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  1. Boys played a pretty good game, I don't think pleks is in a funk or a slump. I think he is finished and needs to be gotten rid of this summer one way or the other.
  2. they played pretty good but once again cannot score. dammit.
  3. Yes and he constantly gets the names wrong, quite unconsciously. Retirement cant be far away can it?
  4. ok The Sens need to go down tonite. We are the champions.
  5. Is he allowed out of the home 2 days in a row?
  6. if they let him use his goal stick he may be ok.
  7. I did not miss that at all. But I think the closest this teams gets to the Stanley cup is if they visit the hall of fame. I hope they go deep but with no scoring I realistically have medium expectations.
  8. You should read this Don cause it is true dat.
  9. Rads sez he is not asking for 8 years "not even close" so maybe 4 or 5 is doable.
  10. It was probably MB sending that out so that what ever he signs him for will look great.
  11. Do you honestly think that Carey can't play 2 games in 2 nights? If so it don't look good for the playoffs. He has had lots of rest, and after this he can rest more. Montoya can play some starts going into the playoffs.
  12. Markov yeah ok, against my best judgement but I could see it. radu 5x6.5 would be better Chuck yup definitely jettison Emelin
  13. Mark down mark ain't giving him 8 years. Big Period. It would hurt to see him go but what is best for the team will be what we do.
  14. The question was should he get BOTH starts not 3. The answer is he plays Sat and Sunday then let's see what happens
  15. we have to remember, we don't know what he wants to get paid. Longer term less money shorter term more money. It is a negotiation after all.
  16. 8 years too long, 6 years too long, 4 years is right length, go 5 if you absolutely have to.
  17. He has had lots of rest, and we need these games play him.
  18. Ya know this team seems to lack a lot of goal scoring ability. Anybody else notice that? Boy you would think the GM might do something about that.
  19. I remember Jacques Lemaire knocking a goalie out cold, can't remember the goalie's name but he was down and out.
  20. I don't think that means Barber Bill hates him. With Le Genius you pretty much knew who he liked or didn't like. Just look at DD traded right after coach fired. I just think we should give Barber Bill a little more time before we cast aspersions upon him.
  21. Julien has been here for what 10 games? And you say he hates Nate, I think that sample size is way too small. Let's just take Barber Bill at his word for now ok? Should be a good game, The boys will rise to the challenge and scalp the Hawks.
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