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  1. If the last 6 or 7 games are any type of foreshadowing as to what Mete is going to become, we have a special player. His skating gets him out of trouble so often in his own end. That rush last night when he went end to end was impressive. The kid has Byron like speed and its smooth as butter.
  2. These guys look so fkin good right now. I love it Kulak is questionable sometimes on the back end
  3. Crazy that Winnipeg has the youngest team in the league
  4. Most dominating game the Habs have played all year
  5. I think they're 2-12-4 in their last 18. How does carlyle still have a job
  6. What shoulder did he hurt, earlier in the year? It seemed like he may have hurt it again. He was so pissed off
  7. Weber is second in the league in goals scored by a D-man, since his return from injury.
  8. I cant stand Gary Galley I'm glad Mete skated off. That could have been really bad
  9. I really like this 4th line This is the Habs from October.
  10. Ya, I would think a second and a roster player..... Which pretty much needs to happen, with Shaw now returning.
  11. I wonder if Alec Martinez could be a trade Target.
  12. Gostisbehere has put up shit numbers this year and has been brutal in his own end. He also got hurt last night. It's tough giving up a kid who's 3rd in defensive scoring in the WHL right now(4pts back of first, with 12 less games played). Then adding a pick and a higher end centre prospect, who just came back from injury, put some weight on, and is starting show the promise that people had him pegged at when drafted.
  13. What the... I really thought L.A would get more than that
  14. Mete has looked great the past 6 or 7 games. He's be given the green light. The scoring is going to come. I honestly think that Mete helps Weber too. Mete is the guy chasing pucks in in the defensive zone. Weber can basically post up and kill anyone in front of the net.
  15. 3 more years at 4.6, for a guy who cant hold pace in the nhl... He's basically immovable.
  16. Evans hurt? And Alzner cant even crack laval?
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