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  1. But you have Markov on right d anyway, so why not with Emelin?
  2. I have to admit, thats a woeful track record. Hard to believe the guy could fall so far, after being a 2 or 3 overall pick, I believe?
  3. I'm going to suggest something a little less radical, but fitting with my opening post, how about Cam Barker? A first round flop of the Blackhawks, not resigned by the Oilers, has good size, experience, could be just what we need, and no doubt be had on the cheap. Bergevin is no doubt familiar with him as well.
  4. I wouldn't trade Subban for Kane, there is just too much untapped potential. If we trade Subban, we'll regret it for years.
  5. I I wouldn't bet on Doan coming here. We don't have the cap space, we're a few years from contending, and I think our greater need is on D. Of course, I've been wrong many times before.
  6. I hope it was left to the head coach to hire the assistants he felt comfortable with. When you see moves like last year, where Pearn was fired by the GM, to the coaches surprise, that is a sign of a disfunctional management team. So, if we want to blame someone for not hiring Robinson, then I hope that was Therriens decision. Also, if Therrien felt Daignault was the man he wanted, then I'm prepared to give the man some slack and see what the year brings.
  7. Ok, here we go. My forwards post seemed to generate some discussion, and this place is getting kind of stale the last few days, so lets try this Subban-Georges Markov-Emelin Kaberle-Bouillon Diaz, Weber, St-Denis Here's an area I see as needing attention, wether it be a free agent or trade. I'm actually comfortable with our top 4, I believe we'll see a return to form with Markov, and significant improvement from Subban (the 3rd year NHL star trend I mentioned in an earlier post) and Emelin (who progressed rapidly last year, I feel). What I'm not comfortable with is the prospect of one or more of the top 4 going down, as I don't know if I'd be happy seeing any of the others in that role for more than a handful of games. I actually like Diaz and his potential, I think he did quite well as a smallish, first year d-man last year, but I think he's destined as more of a 3rd pairing/offensive d-man. I'm not a fan of trading for a Yandle type, I don't feel we're ready to contend for a couple of years, and we have so many promising prospects at d, I'd rather not see those guys get shipped out for immediate help (although I'd happily ship any of the bottom 4 above for a decent return). What we need to add to this group is a reliable, defensively capable 3rd pairing guy who is capable of playing top 4 minutes if required. Candidates, anyone?
  8. Bourque has games in which he plays big, its just that he seems so lost or unfocused most times, much like Kostitsyn did. I still haven't written him off, perhaps the new coaching staff can get him back to the 20 goal/45 point level, which is fine for a 2nd/3rd liner. I really think we now have the forward group that we'll see heading into camp. With the uncertainty concerning the new CBA, and Bergevins statement about a spot being open for a young guy, I just don't see anything happening.
  9. Odds are against Gally making the team this year, but I don't think its crazy to suggest he could. I'd give him about a 60% chance to get the 9 game tryout, and about a 20% chance of staying with the team. His odds are that low because of all the games he missed. Bergevin and Timmons were very high on this guy, apparently they have liked him for quite some time, and I trust our new management team to handle the situation correctly. Many prospects have been rushed ahead of schedule to the NHL. Many, however, have played right out of the draft, (Owen Nolan, Joe Thorton, etc are players who come to mind as not putting up points in first year) and while they hardly dominated the first year, they did stick around and learn a few things, and were better off for it in the long run. Its probably going to be a tough decision, because I think this guy is going to have an amazing camp.
  10. Hopefully we're not looking at a top 16 pick next year. This years draft was said to be short on talent, but I'm more along the line of thin king that canadian talent was low in this draft, but otherwise, it'll turn out to be just as good as most. I'm not amazed by the top prospects for next years draft anymore than this years.
  11. Winning faceoffs is something Eller can learn. You can't learn size and talent, which he has. Relax, he's at least 3rd line centre, probably 2nd line in a few years.
  12. I agree 100%. I'm hoping Leblanc gets top 6 minutes, I feel he can handle that role, he can be a slick passer, it was painful sometimes watching him play alongside guys who didn't match his effort and skill. If not top 6, then I hope the 3rd line gets more ice, should with Eller and Moen, and either Bourque or Leblanc. That being said, we have one of the better first lines in hockey, I feel with Cole-dd-Patches, and I feel confident that we will have one of the better 3rd lines in hockey too, with the above mentioned players, or perhaps Armstrong works himself in there.
  13. Thats the big decision. Back to Junior is not always the correct route. If the management team feels he has nothing left to learn there, they may indeed keep him up. At the end of the day, the decision has to be based on what would be best for him at this stage in his development. I feel with Dudley, Bergevin and Therien on the same page, they will make the correct decision. They are betting on one of Leblanc, Galy or Gallager being NHL ready, as far as I can see it.
  14. I don't think you'll see prospects or picks a play in trades much under our new management, they'll be happy to content for a playoff spot this season, which I think they will. Pleks will be much better this year, even with the players they have now, if they leave his line intact for a bit. Our powerplay will be better with markov and probably Armstrong or Prust acting as a bigger body in front of net. Our bottom 6 is much improved, meaning we can use top lines more tactfully. And, you watch Subban this year, players with his talent usually break out big time in 3rd year. If all goes well, we make the playoffs, bottom 3 probably. As long as we're in the hunt for playoffs, I'm a big fan of keeping all draft picks and all promising prospects.
  15. Galy isn't overly big, but I believe he projects as "thick", he's 200lbs now, so you can add about 10 to 15 pounds on to that as he matures into his NHL weight. Gallager projects as much the same type of player as Gionta, perhaps a little more annoying, he was sometimes known as the 'little ball of hate' in his junior career.
  16. Either way, its obvious that management is looking at this as a rebuilding year, which is great, refreshing to see someone here willing to be patient and rebuild properly. I think we can challenge for a playoff spot with current roster, and look forward to Galy, Gallager, Leblanc, Bornival, Collberg, Kristo, etc within the next 2 years or so.
  17. Ok, this topic is really going nowhere now, lol.
  18. Lol, ok, he's not small, but you get the idea, my point is, with Gallager in the top 9, is it still manageable? I think it is, especially if you put him with 2 bigger bodies, perhaps Moen, Eller and Gallager? That would leave our world class first line intact, and perhaps Gionta-Pleks-Bourque and Armstrong-Prust-White, in some combination. Thats really what we're looking at anyhow, as I take it as a given that either Leblanc or Gallager will more and likely make the team. If they can contribute, I like those lines, its at least as good as the other 4-8 group of teams in our division this year. If Galy makes the team, that whole plan kind of goes out the window. Also, who knows what Therrien has in mind, he might indeed break up the Cole-DD-Patches line.
  19. If he can work on those faceoff numbers and get 40 points on the third line this year, then his development will be right where it needs to be. I still think he has 2nd line potential.
  20. The problem with Gionta, Pleks and DD in the lineup this fall is that if Gallager really impresses, where do you put him in a lineup that still has a fair share of small guys?
  21. As much as I dislike having Kaberle on our team, if we do trade him, we really need another reliable, 15-18 minute guy for the bottom pairing, I like Bouillon, but him and Diaz out there together would be like watching an episode of the Smurfs.
  22. Hmm, Galy had 27 at prospects camp...
  23. Maube one of the best available, but still only a very average defenceman, no wonder most teams shying away from the UFA lunacy.
  24. I think they stay put and wait to see what the cap floor will be under the new CBA.
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