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  1. Is anybody else thinking that Chara is going to whack Gallagher across the left hand? I gotta admit he did show some decency against Boroweicki the other night though? But, that's probably the extent of it..expect him to be an ass
  2. Ok, now I'm thoroughly convinced...they're bums
  3. Papa Campbell will come to the rescue again. Heck, the B's can't go without Marchand AND Krejci now, they've got the big winter ball coming up
  4. Caps and Panthers are far better than anyone in the East.
  5. When did Fla get so darned good?! I'm hoping AG ties it here in the 3rd, and then PK blasts the winner..
  6. Yeah you may be right, but it doesn't much matter how they stack up against previous teams. It's how they play this week, and right now, they're kinda hand-cuffed. Hopefully they'll grind it out, like you say
  7. Patience grasshoppa..as long as they improve from game to game, stay alive, keep getting their chances, they could surprise a few. Strome is dialed in. Just need others to step up somewhat. Gotta say that they've given up some lucky goals, for sure. Big test coming up vs Sweden. Switzerland was battling for their lives, and are no longer a cakewalk
  8. Still finding their way, Commandant. They're still very much in it
  9. Ugh, DD...when is his contract up anyway? If the Nordiques don't get a new franchise, his nhl career will be over
  10. Carr got benched last night..he'd better come back with a monster game tonight or he too will be doghoused
  11. Didn't they both come into the system at the same time? Maybe Waite was busy working with Price/Budaj at the time?
  12. At no point, in any of the ot games, has dd and max looked dangerous. Idk why MT keeps going to that well
  13. I agree MoLG, Andrighetto had a solid game-really looked like a spark plug tonight. Vinny Barberino was all over the place making plays and had a great night. Too bad that probably means they'll both be scratched by MT tomorrow. I just don't get why he does that to certain guys? Did Desjarnais look like he would be missed if he sat tomorrow? I won't even mention Max..I guess he can get a pass tonight because of the shootout
  14. Omg, Max is getting worse! Everybody else seems to be on point though. Vinny Barberino/Pateryn both look like a 1000% upgrade from Emelin.
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