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  1. I have watched him every game. He is not engaging like he can. Once in a while he does, but not consistently at all. Of course he gets shots, but few are dangerous. He is getting all kinds of ice time but other then the one steal in OT, he is not creating many chances. He floats around and the guys doing hard work set him up. That would be fine if he scored, but he isn't. When he he puts his shoulder down and starts driving the net, he will score. When he starts hustling like his line mates, he will create chances for them. He is the captain. Score or not, he needs to set the examp,e of playing with desperation. This is the playoffs, not a game against Buffalo in Feb.
  2. Pacs is playing soft. He is taking perimeter shots but refusing to get to the dirty areas. He isn't back checking with any pressure. He is floating around looking for easy stick checks. Sure, one of those led to a goal, but had he missed getting the puck he was pretty much out of the play. Most of the little guys are hounding players, chasing down the puck carrier, and working hard on the boards. Pacs simply isn't.
  3. Team was out of gas...they were skating and hitting and winning the battles for almost 40 minutes.... just couldn't get the two goal lead and take the wind out of the rangers sails. If pacs acts doesn't start scoring they are done.
  4. Too late. Probably the series right there... can't score and put the game away and eventually the Rangers took the game over.
  5. I would almost call a timeout and tell them to get moving.
  6. They are getting stuck in their zone. Too slow on making decisions.
  7. How need to come out like this is game 7.
  8. Everything and every body to the net....
  9. Sigh. They need to pick it up...next goal wins.
  10. This is why we need some goal scorers. Julien has done a great job on possession and team defence, but he can't coach goal scoring.
  11. And there is the soft call. Guy dropped his stick. All the rangers did was hit from behind, interference, and punching to the face. Lol
  12. #### off refs... that was a hit from behind and dirty as hell.
  13. And there you go.. tied again. This team needs to start scoring and Price needs to step up a bit more. Not bad goals, it we need a few more huge saves
  14. Making me nervous that they are outplaying them so much but only a one goal lead. Rangers will be gaining momentum.
  15. Wow... ugly play in Byron. Burn these pricks.
  16. So another dirty uncalled penalty. Sucker punch on Markov earlier. At some points the refs need to protect players.
  17. Rangers sure have an easy time getting past our defence
  18. Now that is the effort we need from Pacs... what a hard working goal.
  19. Great save by Price to bail them out early... As for Pacs, he isn't playing great.. he looks slow and soft. He isn't playing at playoff intensity.
  20. This is becoming a problem. The rangers are focusing on Byron, Radulov, etc. Need pacs to be a threat and he just isn't.
  21. Pacs needs to be the difference. It isn't like he is playing great and snakebit... he looks out of it and lazy.
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