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  1. Yeah I think GM's are worried about his back. I think TS said he was going to get it checked out again get a second opinion on it. Other wise I think he would of been signed
  2. I kind of feel like Bergevin just did this to keep the fans and media off his back for not signing any big names. Its like he did it in away that Carolina would match it, then he can say look i went out and try to land a top center but the offer sheet got match theirs not much more i could of done. I don't know something just seems off about the whole thing. I hope it works out but that's not a contract you offer a RFA its more of a contract you offer a UFA.
  3. Maybe this is a practice run.... The real offer sheet will be Marner ?
  4. Looks like they're going to match. They put up a pull saying Will we match the offer sheet then the 2 choices were Yes Oui
  5. Montreal better resign Domi if he becomes a RFA they might hit back.
  6. Aho agent is the same as Price and Gallagher. So theirs a connection their .
  7. We need to or otherwise we're just wasting Price and Weber.
  8. I am scared and nervous about this Bergevin doesn't have a good track record on July 1st.
  9. But the question is would it be 8mil here in Montreal. You're for getting about the taxes in Montreal. Duchene would of been closer to 11mil here
  10. I think Duchene wouldn't of been a good fit here in Montreal. So glad we didn't cough up the cash for him.
  11. 8mil for Duchene thank god we didn't pay that for him. Lee I had mentioned his name a few days ago so looks like I beat EK to the punch on that one if we do sign him ?
  12. Déjà view had to take a double take.
  13. I had mentioned his name on here a few days ago thinking he could be a cheaper option then Duchene.
  14. Now that's funny both guys Bergevin traded away have both been traded again in the same summer. I would think Bergevin ego just got bigger today.
  15. Didn't think Lee would cost that much was thinking 4.5mil. If that's the case I would pass I would pass on him.
  16. Would Lee be a better option to sign as a UFA? He can play on the wing or at center and is a average 50pts + guy.
  17. Theirs a difference, Nashville was trying to clear cap space to sign a top UFA namely Duchene. That's why they took back very little for PK. Philadelphia doesn't need to clear cap space and they also don't need to trade Gostisbehere. They are simply listen to offers for Gostisbehere. Which means that the offer in which they say yes has to be a really good deal and a smart deal for them.
  18. A LD puck moving defensemen would make them better.
  19. I think that's a good offer but I think a trade of To habs gostisbehere For To Philadelphia Tatar + 1st Philly would jump all over that. I wouldn't give up poehling
  20. How is it that when we needed a center so bad we could never find one. Now that we are finally at a point where I think we don't need a center, we might over pay for one?. I like Duchene but at over 9mil I would rather workout an extinction for Domi and sign him long term, then signing Duchene to a over priced long term deal.
  21. Could be because of Seattle expansion draft. He could be one to expose.
  22. Depends on his health. Injures has slowed him down. Same boat as Simmons. Perry and Simmons could both have big impacts on the PP, but the question on both is how healthy are they and what do they got left in the tank.
  23. Carbonneau 3 time selke winner 3 time Stanley cup winner Top 2 way player of his time How is that a low bar????? Zubov 2 time Stanley cup winner 2nd all time Russian point leader for Defensemen in the NHL. Hows that a low bar ????
  24. I think their looking at players that have Proven PP production. We missed the playoffs do to lack of PP. I think Zuccarello could be a better fit then Simmons. I do like Simmons but not if we have to over pay him.
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