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  1. There's a big difference with the Cammy firing, though, which is that goalie coaches have no further role in a game past the second period. I don't know if it's "classless" or not, TBH. Having decided to show him the door, is it better to do so in the evening or the morning? That seems to be what it comes down to.
  2. As I side note, I was interested in the vehemence of MB's claim that he will never consult with a player or players before making a decision. He seemed to frame such consultation as a fire-able offence for a GM. Now maybe he is just saying that so as to build a secure wall of confidentiality around his discussions with players. E.g., if Price expressed discomfort with Waite to Ducharme (or MB) and that informed this decision, you don't ever want to say that. It would be tantamount to throwing both Waite and Price under the bus. So you shut down the entire line of inquiry by saying
  3. That total for Gallagher is alarming, though. Gally is one of those players I’d be leery of alienating as a coach (since he presumably carries a lot of heft in the room) and, surely, he can’t be accused of not working hard - ? I do like the willingness to shake things up, though.
  4. Weird timing, but this is what, the fourth season in a row where Price goes through an atrocious and extended early-season doldrum. Enough’s enough. Good decision. One angle on the timing I haven’t heard relates to Burke’s availability. Maybe he had some affairs/commitments to sort out before he could take the gig, and that’s why he wasn’t canned when the rest of the coaches were let go? But if that were the case, presumably MB would have said so in his presser? Even though I support the move, part of me wonders whether Price is gone after this year. I can see a 34-year
  5. Since I don't think KK has been playing badly (although I didn't watch last game), I have no problem with experimenting with a bump in his ice time. I do think Danault is a black hole right now. If he were producing like he's done in the past, the issue wouldn't even come up.
  6. IF Price is refusing to see a sports psychologist, that is condemnable, for at least two reasons: 1. It means that for some reason, he is refusing use all available resources to be the best player he can. (Note that his current slump is not unique; it is an intensified version of a pattern he has developed over the previous three seasons. This suggests something deeper is going on that a mere ‘bad patch’). 2. It suggests that he sees some sort of stigma involved in seeing a sports psychologist - precisely the kind of stigma around mental health issues that we need to ov
  7. I see that the immobile Weber-Chiarot combo continues to ensorcell the coaches. Sigh. I would support swapping KK and Danault, but at the end of the day this team really needs Danault and Tatar to get on track, just as it does Price. The veteran core has to step up.
  8. I don't doubt that. The refusal to see a sports psychologist is unfortunate, however - and borderline unprofessional. He is playing like absolute dogsh*t and getting paid a king's ransom; it behooves him to turn every stone in order to find his way out of it.
  9. If the expansion draft were like those of past years, then there would be no question but that Seattle would want Price. He would be a big name and, if he could recover his form, would give the team a chance to hang in and win some games. But the Vegas expansion model throws this calculation way out of whack. We saw the Golden Knights become Cup contenders in their very first season as an expansion franchise due to the new rules (and also due to the stupidity of NHL GMs, Florida's in particular). If you're the Kraken and you think you will be a highly competitive team f
  10. OK, OK, I did not, in the end, watch this one. However, by all accounts the team played well and "deserved to win." I'll take that as a good sign. It is an old truism in hockey that toward the end of a hot streak, you win a couple you deserve to lose, and toward the end of a slump, you lose a couple you deserve to win. What I can say is that the above truism assumes that the team that is coming out of the slump avoids arbitrary lineup changes which risk sabotaging its improved play. This, I'd argue, means that Allen should stay in for the next game. Going ba
  11. I don’t want to hijack this thread, BUT: first of all, I have neither a negative nor a positive opinion about Caulfield. I certainly *hope* he becomes the kind of impact sniper people are hoping for. What I will say is that similarly upbeat “this kid can’t miss” analyses have been offered on this board for prospects like Galchenyuk, Kostitsyn, Komisarek, Higgins, Perezhogin, and Kotkaniemi. My attitude with prospects is always the same: I’ll believe it when I see it, thanks.
  12. I have to admit, I find myself dreading Habs games rather than looking forward to them. I just might pass on the game tonight - after years and years of disappointment, I am not interested in yet another lost season, especially given that we have a roster which on paper should be very strong.
  13. Nate Schmidt has been a disaster in Van - but he was a quality puck-moving defenceman for Vegas. I wonder if he’d be available, and if so, at what price?
  14. I would say there is a better chance of Price recovering his form as a #1 G than Allen suddenly mutating into one at age 30.
