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The loyalists' " I can't take O'Byrne anymore " thread


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I tend to disagree - I think Komi took some extra dough and ran - but I'm not gonna argue about it. It's looking more and more like Komisarek is a decent but basically overrated defenceman, so the Leafs can have him.

komi is so over rated..my brother was a big komi fav and we would fight about him every game we watch..he loved him and i said he was ok but over rated..now that he ran to T.O he agrees..but the funny party is he hates OB but i think he looks alot like komi but better..his more of a play maker, better shot, and learning to fight and play like a big man..the only thing he does do as much as komi is go for the big hit that as cause komi to f*ck up when he miss or look great with a good hit..

but my brother like most habs favs only see what they what and loves highlights...komi could have a bad game but all they recall is the one big hit that replay of sportdesk all day..and love him for it..

OB problem is the goal he score on his net...people here his name and recall this play and dont like him because of that..

i feel OB well be just as good as komi and more useful..

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