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  1. what about the defenseman from making the cut ? Is he still in camp ? I believe his name is Lavallee .....
  2. I hate saying this but I look forward to Beckham's posts....just love them. Half make no sense and the other half took months of collaboration to put together. Keep up the great work.
  3. All I am saying is that over 90 % of cases has some form of fraud. They spend our money and than cry that they have none. Hence the reason they come in with bogus allegations of lost and stolen money, requests for a new bed or fridge....etc. etc.
  4. Don't feel bad when you see the welfare recipients pumping money into machines as they have a lot of it !! I am a welfare fraud investigator in Ontario and they all scam the system like crazy, so when you hear someone say "Oh poor person, they are on welfare", don't worry about it as they live o.k. They receive their rent money plus groceries and than on the 20th receive a big fat Baby bonus cheque to last them the month. the difference between them and us is that they don't want to work and are happy with their movie, case of beer and their movie rental. Other people have goals and dream
  5. To Mr. Beckham Houle..........Sorry I meant Mr. Beckham. Houle was garbage and with Mario made me sick. They were terrible choices for both positions and did not deserve it. They were unproven and had zero experience. Houle went from Taste-tester with Molson to G.M. and Mario went from Laundry boy to Coach ?? What the hell were we thinking. But wait !! I do not blame them, I blame Corey and the Board as they were both hired as they were cheap and we were trying to save money. So hire a few ex-players as the fans will love them and how could they possibly screw up ? Well they did and so D
  6. Beckham, stick to soccer. You make yourself sound dumb. You contradicted yourself and you make no sense. Price will be taught the game by Melanson or whomever is in that position because that is the way it is. Roy was taught by Allaire and Allaire was no great goaltender. Please think before you write !!
  7. He should receive approximately 4-4.5 million over a long term deal which would be fair market value. If he signs for 1 year it should be aroung 3.5 million. Also if he loves Montreal as much as he says he does than he should sign for that amount to allow for more money to be used for other players. If they win than he has enough grounds to ask for the bigger paycheque. !!
  8. Agree with above as we are all habs Lovers and I am sure that we all have things we would like to see done with this team, so let's just enjoy each others company and comments.
  9. I agree with my buddy Koivu 11....trading Koivu, Rivert and Hossa for Redden ?? Give your head a shake....the original, (stupid rumour) Ryder, Hainsey and a pick for Richards sounds nice but will not happen !! As for the overall mold of the team, let's get through camp and the pre-season without injury and than decide who should play where and if necessary play at all !!
  10. It would be nice to see all the young players play and enjoy the season as it falls. This could be a great year or a disappointing year for the Habs as I believe with the " New" NHL that we are built properly and could do very well. I am glad we are not an old, slow, and Leaf-like team as I would get very sick. Very impressed with the team so far as on any given night one of our young, speedy and talented players will help us secure a victory. Sign Ryder and Theodore and let's get it on. The season is still too far away !!
  11. Regardless of his lack of points or lack of playoff experience, I would take Bouwmeester in a heart beat. He is big, fast and makes good passes out of the zone and with this "New" NHL he should pick up a bushel of points. As for the playoffs, yes he has not made it but again you can't blame that on 1 player. It is a team sport and he has been " Blessed " with playing on shitty teams. Can't blame him on that one. I may try to package Markov and Ryder for Bouwmeester and Weiss. This would give both teams fair value. Markov has disappointed me so far and he fakes a bit too much. He must p
  12. Alright, who fixed the flag.....thanks to whomever did it. Go Habs Go.
  13. I have the same problem....some flag on my name instead of the Canadian Flag....
  14. I tried the url from above and it does not work.....I believe it is the "ole" song. I just hope they keep it as I get pumped everytime I hear it especially when they eliminated the Bruins. Other than that I hope that we sign at least one more player.....maybe trade for a Sullivan type player as he should flourish with this New NHL.
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