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  1. World Juniors are up 1-0 against the Finns in the 2nd. Anyone else know if Latendresse is getting good ice time? He didn't see much at all against the Americans.
  2. We need a goal before the period ends. Otherwise, this game will be much tougher to get back into.
  3. I think it may be a little too early for all this talk. We've been decimated by injuries and some key dressing room figures are still out. It may take a while to get the chemistry working again. And besides, if you're going to pick a time of year to slump, this is it. We got off to a blazing start which has kept us in playoff contention the whole while and we can only go up from here. I don't see much of a problem just yet. There are goals that Julien must meet though: 1 - Playoff berth 2 - see #1 The only real problem might be if Julien has lost the dressing room. i.e. players second guessing his decisions, openly challenging his authority in front of other players. So far there's no suggestion of this happening. I would just hang tight and wait for us to peak again in the early spring. Oh yeah, and Robinson won't be coaching anytime soon. He's got health problems. Same could be said for Nolan. He's been badmouthed so badly by that raging alcoholic, also known as John Muckler, around the league that no one will give him a call.
  4. Hmmmm.... disatisfyingly vague. That could be soft tissue injury or bone injury.
  5. I'm calling on Kovalev and Zednik to get us back into this one... Let's give 'em a show boys!!!!!
  6. I totally agree. I'd like to see Dandenault get his 1st goal and Bulis get one too before we decide to break a stick over Robert's head though.
  7. I think this PP is showing where the Habs lack of coaching is most evident.
  8. Good article from Jim Kelley of Sportsnet on Campbell's inability to show any reproducibility in his disciplinary actions this year. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/columnist.j...228_171238_5120
  9. Pittsburgh has officially replaced Olczyk and Mr. Michel (temper, I don't have a temper) Therrien is taking over. [Edited on 2005/12/15 by zumpano21]
  10. Article from the Kansas City Star. http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/s...ts/13401567.htm Whoah, check this arena out. http://www.visitkc.com/meeting_planner/wha...rint_center.htm [Edited on 2005/12/15 by zumpano21] (Be sure to drop the space near the end of the second link) [Edited on 2005/12/15 by zumpano21]
  11. My son, matsnaslundsuperfan, will be there to watch the game. He'll be up in the nose-bleed section too. You may recognize him. He'll be the guy with the bowler hat, a rose in his lapel and an umbrella under his left (note that... left) arm. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo: Yeah and I'll be the guy wearing the oversized Theodore jersey fending off 5 Oiler fans all while singing Ole Ole Ole. So matsnaslundsuperfan, what's with the getup?
  12. I'll be cheering the boys on from the nosebleeds. Anyone else making the trip to the Frozen North?
  13. I have to agree. When all are healthy and accounted for, this Habs team is one to be celebrated, not dumped on.
  14. Great rush, didn't know he had it in him. You watching this Streit?
  15. Habs are playing 7 of their next 8 on the road. Usually, this is a dreaded experience but I think that with the big guys coming back from injury, wins in 2 of their last 3, and the rookies making significant contribution, the team might really solidify its identity and really come together to play as a team - a team that other teams respect. Here's one for the road! And for all you Habs fans in Alberta, I will see you at the Rexall and Saddledome. (hopefully there'll be enough of us to get the Ole Ole going!)
  16. AHHHH!!!!! Dammit. I'm seeing the Habs in dEaDMONTON this thurs and I miss Kovy by a single game!!!!! Wrong, this is just wrong.
  17. Isn't this just smoke and mirrors from the Magnificent One to drum up public support for a new arena so that city council might bend and put up some bucks for a new arena? He's done this before and now has a bit more leverage since they're selling more tickets.
  18. With a healthy team, the lines look as follows: Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev Perezhogin - Ribeiro - Ryder Bulis - Bonk - Sundstrom Higgins - Begin - Plekanec (Kostitsyn, Dagenais, Latendresse [next year]) Rivet - Markov Komisarek - Dandenault Bouillon - Souray (do we even have good prospects on D?) The point I'm trying to make here is that we have lots of depth with forwards and on top of that, they're all young, the oldest being Kovalev at 32. We should be making aggressive attempts at securing a young D with good prospects and if it means giving up Ribeiro and Zednik to get it maybe we should just do it. Brent Seabrook (http://www.nhl.com/players/8470607.html) is on a team that is losing but managing good points production and a plus/minus rating that most of his teammates cannot boast (the kind of guy we need desperately). His team needs scoring and we have two guys who can put the puck in the net but by no means are they team players.
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