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  1. Josi trumps Weber, Subban trumps Petry, and Ekholm trumps pretty much anyone the Habs can get their hands on. 5-6 d-men, should mean nothing if you have a solid d-corp. Their interchangeable players. Just like the 4th line.
  2. Had no idea who it was. Laid him out either way
  3. Great hit by Weber. Domi goes invisible a lot.
  4. Armia basically plays like a centre in his own zone. Breakout is non existent when his line is out there
  5. I honestly like it when players speak up like that. Especially in Hudon's case, when he has deslauriers playing ahead of him
  6. Angela, is it too much to ask, to make Carey a little breakfast?
  7. I think his last concussion scared the shit out of him. When your brain gets rattled a few times, weird things start happening.
  8. He was playing great hockey. His brain is rattled though. Sad, really
  9. Pettersson, Boeser.... probably best duo in hockey right
  10. We can't say anything Don Cherry related on this forum. Haven't you heard?!
  11. McCarron had a solid month. Unlikely, but it would be nice to see him start getting his shit together.
  12. I haven't watched a lot of the U.S.A games, but Poehling looks like a man amongst boys. I really think we found one in him.
  13. Lol, thanks buddy. I'm not a Don Cherry fan either, but when he gives a complement like that to a kid out of the GTA, it holds some weight. I have no idea how to a coach a kid like Mete, but I'd like to see him chase a dump in a little more . Hell, we saw Kulak get the green light every other shift.
  14. The same stuff was going on with Petry. He wasn't being activated enough. He would get the puck and try to make a stretch pass, with his feet cemented to the ice. They weren't using his skating. It's a bit different for Mete, as I know he's a young guy, but they're just driving this defense first mentality into him. Which I get, because he is a d-man, but this kid needs to pinch like CRAZY. Especially when he's paired with Weber. I remember Don Cherry saying Mete was one of the best skating players he'd ever seen come out of the GTA. Huge compliment. I can understand they're trying to get Mete to play the game at both ends of the ice, but I can also tell by watching him he's not even thinking about offense. He's scared to make a mistake now.
  15. I'd personally rather see Mcniven get the nod. Niemi is shook and not even close to NHL calibre right now. At some point, this team needs someone to step up in the two spot. Neimi's fairy tale run looks to be over
  16. Did he not bury last game or Two games ago I guess
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