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Quintal interview


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He was interviewed on RDS tonight.

He said he's been training for quite some time now at the Bell Center, with a few players: Ribeiro, Theodore, Dykhuis, and he mentioned that Rivet had joined them this week.

He was asked if, being in the last year of his contract, he was negotiating for a contract extension. He said no, that given the uncertainty of the potential strike & new CBA he wouldn't blame the Habs if they were very cautious in terms of contracts extensions right now.

He mentioned that he didn't even know if the Habs would want him back period after this year... he said he doesn't worry about that right now.

He was asked if he would play some kind of role in the coming CBA negotiations, or leading up to them, because he was the NHLPA rep for the Habs last year.

He said he had been the rep for 7 years before leaving the Habs, then Linden took over, then Quintal resumed the duties when he came back simply because nobody else wanted to do it.

He said this year he no longer wanted to be the NHLPA rep, I personally think this simply isn't his fight... he's on the way out and doesn't want the headache of dealing with the new CBA. I can understand that.

He said that from what he's heard a lockout is virtually assured for 04-05... when asked if a salary cap was crucial to saving the league he said he didn't agree with a salary cap. He favored owner's restraint, simply don't spend more than you have, and there's no need for a cap.

On Gainey's arrival, he noted how calm and calculating Bob is (a jab at the emotional Savard?). He mentioned Gainey came in, took his time to analyze the management personnel, then made the changes he deemed necessary. Quintal said he expected the same methodical approach with player trades during the season.

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Quintal have played for the rangers havent he... then how does he think "dont spend more money than you have" will affect the less rich teams? Rangers is like Real Madrid of soccer... they buy players just so other teams wont have them... the only differens is the rangers still stink.

My idea is to put in another kind of cap. That every team have rights to pay 1-2 players over 8 million a year.

then maybe 3-4 players over 6 million and so on.

In that way every team could have a superstar.

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... difference between Real Madrid and the New York Rangers.

Real was a really good team even before they opened their wallet and bought players like Zidane, Figo, Beckham and Carlos.

Rangers sucked when they started to get all the good players...

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