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HABS vs OILERS (Tuesday 7:30 PM)


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Kilger will most likely make his season debut in this game , Koivu could also play (but we've been saying that for every game since 2 weeks ago) , Ward is out 2 months with injured ankle (blocked shot in Rangers game)



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Looking forward to a post game analysis from Puck or habby1197.

Well cant give you much better analysis then someone who watched on TV , its basically the same... :)

Souray no doubt the habs best player (He's had that title a few games this year) , strong in both ends , physical , scored a couple of goals (massive shot) , you name it. Garon looked really really bad tonight , very shakey , he let in 4 goals , a couple of them were rebound goals off rebounds he should of never let out , he kept flopping around out there as well , plus the Oilers hit 2 or 3 posts , so he was also lucky.

As for forwards , well Ribeiro was tops again , as usual. Bulis performed well on the 2nd line , too bad his linemates couldnt keep up. Kilger had a good game considering it was his first game action since March , even saw some PP action in the game and was on the ice for a PP goal , got into some rough stuff to.

One fight in the game , Bouillon vs Torres , Torres skated right into and over Garon and Bouillon took exception , fight was a draw.

Habs really need to work on their defensive zone breakouts , their passes always seem to be off the mark and our forwards are always caught flat-footed , we need more speed and accuracy.

Anyways , nothing much else to say except... Not too many fans there tonight (could be blamed on bad weather?) , sad too see ALOT of empty seats. Tons and tons of Oilers fans at the game tonight , I had no idea their were so many in the area (did they take a roadtrip?) , one really annoying one sat next to me , the guy was so ######ing loud , everytime the Oilers scored he got up whistled , yelled , clapped his hands , ugh... So when Souray scored his goals I got up and did the same right in his face... , too bad we lost though , he got last laugh.

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