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  1. I was using my Olympus EVOLT 500 digital SLR. It looks like a real camera with a 300X zoom lens on it which allowed me to get all those pics that looked like i was really close to the ice instead of 15 rows up where i was sitting. At first I had it on the wrong setting then I changed to sport and literally was taking shot after shot in hopes to get a good one. I took over 120 shots and i could have taken 1000, but I thought it would take me forever to upload hehe.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback guys, firstly Frechette was the guy who got drilled knee on knee from where i was sitting it happened right in front of me and 2 dumbass leaf fans started to laugh and said get up !@@##, stop crying and making cry baby noises and stuff, it was totally classless in so many ways, they were this close to getting laid out by me for acting like idiots, but then i thought hey...they are leaf fans so they are already idiots. Anyways as far as the skating thing goes, Chips looks quick, I don't know if its decieving because of his size, but when he turns and steps on an
  3. can you say Kostitsyn hehe kinda interesting and thanks for the kind words. Doing a game report is a really hard thing. I tell you you forget half of the stuff you wanted to say and I just try to give as much info as I can. I hope some of you are able to use some of those pictures for your wallpapers and sigs and so on. I just was like a kid in the candy store with my dam camera. I was clicking like a fool hehe.
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to say I was at the game today and it was pretty fun. At times it was a little boring, but nonetheless, with the exception of a few knucklehead Leaf fans sitting behind me and making fun outloud about Frechette after he was hit knee on knee and levelled to the ice, they were lucky I didn't get up and drill them both in the head to be honest. Other than that, I had a good time. I took my sweet digital camera and uploaded a ton of pics about 120 I think to my flickr website at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/greezybro/ Feel free to have a look and tell me if you lik
  5. I wish I could have been there to write a report. anyways, I won't be there for Monday nights game, but I will be there on Tuesday for the final game. Right now it looks like the Leafs and Habs will meet to decide the tourney winner on Tuesday. Also, I plan on taking my video camera to at least get some video or snapshots to post with my review of the game!!
  6. thanks for all the great replies guys, I really appreciate it. As far as Grabs in the defensive zone, he tracked back well. I personally expect a center to be the 3rd man in helping his D in the corners and he did that. Obviously defensively he needs some work, because his offensive game is so strong, he looks weaker on defense. That being said, I don't believe his line had a goal scored on them during the game so +/- wise he would have been a +4 i believe as he was on the ice for 4 goals. I guess if you cause the other team to be chasing you all night, defence isn't an issue lol. I know
  7. Ya, I was at the game too, I posted a game review article to give my 2 cents of the game and our players have a look at it. Oh yeah and Grabovski stole the show!!
  8. Montreal lost 6-5 in overtime vs the Leafs in the Rookie camp tournament at the Ricoh Coliseum here in Toronto. I for one was at the game and had an opportunity to see the goings on. Let me just say I was excited as can be to goto the game and there were as many habs fans there as their were Leaf fans which for me was very exciting. Anyway, I wanted to give some player evaluations for you all on the game so you can get an idea of how some of the guys looked in the game. Kyle Chipchura - played a great game, one of the quickest players on the ice, I had no idea he was that fast. He played
  9. i would like to see this deal happen for jokinen, its a major upgrade for us and we get rid of ribeiro who is not cutting it as a line2 center. plus it gives us some much needed size and skill up front. My only concern is plex, i would hate to lose him, but sometimes you have to do that to make a good deal happen. I would prefer dags in the deal, but he already was traded away from florida before and im sure they don't want him back
  10. well i tried to make that trade in my eastside hockey manager game NA version and failed. Vancouver was unwilling to make the trade as they felt the canadiens did not have enough to offer them in return. so no jovo and bert in my world hehe
  11. ribeiro, i dunno if he denied it. but according to the mods at canadiens.com he has already denied this story as has ryder according to their mods. What they are saying is that they are part of the montreal organisation and it is not our place to make any statements that may appear contradictory to the players or coaches in anyway, shape or form. I wonder if its not common knowledge that this story has been refuted how suddenly they are able to tell me that this story is a load of rubbish. Sounds like alot of propaganda to me. I saw a man who was running naked in the streets....PR machine
  12. We're not in the NBA or NFL. Keep this super-hard gangster talk there, I'm not interested in Sprewell or anyone else from those leagues. It's about respect - respect for his teammates! If there's a slump, start with yourself to search the mistakes but not go out and state that your linemate isn't scoring goals. @Roo-AH! Roo-AH!: I really like the Zamboni idea ... :/) I agree bro, he disrespected his teammate and he took it to the media whether he now denies it or not. He needs to pay a price for it
  13. i just wanna say thanks for this awesome forum at least in here we discuss both the positives and the negatives about the habs. I have always believed intelligent conversation is a good thing. Constructive criticism is a good thing and yes we need a place to talk about all of it. Unfortunately, i just got a warning on the canadiens.come forum for posting the story from le journal about ribs blaming ryder and was told it was considered flaming a player especially since both players have denied the story. Like they would say anything else. Its a sad day when we can't openly discuss in an in
  14. just beautiful, you would think the nhl might reprimand the refs for the horrible job they have been doing this year and instead here we are paying the ultimate price for their idiocy!!! well done NHL !!
  15. a bag of chips for dags is well worth it that guy is the most selfish , useless player we have. the only redeeming quality about dags is the quote, from the movie snatch, where the dude says "do you like dags" and that makes me laugh all the time and the only thing i like about the name dags hehe
  16. firstly ribs is not a veteran, second i agree he gets beaten to the puck all the time, 3rd since when is a 2nd line like -14 or sumthing total, they are killing us. that stat alone says they dont score enuff to be a 2ndline cause a good 2ndline would have a -1 or +1 at least. watching ribs skate slowly and lose the puck over and over just makes me sick !!! He has to go if you are any kind of habs fan with any kind of brain this....is a no brainer and frankly with the talent we have, letting him go for a 2nd or 3rd rounder would be a steal for us. on a scale of 1-10 ribs is the 2nd worst p
  17. as theflower is my nic i of course just had to respond as yes they got theflower even tho it was posted before. but indeed still an amazing trade. just to add to it, regarding the flower some years back when guy was deciding whether to do that last nordiques stint he did i was in montreal at the 4 seasons on business. I have met a ton of movie stars in my life and always talked and said hi with no problem, but this day im in the lobby and go out to get a cab, turn to my right and Guy is standing right beside me waiting for valet. I couldnt get a word out of my dam mouth. Finally i said hi
  18. this guy beckham all he seems to do is spew out garbage. this guy in no way represents habs fans and surely is not one. he talks like a raving lunatic and definitely is a band wagon leaf fan you can tell by his moronic comments because as we all know moron=leafs fan. as far as gainey goes keep doing what you doing man we are all "real habs fans" excited as all hell about this year and our future!!!
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