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  1. So Hudon will 100% be dealt. No way they play Deslauriers over Hudon, against the leafs
  2. Won't happen, but I wouldnt be against swapping pecca and Armia.
  3. What is going on with him in Guelph? Barely over a point per game
  4. Lehkonen makes way more sense there. It could take some pressure off of him
  5. Lol, yes. This auto-correct drives me insane. I was listening to sportsnet panel, Doug Maclean had said don't count the Habs out on Duchene.... July.1 makes way more sense.
  6. Apparently Habs have interest in Duchene. I dont really see how that's possible, I'm sure Ottawa wants the moon for him.
  7. There are over 20 games left in the seasom and points are at premium. Price also needs to stay fresh down the stretch and clearly Neimi can't be relied upon
  8. Neimi cannot be trusted. He seems like a great guy, but at the end of the day, he's here to stop the puck.
  9. True. Not time to panic, yet. These guys look fkin brutal though.
  10. Kotkaniemi habs to make better decisions with his passes.
  11. Pecca and Hudon both looked really solid in their last 3 or 4 games. The Anaheim and Winnipeg games were some of the best 4 line hockey this team has played in years.
  12. Not sure why you got a -1. It's all true. Carolina is right there in the standing
  13. Bahahaha, that's goalie interference? The game has definitely changed these days What a stupid penalty.
  14. Shake the lines up a bit, these guys have dried up. The last time julien shook them up, they went on a huge run. I dont know why he's so against doing it.
  15. Drouin did the same thing last game. Weak ass turnover that leads to a goal
  16. That's exactly what I was thinking Swap Lehkonen and Weise for a couple shifts.
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