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  1. Agostino is a bit of head scratcher "Agostino one point in his last 12 games. Byron and Armia 19 career power play points in almost 600 NHL games (a point every 30 games)" Armia has never scored a goal on the power play in his career
  2. Habs Power play Agostino - Byron - Armia Weber- Drouin Weber on half wall. Drouin taking draws, I would assume
  3. Colorado Landeskog-Mackinnon-Rantanen Jost-Kerfoot-Compher Nieto-Soderberg-Calvert Andrighetto-Dries-Wilson Girad-Johnson Cole-Barrie Graves-Nemeth Varlamov Montreal Drouin-Danault-Gallagher Lehkonen-Domi-Armia Tatar-Kotkaneimi-Byron Agostino-Chaput-Deslauriers Mete-Weber Reilly-Petry Kulak- Benn Price
  4. I agree with you, but Deslauriers was the best forward on the ice last night
  5. Everyone knows the second half of the season is when shit gets real. We might see this team start to deteriorate a bit. Julien's stubbornness with line juggling is frustrating too. When a team's offense goes stagnant for multiple games, would you not think that moving some players around would make sense? He chose to slightly do this with 10min left in the game, down 3 goals.... The power play is complete disaster. They're trying so hard to find that perfect pass, but it's not happening; it's just a million turnovers. That's why team's play so aggressive against them. There is no threat. They're missing a pure shooter at the top of the circle; someone that can free up Weber
  6. Petry's gap control is non existent. Shake these lines up. Good lord
  7. If drouin thows one more random back hand pass..... man oh man. That ended up leading to st Louis goal
  8. Detroit wanted Petry. I was actually surprised he signed with MTL. I get the sell high part, but Detroit won't be the destination. It would be to a contender, IF Petry got dealt
  9. Julien needs to call Therrien and ask how to use the blender
  10. They said the swelling looked like a baseball on his face
  11. Knew Armia was going to bury after chirping him
  12. Ever since Byron came back injury, he hasn't looked the same
  13. I'll admit I'm pretty hard on Drouin. I honestly do really like him
  14. Would this not be a good time to give Hudon and Peca a look?
  15. Don't get me started on Drouin. I think he has tons of talent, but the hockey IQ is seriously questionable...how many times did he drop the puck to nobody.
  16. You basically have to take the good with the bad in Petry.
  17. As soon as they play a stingy team, they can't score. They got bottle necked against Nashville too.
  18. Habs have defied expectations this year, no question, but they have also put together a lot of games like last night. As much as I want to see this team play hockey in spring, I also understand that it means the vicious cycle is beginning to spin once again. If you want mediocrity and MAYBE squeaking into the playoffs, I can respect that; it's hard to cheer for your team to fail, but if you want a true contender and a team with maybe only one or two questions marks beside their name, then you need sell/ draft early( I get they can't sell in a playoff spot). The gap between the vets and the prospects in this organization is too big. Weber is coming up on 1000 games played... I mean the time frame just doesn't make sense.... Even by the time Kotkaniemi becomes a real impact player, we're looking at a good 2-3 years.
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