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  1. Nice to have the first overall pick! Consensus that Wright is the best avaiable player. From what I’ve seen, he would be a perfect fit. Allready imagine Wright with Caufield!
  2. Armia is confusing to me. Whenever he has the puck, or are on the ice , he looks so good, but once the game is done, he’s not on the scoresheet. His skating is not to standard, but his smartness and hockeysense is elite. (As far as I can tell…) I still imagine that he could flourish with the right company and would love that to happen in Montreal. And I kinda feel the same about Clauge.
  3. Olli Juolevi on waivers. I’d love the Habs to pick him up!
  4. For a young Finish guy, that may be known beforehand, but never really experienced. Professional sports in North America is different from Europe. The player chooses, they are not commodities that can be traded. Losing Mete, and have the chance to join Aho and Teravainen is most likely a factor, just not sure how much.
  5. Whit the current Cap space situation, matching Carolina's offer is not the correct move, unless Bergevin still regard Kotkaniemi as a future franchise player. Suzuki and Caufield has both passed Kotkaniemi on that scale in my opinion. I'm also wondering if the signing had anything to do with Kotkaniemi lost his pal Mete? Take the picks, and go for Eichel!
  6. True, but to me, this drags the identity of the club I love into something I have some issues with. I don't like the fact that Logan was convicted and then awarded with being drafted by Le Glorioux. And I don't like how the whole Hoffman-Karlsson incident turned out. Not players or characters I wish to have a CH on their chest. I saw what was written by his girlfriend and I saw how Hoffman chased Karlsson when they met after the split. Adding two of them, is more than I can handle right now. Even if they are great hockey players, and everybody deserves second chances, I just wish the Canadiens had handle this with more concerns towards the couple that lost a child and towards a girl that had her body unwillingly showcased online. I wish my beloved Habs to be that organization.
  7. No, no, no! First drafting Logan Mailloux and then sign Mike Hoffman. I don’t like this at all.
  8. Ristolainen is another player that has far more potential than what he’s lived up to. Good move by the Sabres, assuming they will pick Powers. As I see it, this might be a trade that benefits all involved.
  9. I think you’re wrong on this one. OEL, in book, is the most underrated player in the leauge. With the right team, he’s a Norris candidate. Arizona picking up Loui Eriksson is the ”bad move” in this deal as he’s SO dependable on team mates to set him up. (Jordin Tootoo, anyone?!)
  10. Will the list of protected/exposed players be public?
  11. Strange season. In many ways! I was a bit surprised to see Julien go, but the change had to come at some time, and might as well be just now. Also surprised not have seen Frolik in the line-up by now, but that only shows how good Perry, Byron and Evans has been. Hoping that Lekhonen is cool about the situation as well. What we saw in the begining of the season is what this team is capable of, and that is nothing short of a contender. If just all the player plays at their best, the Habs are up there among the best. Regarding who shall play with Weber; Make sure the pairing with Petry is perfect. Weber should step down as Petry has evolved. Give Romanov the chance?
  12. I agree with the assessment of Weber and Chairot. Still, Webers locker room influence might make up for it? To me, Petry has passed Weber a long time ago as the best defenseman on this team. But what do you mean about Romanov is not ready? From what I see, he's solid and do all the things right...
  13. What a time to be a Habs fan! They are all keeping both Perry and Frolik out!
  14. Allowing 5 is never a good thing. Also it seemed like there was to many two-on-one. Bad bounces or bad play? And our 3 on 3 hasn't been convincing.
  15. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FMichael-Montreal-Canadiens-Signed-Autographed%2Fdp%2FB08C7XZYVJ&psig=AOvVaw3z-6dOEEnwYgn1NKRwivE_&ust=1611290870955000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCOCkmLWcrO4CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnhltradetalk.com%2Fvancouver-canucks-tried-to-keep-tyler-toffoli%2F&psig=AOvVaw1gk3DO5PovJLX9LyK9r6S_&ust=1611290928218000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIjJgs6crO4CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD Same number, same team. Same sniping ability. Must be the same guy? And as I remember Ryder... The even skate the same!
  16. Agree. Especially the trend of taking lazy penalties must be stopped.
  17. Just saw the game. (This Covid-19 Pandemic is letting me be on North American time and watch all the game I can!) Looking at the roster of the leafs, Im intrigued by how bad they are. Last time I saw them they lost to Ottawa and now the Oilers. And as said before; the Oilers is a two-man team. Looking at the Leafs, From what I've seen so Kerfoot is perhaps their best player. Flashes of brilliance from Matthews, Marner, Tavares and Nylander, but not the extent that they are dominating. And I do like Simmonds and that Mikheyev guy. (Sounding like a leafs lover?) While feeling happy about how bad they are, I came to realize how certain I was a few years ago that the Oilers and Maple Leafs would face each other in a Stanley Cup final in a few years. That seems so fat-fetched now, with Avs, Vegas and even both New York teams looking like contenders. (Les not forget the blue, blanc et rouge dark horse!) Now let's see if Elias Petterson can stay frustrated so we can grab another one. Expecting a goal from Kotkaniemi and Toffoli tonight!
  18. Too many penalties! The tram (Drouin) didn’t give Allen a shot on the shutout. Otherwise stellar performance from most guys. Is Lekhonen finally finding the net?!
  19. This is why the Coach Challenge is in the NHL. At a first glance is could look like it was interference even if it wasn’t. Before this rule we all would have felt robbed by now... Edmunson looking better by the minute. Still can’t see Toffoli doing anything. Perhaps that changes once he starts scoring. Like someone allready mentioned; doesn’t he looks a lot like Ryder? Drouin covering more than once on the defense. Byron! (The job he do! Fav 4th liner since Begin!)
  20. Love the energy from Anderson! The forecheck in general is really good. Kotkaniemi looks engaged earlywise.
  21. First, my opinion: No need at all to blow up the team or chemistry by adding PLD. However, I wouldn't cry if it took Kotkaneimi AND Caufield or Poehling to get him to Montreal. But, Im trying to figure out how this teams must think i perspective of the upcoming expansion draft, the salary cap probably not raising at the rate most GM presumed when most current contracts ware signed. Say that we did use Kotkaniemi in order to get PLD to Montreal, would that in the end of the season mean that we would have to expose one more player to the expansion draft? Does anyone have a clear picture of this that could educate me?
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