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  1. I fell asleep before the third. Who shot in the shootout?
  2. Pacioretty was saying how much he missed Radulov.
  3. I'm Sorry, but I'm just so tired of this organization. I rarely miss games and I have a complete understanding of what this team is and where they're at as a whole.... today should have been a fire sale
  4. If he didn't get traded, Bergevin should have been fired.
  5. So Montreal literally does nothing at the deadline...
  6. Must be nice to have a g.m that can pull the trigger. Tampa needed another puck mover and Yzerman delivered
  7. He should have been wheeling. Craziness not to be unloading Benn or Schlemko. No one wants this team's garage... What a waste of cap space!
  8. "Tomas Plekanec wanted to stay in the Eastern Conference if he was going to move. He had no trade protection, but Marc Bergevin worked on finding a solution he'd be happy with. An extension was discussed, and parameters are there for him to return to MTL this summer" If Beregvin would have used this type of nice guy tactic with Markov, we could have probably turned him into couple more second round picks right now
  9. The second rounder is good enough. I'm sure he will sign with Habs next year.
  10. Galchenyuk has a rare case of seguinitus
  11. According to a reliable source, Geoff Molson has total confidence in his GM Marc Bergevin to put the team back on track. #tvasports 9:02 PM - Feb 24, 2018 I honestly think if Molson walked in on Bergevin banging his wife, Bergevin could talk Molson into thinking he just slipped and landed on top of her.
  12. I just want to see you hit 1000 on the rep. So here ya go
  13. Not to bring down a good game, but my God, let Galchenyuk shoot in fking shootout!!!
  14. Danault and Galchenyuk should not be on a line together Carr is a solid hockey player. Not sure why this organization has neglected him so badly
  15. Pitt knows where they're at. Throw everything and the kitchen sink to win another cup.
  16. Beauty pass.... Julien needs to have a little sit down with these guys between periods. Playing well is not an option
  17. Drouin turns the puck over so god damn much
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