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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I shouldnt be posting this but apparently Dumont was told by Gainey to wait until the 24th of august before signing with other clubs. Apparently Gainey is trying to pull off a deal that would leave a spot for Dumont on the line-up. This comes from my friend whose aunt work as an assistant for Mr Boivin. I do not expect you to believe me. have a nice day
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

  3. Exclusive Saku Koivu Pictures!

    The eye looks fine on the surface! Good news. Lets just hope he didnt lose too much vision in it so he can still see his left winger
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Malkin to Montreal? For some reason I doubt Pittburg would let Malkin go...This is more of a wish list than a credible trade.
  5. Rds Is Now Talking About Dumont.

    If Bob makes another move this summer it will be to get a defense man not Dumont. Our offense is stacked...We only need a big center and Dumont is not one.
  6. Rds Is Now Talking About Dumont.

    You obviously dont know Ribeiro. I do. I played vs him a couple of times when he used to come in the region of Joliette and the guy is not a hitter! But dont think he is afraid of going in the corners, its just not true. People expect too much from Ribeiro...he is not LeCavalier! He is not going to change into a power forward just because you would like it. Ribeiro is a playmaker and he does his job quite well, his stats prove it. I think people dislike Ribeiro only because he 'faked' an injury a couple years ago in the playoffs. Ive only seen Mike once since then and I didnt speak to him about that, but I am sure he knows he did a mistake. People should give the guy a break and start appreciatin what he brings to the team.
  7. It's Dallas For Bonnie's Big Boy

    I predict Lindros will not be able to finish the season.
  8. $6mil A Season For Havlat?

    GM's are crazy...They think one player is going to change their whole team?! They dont know nothing about hockey and Havlat is no Sidney Crosby, Jagr or Ovechkin. History proves that teams with a few overpaid stars and nothing else fail in the playoffs.I thought that seeing Carolina win the cup would remind other GM's how to build a solid franchise.
  9. Mark Bell

    Looks like we will be the same team when 07 starts.
  10. No Shanahan For Montreal

  11. No Shanahan For Montreal

    I guess he prefers to play in the shadow of Jagr than under the scrutiny of our media .
  12. Eklund Bs Or Not ?

    Like another reality show out there : Gainey Knows Best!
  13. Sykora And Poti Rumours Not Bs?

    First of all, Le Journal de Montreal IS bull sh*t so it doesnt give in any way the Poti rumors more credibility
  14. Tom Poti Signed ?

    Apparently this is a false rumour. Bob Mackenzie was not on TSN this morning someone just made that up.
  15. Tom Poti Signed ?

    Defense? Well well lets see !