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BG confident with what we have


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It seems that these are the cards that we have to play. BG seems confident. Its obvious that we are not a Stanley cup contender, and BG didn't have to or want to, trade the farm.

Whatever happens in the playoffs, this is going to be a learning experience for all our players, particularly for the young guns RIbeiro, Ryder, Komi, Zed, Ward, and Bulis who are going to gain some valuable experience by being the go-to guys.

We're the underdogs going into the playoffs, but with Theo in nets, and with the way we have been playing lately 9-2 in last 11 games, we are also a serious dark horse without the pressure that teams like the Laffs and Sens have on their back. So I think this can work out for us

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Well, I think it's obvious Gainey is content just to have made the playoffs. Any intelligent hockey observer can see that with the existing team, the Habs would need luck and goaltending to get past the first round. Gainey's logic is why do more than that because he already looks good in his first year having made the playoffs (which they have now done). Next year, going past the first round will make him look even better.

What other explanation for not making further moves? The offense is still soft and come playoff games these small forwards will take a beating. Every team knows the Habs can be intimidated. Why did Gainey not get a Simon? His presence alongside Ribeiro/Ryder is an instant statement and his 15 goals says he can play!

I'm sure a lot of habs fans have a false sense of comfort with these last few wins. They were outplayed only to have goaltending and luck on their side with hit posts and wide open missed net chances.

Sorry guys, but without their "A" game each and every playoff game (like against Boston in that 1-0 loss) or with Theodore even slightly off his game, this is an early exit.

Oh well, why expect more than I did at the beginning of the season? I should just be estatic we made the playoffs!!!!

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Here's my take on why Habs fans are seemingly disappointed today. The Habs go out and grab Kovalev and Dowd within a couple of days last week. Naturally, everyone assumes Gainey isn't done and will acquire another star player along the lines of Kovalev.

I'm still stunned and excited about the addition of Kovalev, and very happy about adding Dowd. I'll take those two players and be happy. Acquiring a player is always very exciting, so I wouldn't be honest if I said I wasn't at one point hoping I'd see a Habs transaction on the trade tracker. But given what Gainey has done so far, I'll still be happy to watch this team in the playoffs this year!

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Some of you forget the more you add, the more you disrupt what you already have... that is team chemistry. To be successful, you are allowed only to tinker with the lineup (what Gainey did) and not do what Avalanche do every year (that is add 4-5 new players in the mix and expect to be successful in the playoffs). Remember you only have 13 or so games left to gel together.

In my opinion, that is not enough time. Gainey did good by adding ONLY Kovalev and Dowd. Altough I would have LOVED Barnaby or Simon or Hill.

We should be fine in the playoffs. My ONLY scare is Tampa Bay and maybe Ottawa. On any given night we can beat Philly, Isles, Leafs, B's, and Devils.

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Well first of all let's all be happy that the habs will make the playoffs and you never know how far they will go. Remember 2 years ago? Boston was real hot at the time and yet we managed to beat them and in my opinion if we had beaten that dam carolina, we would've won the stanley cup. I would say that we could beat any team if we play well (look at the last week...boston,ottowa,new jersey, we all beat em). However I'm not sure that if we round up against Toronto in the first round, we will pretty much lose to them cuz they are very lucky when we play them. So I would say if we're against any team except the leafs and they get eliminated in the 1st round then we have a pretty good chance to win the stanley cup. But that's just me.... Also with Kovalev and Dowd who has played 3 perfect games with the habs since being acquired and with Zednik, Koivu, Ribeiro, Ryder and especially Theodore we could go real far.

[Edited on 2004/3/10 by The Rocket Flower]

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As far as I'm concerned BG made the best deals he could today. There are alot of strong teams this year and the habs would have had to trade the farm and the rest of the future to match these teams on paper.

Having said that, the combination of youngsters and veterans on this team has me very excited about our chances in the playoffs. While we don't match up well on paper, we do have certain intangibles that, I think, will be HUGE in this playoff run...

Montreal is hungry....very hungry...This situation is not unlike 1986 when they won the cup with a relatively young, but speedy team....

(1) Goaltending: Possibly the best 1-2 tandem in the league...The best part of this situation is that they are in a position to push and support each other....

(2) Forwards: Speed, speed and speed. Fantastic leadership, four relatively strong and smart lines who know their capabilities and their roles in Juilien's system...Much improved with the recent additions of Kovalev and Dowd....Size is a concern, but they do not lack determination and grit when motivated....and, they've got something to prove...

(3) Defense: Souray will be back and absent his injury would be in the running for the Norris! Markov is back! Brisbois is under control and not overshooting his capabilities..Rivet always plays with heart and he has been using his size effectively....Quital is solid...and no one can argue that Bouilion has been playing very, very well (and battles despite the fact that he's 5' nothing)...You heard it here that Komi, if given the opportunity, will use his size and attitude very effectively this playoff round...

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I would have been nice to add O'Neil or Daze(!)

But I think Dowd and Kovalev are enough. This team can make it trough the first round but it will be hard, but after last eleven games I don't think it's unrealistic.

Toronto is looking good but they can turn out to be the new (new) york rangers.

Colorado is also looking strong. I think Ossi Vaananän was a smart move and Salo won't be a backup.

Ottawa could also make it.

Vancouver and Detroit are also stong. But I think we're next in the rankings. Philly and Tampa may have been good but I don't think they got what it takes.

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