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  1. Well I think it is a pretty good trade on it's face. We THINK the sergy will be great, we don't know that he will. We needed offence and Drouin will supply. What does bother me is if Mark down Mark in his wisdom trades Galch, then I am pissed off. We need them both. He is good at finding defence then go find some dammit. Do not trade Galch, not now. Unless Sid or Malkin are available, then go ahead.
  2. i don't think they can eat more1/2 so they can have captain pecker head.
  3. Montreal is on that list cause he knows we don't want that peckerhead on our team. So no threat of him coming here.
  4. Yeah very well done and no pissing around just signed him damn near right off the plane.
  5. Yeah i gotcha, having Drouin excites me. Can we find some more offence and less 4th liners?
  6. Picking up Drouin makes this trade very good We addressed a need, offence, trading Galchenyuk now makes no sense to me. We would lose that one.
  7. give em pleks and throw in emelin. I'd be good with that.
  8. can he waive his NMC for one team only? I thought as far as these clauses go you either waive or don't. Wouldn't that still be a no movement clause? I mean lots of guys have a certain number of teams they can say no to written in their contract,and for the purposes of the expansion draft still have to be protected unless they waive the whole clause. No?
  9. I agree with you commandant but in this case, he actually blew the whistle. You can hear it on the replay. He lost sight of the puck thought that Murray had it and blew the whistle.
  10. Thank the great pumpkin that is over with. NOW let's get on with the wheeling and dealing. I have been bored since Habs got ousted now let's see what mark down Markie an come up with.
  11. Even Sidney said it should have been a penalty. But the 2 guys with CSS disease missed it. (can't See Shit)
  12. I think Alex jr wants to succeed, he has been a very good player for his entire life. I am not sure why The Habs are so down on him. He has been a productive scorer, he has great puck control. His back checking is not so good? Guy Lafleur wasn't a great defensive player, nor was Wayne Gretzky. Their job was goals goals and more goals. I think Alex has been mishandled. Stick him at center and let him score goals. As to his father, I don't know if he is interfering but if he is, he needs to mind his own bidnes. And not be minding Alex's. as Hank jr once said. I paraphrased.
  13. Yeah I would want a do over on that one. Hide your daughters ....and the sheep.
  14. apparently Kirkie still has work to do. His number one priority should be Alex.
  15. the only change of scenery that galchenyuk needs is back to center where he belongs. And leave him there dammit. Capn Kirk should work with him on a one on one basis.
  16. Siemens may not be qualified so no need to trade for him. It seems the Avs have kinda given up on him.
  17. You are right, the refs last night are the same ones who "let them play" every game they ref. They wonder why things get out of hand, maybe they should pay attention and call the forking penalties.
  18. Crosby said he should have been penalized on the water bottle "slip" so ipso facto he agrees 5th should have been called back
  19. not a deal I would make. unless we got more coming our way.
  20. Why? I don't know anything about him but I don't see anything in his stats that makes me warm and fuzzy.
  21. Isn't that interesting. It was not that long ago that I started a thread saying that Shaw had to go. I got crucified. Wait for the playoffs they said. ok how did that work out? he is a good player but he will look better on a different team.
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