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  1. CJAD is crapping out on me (granted, it might be my 56k powaa) I'll need updates.
  2. Yeah, cause Souray is such a filthy waste of a human being...
  3. We could go the other route and do the "kneejerk reaction to a bad game" trades. OMG! Zednik didn't score! Trade him for a bag of pucks and some new goaile equipment for Theo!!!!!111!!!!
  4. ... is this because of the jerkface thing?
  5. hahahahahahaahahaha I was going by the complete total. That's where I got confused
  6. BUMPTASTIC! I received my test results for my Seneca Pre-Admissions Test Vocabulary - 35/40 - 91 %tile Reading Comprehension - 49/54 - 96 %tile -Recreational Reading - 16/18 -Textual Reading - 17/18 -Functional Reading - 16/18 -Literal Comprehension - 13/15 -Inferential Comprehension - 24/27 -Critical Comprehension - 12/12 (Those don't add up to 49 and 54 respectively, so I dunno what the hell is going on there.) English - 38/54 - 77 %tile -Capitalization - 4/6 -Punctuation - 8/10 -Applied Grammar - 7/11 -Sentence Correctness - 12/18 -Sentence Effectiveness - 7/
  7. I disagree, but the "non-fun" has not been rampantly out of control. You jerkface.
  8. Normally I would agree with you. One thing to consider, though, is that this is a team hurting for offence and hurting for confidence. We are not a dominant team, these games will rarely happen. If we have to run up the score to bring up the chins of a couple of the Habs players, so be it. Ribs, Zhogs, and Kovy....I can see why they'd be out there. Wouldn't that be a line you'd want to get going?
  9. I don't see any of those guys being a significant upgrade over Ribiero. Bonk hasn't proved much of anything this year, Plex is looking good for it in another year or two, and Bulis is a great 3rd line player who teases with occasional 2nd line flashes.
  10. If Ribs is expendable (and I wholeheartedly agree) then I don't necessarily see a right-handed center as being the only possibility. If a left-handed upgrade at center is available, I don't see why Gainey wouldn't take it.
  11. wtf? the game is already on? I hope I don't jinx anything by being here
  12. Dandenault isn't being paid to be a 3rd pairing defenceman. $1.7 (if my memory is correct) is quite a bit.
  13. Just a thought I had. I'd like to see Sunny and Zednik traded for D help. I won't list names because a) I can't think of any, and b ) any names I list would just start a "Are you crazy? That guy won't help the Habs!"/"No way we could get him for Zednik and Sunny!" argument. But anyways, Sunny + Zednik for "Defenseman" Then move Dandenault to forward, replacing Sunny's spot. This also creates a(n optional) roster spot for Kostitsyn or Ivanans or Locke or Joe Shmoe. Good idea? Bad idea? I tell you, I'm not happy with Dandenault this season. I'd rather he be an overpayed, question-mark p
  14. I think they should do Baby Bowling instead. You push your child down the ice and try to knock over as many other babies standing at the other end. ...I'm a genius. Get me Gainey! This idea is too good for Hamilton. Bell Centre, here I come!
  15. Makes you wonder if Lever or Wilson will make the jump to an NHL assistant coach for the Habs next year, and Francoeur is being acclimatised to the team. Or it's nothing.
  16. That is a question you'd have to ask our might leaders, the site admins. I gave all the info to spathe, he told me he'd take care of it.
  17. I don't like that. I want Gainey there.
  18. To you from failing hands I throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.
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