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  1. I don't think so unless he injuried. It's a hockey play, a love tap, he was sending a message, not trying to injury him. I think 5 minutes and a game misconduct is enough. But lets not forget the sucker punch on Havlat.... he is a repeat offender... so who knows.
  2. He's not worth more than a million in the NHL... He'll make a lot more in the KHL. Everyones knows this, which makes him impossible to trade. He's pretty much lost for nothing. If I were the Habs, I'd stay away from russians.
  3. Let the Patrick Roy rumours begin :-) Do you think Montreal would consider Steve Yzerman.
  4. I hope they name Markov captain when he returns. :hlogo:
  5. In my opinion, Markov is Montreal's Best Player. He is a leader on and off the ice, but his inability to communicate with the media in either English or French puts him vulnerable position. If language were not an issue he would be the captain and a great one. I'm not sure who should be captain but I have no problem with ????? as long as the players select the next captain.
  6. If i were BG... I would forget about Frolov. Montreal needs to get bigger and tougher up the middle. I would go after Marleau for Plekanec and Halak, which i think helps both teams, SJ needs to reduce salary and add a second line centre and a backup up goaltender. OR I would trade A.Kotstitsyn for Jordon Stall. Montreal needs a big centre and Pittsburg needs a goal scoring winger. I think this helps both teams as it addresses a need for both teams, plus the salaries are the same. As for the cap... Montreal could always send down Laraque and Metropolit to the minors and save 2.5 million. It's funny how everyone says how we should have keep Koivu and Kovalev but's just keep in mind, that the guys we got are younger, healthier and played for coaches that stress a team, puck possession system. Lou and Sutter in NJ, Keanan in Calgary, Torts and Renney in NY.
  7. Sorry .... but i don't think this line-up has a chance to make the playoffs
  8. I believe 23, 24, 25 and 26 are decided by the order of the regular season point totals for the four teams eliminated in the second round. Rangers - 94pts Canucks - 105pts Devils - 107pts (49wins) Sharks - 107pts (51wins) Therefore, Montreal gets the 26th pick.
  9. I find it interesting that no one has been called up to replace Kovalev... Do they plan to play another defenseman on the 2nd line or is a trade on the horizon.
  10. Aebisher played great against Ottawa... He moved well and looked focused. Maybe it's time for Abby to take the ball and run with it ... He's been a great professional and we all know he could be a starter on a lot of teams. Good for him! .... You know what they all say, Competition makes for a better product.
  11. Hopefully, they'll show all the games in HD.... Right now, most road games look terrible.
  12. I would be surprised if those are the actual jerseys... I'm sure the NHL will make some changes to those posted. I can't imagine them tinkering too much with the orginal six, other than making them more modern. I hate change but i know it's necessary. Can't wait to see them at the All-Star Game... And why isn't Chris Higgins playing in the young guns game?
  13. Does anyone have any info or pics regarding the new uniforms. I saw the new allstars jerseys and there look pretty cool. Any thoughts?
  14. Montreal's first round pick David Fischer did not make the US national junior team... BOOOOOOOOOO. I guess we'll have to wait till next year to see this kid play.
  15. I think Montreal should send him to the World Juniors for some seasoning... they won't need him once Higgins returns from injury... plus they could call up Kostitsyn... who is on fire in the AHL.
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