  15. Not sure where to put this, but this is an interesting analysis: https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/by-the-numbers-canadiens-identity-a-riddle-wrapped-in-an-enigma?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1614423946 Basically, the Habs are extraordinarily good, league-beatingly good, 5-on-5, and absolutely horrible on special teams. What is so frustrating is that, despite this fact, we draw THE highest proportion of penalties of any team. We are playing into our own greatest weaknesses every time we take a dumb penalt
  16. I can’t resist jumping in here to say that we don’t know that Caulfield is going to be great. If I had a dime for every prospect we spoke about this way, I’d be on a beach in comfortable retirement somewhere. I’m not sure why all the interest in Tanner Pearson. A nice enough player, but a third liner, really. He doesn’t address any need this group has.
  17. The Kraken probably will want him. He is a huge name in the sport. Seattle is a competitive sport market, so adding a guy of his profile will probably help from a marketing POV. And in hockey terms, the Luongo precedent might entice the GM into think it realistic that Price recover his form in a lower-pressure milieu close to home. How the Habs are supposed to replace him as #1G is a whole other question. We know that Allen is not a legit #1A but rather an elite #1B. So we will then need a goalie who can play lots of games at a high level. Primeau is not a serious proposal. So we’r
  18. I agree that the D is our main problem (although suckage from key veterans at FW has been a serious issue this season). Before making big moves, I would at least first try some decent configurations on D. STOP WITH THE CHIAROT-WEBER PAIRING for starters. It's not working.
  19. That rule is typical of the NHL. Refs used to have discretion to determine whether it was a deliberate delay of game. But NHL refs are often bungling dummies and discretionary calls are often controversial. So the NHL geniuses implement a foolproof “automatic” penalty. And the result is that a completely accidental play, like Weber whacking the puck in the air last night, leads to a penalty. If they could trust their refs to use intelligent levels of discretion, none of this stupidity would be required.
  20. I will be very curious to see how Ducharme handles the Price Problem. It is an absolute bomb for a coach, especially a new coach. If he starts playing Allen more, he risks getting Price mad at him. And if Price turns on him, the entire room may well follow, since Price is Alpha Male #1 in that room. In which case, Ducharme will be gone at year’s end. If he keeps playing Price and Price does not improve, then the team spirals like it did in 2012. In which case, Ducharme will likely be gone at year’s end. I wonder if Ducharme should have meetings with each pl
  21. Ha ha, I thought of that too. Bob also pulled off that miraculous offloading of Theodore’s contract - we’re unlikely to see a similar deus ex machina in this case. Didn’t Price have an issue with chronic fatigue a few years ago? It’s fair to ask if something is going on. Heck, there seems to be a broad alignment between his decline and the expansion of his family. Perhaps his focus and hunger just are not with hockey anymore. Maybe he doesn’t want to admit that to himself; he would not be the first. He is also 33. While guys of his pedigree usually last longer, it is n
  22. I didn’t see KK sucking last night (?). Not sure what the point of sending him down would be. The Price Problem is potentially organization-destroying. We have him for 5 more years on a stratospheric cap hit. He HAS to provide strong, legitimate #1G goaltending. If he doesn’t find a way to do that pretty soon, then the only hope for the team (and Bergevin) is that he decides to salvage his dignity and retire. What this really reminds me of is the Jose Theodore meltdown - a very similar scenario, cap-wise and in terms of the chasm between past and present performance.
  23. Actually there isn’t much of a parallel. Vancouver announced to the world that they were looking to trade Luongo, then didn’t. So he was stuck on a team that had subjected him to the anxiety and humiliation of publicly shopping him around and telling them they didn’t want him. Then Torterella took over and the club became a gong-show, culminating in his bizarre decision not to play Luongo in the outdoor game, a complete slap in the face, considering that the alternatives were not playing better than him at all. By contrast, the Habs have been nothing but loyal and solicitous of Car
  24. ّSo tired of the Carey Price psychodrama. They should have fired Waite as well as Julien and Muller. The second half has been same old, same old. Sh*t specialty teams, poor discipline, and dogsh*t goaltending.
  25. Weber-Chiarot is not working. That much seems clear. Now maybe they will kick into gear under a new coach. But if they don't then for God's sake, put the kid with a seasoned veteran. Preferably Weber, who needs someone who can skate. It's called "putting him in a position to succeed."
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