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  1. I'm hoping we sign Subban at about 3-4 million/year for 5 years or so, but I'm thinking he'll want no more than a 3 year deal.
  2. We won't be signing anymore UFA. I'd almost bet on it.
  3. The difference this year is that our bottom 6 guys can all play competitive hockey, which means they can play more minutes and actually help the team win while they are out there. More minutes given to big guys who can skate, hit and maybe sometimes score equals a tougher, harder to play against hockey club.
  4. I think the new CBA will involve limiting term of contracts, lowering cap floor, and changing revenue sharing slightly. Other than that, I don't think there will be any ground shaking changes at all. Also, thats why I expect there will be an agreement with no stoppage this time around.
  5. Agreed. He looked terrible out there last year. I still have hopes that Bourque can turn it around, half a season with inept coaching is a little too soon to call him a dog.
  6. I don't think Kostitsyn fits the mold of the type of player Bergevin seems to covet, that is, hard working, excellent character, etc. It really seems like are done adding UFA, could be a trade, perhaps, but I don't expect any news, other than signing our own RFA, until after the new CBA is done.
  7. Our free agent signings are apparently done for the season.
  8. Therrien really liked Bouillon, played him alot. That being said, I just don't like Kaberle on the second pairing at all, I think that Emelin is a much better d-man, defensively and has a lot of untapped offensive potential as well. Kaberle has always been soft and mistake prone, and its not getting any better.I much perfer Markov-Emelin as the second pairing. Subban and Georges have proven they can handle mega minutes, so they are the first pairing. If Tinordi progresses rapidly during his first pro season (which I don't see happening, unless he really, really impresses), he gets called up and plays on the third pairing with Bouillon, and Kaberle becomes 7th/powerplay d-man, where I think he really belongs at this stage of his career. I don't think we'll still have Weber when the season begins.
  9. I think the reality is that Gomez will go to camp, if he doesn't excel, he will be demoted. Thats all there is to it. It makes no sense to buy him out this year, his cap hit would still be way too high, so if he's not going to raise the bar, he'll be playing in the AHL. On a happier note, it seems bergevin is expecting at least one young guy, he mentioned Gallager or Leblanc, to force his way into the lineup. Given his rapid development so far, I'd say the early favorite is Leblanc.
  10. Just reading the article posted on Habsworld, we don't have much cap space. And, with the new CBA, we won't really know how much cap space there will be. Add the Gomez situation, and our cap space is pretty uncertain at this point.
  11. Winnepeg has to overpay if they want bodies, its just a fact of life. Meanwhile, Bergevin kind of indicated at yesterdays press conf that he was done for now, which is a little disappointing, as we were all hoping for at least another top 6 forward, I think. Anyone know about where we stand, cap wise, at the moment?
  12. More likely Subban signs for less years, possibly 3
  13. It kind of sounded like Bergevin was done yesterday, so it seems to me the forward group is set. Patches-DD-Cole Gionta-Pleks-Bourque Moen-Eller-Armstrong Prust-Nok-white Training camp possibilities (mentioned by Bergevin) Leblanc Gallager Our hope for future (if ready) Galy Extras Blunden Geoffreon Demoted/etc Gomez I'd still like another top 6 forward, especially if Leblanc/Gallager are not ready for that role.
  14. I'd ave no issue dealing Weber. In fact, I think that if he doesn't win a spot at camp, he would have to clear wavers to be sent down, so may as well get something for him if we can.
  15. I've said it before, it makes most sense to demote Gomez, you never know, he might be a good influence on young players, or he could refuse and sign with a team in Europe, or he could retire.
  16. It would be a great fit, especially if Galy is not quite ready to play yet, so hopefully, it happens.
  17. I like our current top 4 if, and I know its a big if, Markov can stay healthy.
  18. Patches-DD-Cole Jagr-Pelx-Gionta Moen-Eller-Bourque Armstrong-Prust-White/Nok Now thats a quality NHL lineup.
  19. Darche played his heart out, but really didn't stand out at anything, and wasn't tough or much of an agitator. These are the qualities good teams have on the bottom 6. Take a look at the bottom 6 after the last few days, and compare to last years group. We are now big, mean and annoying on the last 2 lines. These guys are going to go out and hit everything they can, agitate, and keep other teams away from Carey, PK, etc. After a few games, we won't miss Darche at all.
  20. Our team, for the last 3 or 4 years, has been way too easy to push around, and teams got away with way too much. Not so much now, call these guys what you want, but our bottom 6 will be a nasty group to play against, other teams, and their fans, are going to hate this team. We haven't had such a group of nasties since the days of Corson, Skrudland, Mcfee, Lemieux, etc. The diff, unfortunately, was that guys like that were our top 2 line guys. Now that was a nasty bunch!
  21. I think White could turn into a better player than many think, so I wouldn't ship him off to the press box too soon. But man, are we going to be a hateful team to play against next year!
  22. Looks like a top 4 d-man will have to come via trade, if thats in the works.
  23. Will we be adding Jagr to our list today?
  24. The more I think about it, the more I think Bergevin will be announcing a 2 year contract for Jagr tomorrow afternoon.
  25. I think its great value for a player who I feel will be a legit top 4 d-man this year.
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