't want him playing a regular role, but good as a 4th line plugger when needed.
  20. I think he has a few years yet, I see him in the 20-25 goal range. I would sign him 3 years, no question, but not at top level money. I'd offer him what we're paying Cole, for sure.
  21. Apparently Shane Doan has let it be known the Habs, along with a couple of other Canadian teams, are amongst the teams he would consider playing for. First of all, I would like to applaud Mr Doan for his willingness to play in the country in which he was raised (see my post/rant on Nash in the NHL talk section). I hope he is actually serious about this, and not just throwing names around to increase his worth. The next question is, do we want him? Internet rumors are that the Habs have expressed interest, but many of the same rumor mongers had us the clear favorites in the Jagr sweepstakes, and then we hear from Bergevin that the habs were not interested in Jagr, so you cannot always believe what you hear when it comes to such things. The question for us fans is do we want him, and at what cost? He is a big bodied, offensively gifted winger who plays with a lot of grit, and boy, would he look good with Pleks and Gionta, in my mind, our forward group would be probably top 10 in the whole league with him here. He wouldn't cost us anything in terms of prospects, as he would be a free agent signing. Would we be Stanley Cup contenders with him in our lineup? If so, I think we go for it. If not, does it make sense to sign him? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Personally, I highly doubt that we'll see him here, just seems we're had similar discussions about many players like this, and it never seems to work out.
  22. So Rick Nash has narrowed down the list of teams he wants to play for, and not surprisingly, they are all top ranked American teams. Here is my take on this whole situation. First of all, Nash should not even be seeking a trade. He just signed a long term, multimillion dollar contract to play for the Jackets. He was willing to commit to playing for them 2 years ago, but now, the poor baby is tired of Columbus, and wants to go to a team that is already a contender. Well, he should have mentioned that before he signed a long term commitment to his own team. Second of all, Nash doesn't want to go anywhere in Canada. Is it taxes? Lets all get real on this point. Yes, taxes are much higher here in Canada. However, when you are earning the kind of money he is, and you know that you already have more money than you could possibly spend in your whole life, that doesn't matter a row of beans. Unless Rick studies his bank account daily, he will never miss the difference that the increased taxes will make. Besides, our higher taxes allow for such things as a real public health care system (which took care of you while you were a kid growing up here) and a social safety net for people who do not make thousands of dollars a minute in their line of work, and who could easily fall on hard times in a moments notice. So lets do away with that whole argument. The real reason he doesn't want to play in Canada is that here, fans care and recognize hockey players as heroes. Nash is afraid that people may recognize him in his daily life perhaps? Maybe he might get asked for autographs at the airport? Tough shit, I work with the public in a small community, everyone recognizes me and I'm constantly being asked questions about my job when I'm not working, so why can't you? Maybe he's afraid that in a Canadian city, people will care enough to expect results from their team, and players, and there will be pressure on him to play well. Again, this shows, in my mind, a total lack of character. Nash has been praised for his willingness to represent Canada on the international stage, but he is not willing to live and (excuse the term for how he earns a living) work here. Shame on you you selfish, greedy goofball, if I had my way you would never represent this country again.
  23. Easy to go around cheap shotting when you have the biggest goon in the league, (who is also going around throwing cheap shots) who nobody in the NHL can really fight.
  24. Yes, but there is no reason the last 2 lines can't be line 3 and 3a, especially if one of the above young guys make the team. Or, one of them could supplant Bourque on one of the top 2 lines. It will be an interesting problem having to deal with a surplus of NHL calibre forwards.
  25. Emelin, Subban and Bouillon are far from soft. None of them fight, is that what we're getting at? Emelin and Subban laid the body on as well as anyone last year. As for 'clearing the crease', well, you can't do that anymore, no matter how big you are, its a penalty. Just take a look at all those guys standing in front of the goalies all the time, from both teams, thats why its so hard to get shots through. I concur that Weber, Kaberle and Diaz are soft, Markov will have to play carefully while he gets confidence in his knee back. But, yes, I would also like to see at least one more defensive minded defender back there. We have to be careful, though, no need to sign anyone long term or make any foolish trades, we have a monster d-man in Hamilton this year, next year we'll see Tinordi with the Habs, all 6'7 of him.
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