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  1. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Here's the thing. We will get a good trade deadline return for him. 1st round pick, decent prospect. Maybe a decent roster player too. Now if we moved him at the draft, and he accepted an extension, we would have got more. And if we moved him with some years left, we would have got significantly more. So I don't think we will get just scraps, but nowhere near what we would have hoped once we knew we had a consistent 30 goal winger on a bargain.
  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Nobody thought at the time he was waiting out one stupid GM (Dorion) because without him he wasn't getting half of what he got. First thing Dorion did as a GM was tell Sakic he was interested in Duchene. You wait on a mark like that. Bergevin doesn't have a mark with Pacioretty.
  3. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    7 years ago was 2011. The Bruins beat the Canucks in the Cup final. Galchenyuk wasn't drafted yet. Mike Cammalleri was still a playoff hero. The NHL only had two lockouts in their history. It has no bearing on the past two seasons.
  4. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Yeah I got my doubts it was Villardi + a good roster player but I can believe Muzzin.
  5. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    Then it is still a club relying on Price to carry them, and I don't want that team. I want a team that scores enough goals that if Price has a bad game it doesn't matter, we can outscore the opponent anyway. Our last playoff series was two great goalies playing great and one allowed one more goal than the other and people blamed the goalie instead of the team that couldn't score. I don't want that to ever happen again.
  6. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    The only move Bergevin made that a potato couldn't was the Erik Cole for Ryder and a pick. That move probably cost Joe Nieuwendyk his job as GM of Dallas. It was moves like that which gave Marc a lot of rope with me originally. It also unfortunately created the revolving RW door of Cole to Ryder to Briere to Vanek to Parenteau to Semin to Radulov to nothing. But at the time? It was a fantastic move by a first time GM.
  7. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    That's all happened already. Talent has been squandered, development has been non existent, and the sky has fallen. Not sure what the other one was. When Bergevin is fired he isn't the only one that has to go. That front office will need to be cleaned out. Very few should remain.
  8. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    I consider January of 2016 when the wheels finally fell off and the window started shutting. 207 games, 93 wins, 89 regulation losses, 25 overtime/shootout losses, 211 points: 23rd of 30 (not counting Vegas) in front of only New Jersey, Ottawa, Detroit, Buffalo, Colorado, Vancouver, and Arizona. Three teams in their division worse.
  9. Habs Rookie Tournament/Camp Thread

    I guess I just read the wrong height at some point and it stuck with me.
  10. Habs Rookie Tournament/Camp Thread

    Did Cale Fleury have a growth spurt? I thought he was under 6.
  11. Qualifying Offer Thread

    Agreed. And some don't get it that Bergevin walked into a situation where the Habs only had to compete with an unstable Tampa, inconsistent Ottawa, and declining Boston in their division. Their conference was a mirror New York, underachieving Washington, and disheveled Pittsburgh. 2014-2017 was a real window to make the final. In that time, Bergevin believed in Therrien. He stuck to Desharnais. He only had temporary solutions for 1RW. He didn't think Subban was good enough. He thought defence mattered more than scoring. He thought physicality was the missing ingredient. He trusted Sylvain Lefebvre in the AHL. And with the final years of Markov, he never found his heir, let alone a 2LD to play behind him. I don't expect him to be perfect. Pittsburgh won back to back Cups with an imperfect defence. But with this many issues during the Cup window, he closed it himself. Bergevin will be remembered as a GM who sat back on decisions the team needed most, and was always proactive on decisions the team didn't need to answer. And now we go into the season with a captain that reports said requested a trade, and I'm supposed to what? Ignore all this? Give Bergevin and the team a clean slate? I don't know what some expect on a discussion forum.
  12. Qualifying Offer Thread

    "As those terrible Houle teams" I agree with the late teams. 96 team was very, very good. 97 team was still pretty good but being quickly torn apart. 98-00 were garbage. The year he was fired early in 00-01, was the worst Habs team in history for season results and last year he was close to that. The current club has a Pacioretty on his way out after his worst season, an out of position Drouin with second line scoring, Domi coming in unable to score 10 goals in an 82 game season, won't have Weber for half the season, will have Petry playing 1RD again for half the season, atrocious D otherwise, Gallagher had his best season and it was only 54 points, like what else is there other than maybe Price plays like the best goalie in the league? Are we hoping for a 50 point season from Danault? Scherbak or Lehkonen do better than 35 points? Am I supposed to be impressed by Domi when nine Coyotes scored more goals than him last year? Am I supposed to think Alzner will bounce back? What am I missing? This team is as bad as those teams. We just don't have to live through skate in the crease rules. And much like back then, we have to deal with the Leafs and Bruins being better. When the only thing one can say in pride is at least we are not the Ottawa Senators, what's there to look forward to? The Houle years at least had Koivu. Drouin is no Koivu.
  13. Qualifying Offer Thread

    They made the playoffs twice, in 98 and 02. Their weakest season was 00-01 with 28 wins and 70 points. Last season was 29 wins and 71 points. 98-03 is 6 seasons, 2 playoff appearances, 2 playoff series wins. 13-18 is 6 seasons, 4 playoff appearances, 3 playoff series wins. Forgive me if I'm not so easily impressed.
  14. Qualifying Offer Thread

