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  1. Julien was fired for sitting Theodore in the pressbox, not Price.
  2. No predictions for me tonight, but I'm switching from coffee back to my traditional tea as the beverage of choice at work tonight. :ghg:
  3. Lawlz! +1 internets to you Kozed, bravo!
  4. I was at the game. :puke: I'll talk more about it and post more pics after work, but for the meantime here's something to lighten the mood:
  5. http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/range...ngers-1.1496554
  6. Or maybe he just needs more strength in his left hand.
  7. Oh, I've been checking the forum regularly for quite some time. I just usually don't bother posting. And I don't mind differing viewpoints and whatnot, but blatant trolling should be dealt with.
  8. I already use Avast, so I don't really need a full-fledged anti-virus program. I also have Ad-Aware. I used Spybot to kill the rare few trojans and such which actually made it onto my computer.
  9. *uninstalls Spybot* Any recommendations for a replacement program?
  10. Hopefully nothing serious, I'll be pissed if he misses the western road trip and I don't get to see him play.
  11. Excellent. I'll start toying around and familiarizing myself with things tonight after I get off work. And no worries, just about everything I do is for the lulz. Bring it on Blaze! =P
  12. I have RAJALA?! #%&* YEAH! Anyways, yeah, I'm totally up for it. I've got lots of time to kill, so that won't be an issue. I work afternoons though, so I'll rarely be online during the evening. Email/PM is probably the best way to get a hold of me. By the way, which version of EHM are you guys using? I looked all over last night. =\
  13. Wow, that's lame. Their cheapest plan is $15/month. To get unlimited evenings/weekends, you need to be on at least their $22/month plan. http://virginmobile.ca/vmc/en/plans/myplan/myplan.html
  14. You want Virgin Mobile my friend. For their $25/month plan, you get unlimited evenings and weekends and an option of your choice (one of which being unlimited text messaging). I'm fairly sure they'll let you keep your old number, and I know keeping your old phone won't be a problem. And yes, I'm still here. I just don't post.
  15. Lawlz, I remember those guys! I don't know, I can't really commit right now. If I manage to find a decent online WoD game, that's going to end up taking most of my little spare time.
  16. My fearless game one prediction: 3-0 Habs Price weathers an early storm before Kovalev fires an absolute rocket to beat Thomas gloveside. Stewart notches an insurance goal in the dying seconds of the first period. Second period sees a lot of back and forth action, but nothing terribly interesting until Thornton beats Kostopoulous in a fight. The third period sees Laraque pound Lucic followed by an Andrei Kostitsyn goal. You heard it here first. >.> :ghg:
  17. Lawlz, I think I may have gotten that too, but the member's name had already been removed. I didn't open it though, straight to the garbage bin. And I just realized I have no avatar. Must fix!
  18. Uh guys, obvious troll is obvious. Since when do new applicants have to wait for approval to begin posting?
  19. If we were playing anyone other than Boston in the first round, I'd probably say around a seven or so. That said, I'm hovering around a nine right now and that's liable to go higher should Markov be expected to come back.
  20. The Ruins fans here are popping out of the woodwork. And god are they cocky. I can't wait to smack them down in the first round and collect my money.
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