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Game Thread | Thrashers vs. Canadiens | 11/22/05

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Originally posted by Bulis_the_Habbie

No I don't remember.

Anyways, I just don't like Crosby. I prefer how Ovechkin plays. With intensity. He checks better than a lot of players when Crosby get sbeta up every game (Hatcher). Come to think of it, I remember an unsportsmanlike penalty against Crosby in that game (he WAS high-sticked but the players without pride know to shut up and not yell at the ref when they don't agree with him) and I also remember him cheapshotting Hatcher from behind to retaliate from earlier high-sticks.

I didn't hear about the 2 incidents you said but even if he does have bad attitude, so does Crosby and I just prefer how Ovechkin plays. I don't want a whole discussion on this.

If you don't want a discussion then you shouldn't make comments like you do. So, you don't like Crosby, that is your business but don't make up things about him. I'm willing to bet if he played for the Habs you would love him
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Originally posted by option+

I'm pretty sure that if Darcy Tucker and Joe Thornton played for the Habs, we'd love them too.  :)

Meh, I don't mind them now.

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