    Not what I said, but in some ways compared to last season? Yeah they were. Goal differential was smaller and they won more games. They also lost way more games to injury than last years Habs. Things are late 90s bad. That's just reality. Their only hope to win more than 35 games is the best goalie in the world dragging them to win games they don't deserve. This team has no chance at a Cup and a weak chance to make the playoffs. That's just reality.
  15. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I got zero issue with the man aside from the fact he was a poor choice for captain, which again is not his fault aside from accepting. It was a lose lose situation. The real leader is the goalie and nobody wants to allow goalies to wear the C. So he got the pressure. I'll never know what was up with Markov as well. Rumours were that he rejected it but he said that wasn't true. If it wasn't true there shouldn't have been a vote. But it's old news now. He was our Kessel. We handled a superstar winger poorly. His streakiness became an issue that a real top six centre would have alleviated. Maybe we should have moved him in 2014 to be our Richer to get a Muller but again, old news. Now we got a captain on his way out.
  16. Qualifying Offer Thread

    Recchi was a RW but ended up a HOFer. Cancels Pacioretty out. Weber as a 1D and Damphousse as a 1C cancel each other out. Price is the only thing you got. 2018 Habs yet to have someone as good as Koivu was as a young prospect. Drouin is not Koivu. Kotkaniemi who knows. Poehling who knows.
  17. Qualifying Offer Thread

    Which is perfectly fine. It's just looking forward to this team is like looking forward to the 98-99 Habs.
  18. Qualifying Offer Thread

    To keep Desharnais at centre from 2013 to 2017, screw up his 2013 third overall centre, and play a winger at centre despite all evidence you shouldn't, and that's just one of many issues. Grows into a good GM? That's the problem. You are looking at several years of failure and brushing it aside like it's the first month on the job. He got a team with good pieces and the best goalie on earth to hide a lot of issues and decided to sit on it until it was too late. That was Marc Bergevin. He protected a bad coach, was obsessed with toughness, screwed up down the middle, and thought tinkinering would somehow bring this team to a Cup. Like what confidence do you have that if Bergevin and Julien are still here in 2022, that Kotkaniemi would not be playing wing because Julien doesn't like him at centre? It's a very real possibility because Bergevin has learned nothing. Luckily that won't happen because I don't think see him surviving past this season.
  19. Qualifying Offer Thread

    He inherited a team better than he thought it was and then didn't react to how good it was until it was too late. He thought he had a rebuilding club and was shocked when they won their division in 2013. In 2014 he added Briere and some goons. That was it until the deadline when he finally added a guy in Vanek. They went to the ECF. In 2015 they had one of the best records in the regular season and did nothing to make the offence better. Only added Petry. In 2016 he thought Semin, Kassian, and Flash was all the club needed. They started out strong and nosedived. In 2017 he finally added to the offence with Radulov but every other decision he had was rooted in grit and toughness. The club won their division but was fragile. 2018 comes around and they just plain suck without Radulov and Markov. So bad in fact this club is now a lottery team with no future. So no, he didn't inherit a Cup contending team. He wasn't Brian Burke in 2005 getting the Ducks. But it was a team better than its 2011-2012 record indicated, which he didn't pay attention to, and he didn't react anywhere near fast enough to make them a contender. And in doing that, his talent in their prime aged out of their great contracts, and the club is now a bizarre shambles of half "attempt to make the playoffs" and half "we're just collecting prospects". Bergevin isn't a guy who ran the 70s Canadiens into the mud. Bergevin is the guy who had a perfect opportunity to build a Cup contender while his division and conference was weak and instead wouldn't pull the trigger. And now his division is strong, his conference is strong, and he's wasted the 20s of the best goalie in the world.
  20. Qualifying Offer Thread

    If you look around the league, 2008-2012 was a mediocre time for a lot of teams when it came to the draft. It isn't exclusive to Montreal.
  21. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Martin Brodeur quit the St. Louis Blues today. Belief is he's going back to New Jersey.
  22. Qualifying Offer Thread

    See, the one thing about DLR that bothers me is that when he was drafted, talk was that he already had his defensive game figured out but he needed to be better offensively. And Therrien decided to rush him into the lineup at like 19 because he was already good enough to play at an NHL level defensively. And now he's what, 23? And the team has continued to play him in the bottom six, including in the AHL where I've seen lines where he wasn't in the top six. Why does this bother me? Because we should have been trying to develop his offensive game because we already knew what we had defensively. He would have got better defensively with minutes but would hopefully play with offensive players to develop that way. Instead we lean so heavy on his defensive skills he's now just a young fourth line defensive forward and not much else. Why was this the best we could do with him? Maybe he could have been a good pick with the right work, but not with Therrien and this pro development.
  23. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Depends on how big of a shake up we see after Bergevin is finally canned. It took Chicago 50 years and blowing up what could have been a powerhouse 90s team for the son of the worst owner in hockey to finally turn it around and bring a Cup back.
  24. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Good for the Leafs, about time Charlotte Grahame isn't the only one out in Colorado (she has been VP of hockey administration since 1996 for the Avs.)
  25. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Dale Tallon needs an AGM with experience in Florida and they go way back. They still hang out at every GM meeting. Milbury is possibly the worst of all time but his true crime is not being well liked by other people in hockey ops. That's the real nail in the coffin in this league. You could be the worst that has ever taken a job but if you got friends, you got opportunities. It ain't just the NHL. Isiah Thomas got multiple opportunities at ruining franchises because he was well liked by almost everyone he came in contact with. Almost everyone.