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  1. Lol, I hear ya Carolina is a solid team- Aho would have looked damn good in a Habs jersey
  2. Played good. Ran around in their own end a bit, but definetly a positive game.
  3. Just play your man on that Chiarot. Let price play net.
  4. The Shaw trade happened because Bergevin was trying to clear cap for a trade. Shaw was a big part of that dressing room; I don't think the idea was to trade him, because of injury woes.
  5. Chiarot, is going to catch heat this year. He's a big, strong dude, but his skating is less than admirable
  6. -5, for that comment? Tough crowd
  7. Looks like Drouin is starting the year on the 3rd line
  8. He'll be back up shortly. A little seasoning down there, is a good thing
  9. The more you make, the more you spend
  10. So what happens with McCarron now?
  11. I may not have worded that properly. I was comparing Poile as a g. m. When Subban got traded from Nashville, poilie did not care if people said he lost the Subban- Weber trade. He did what had to be done to make his team better; which was trading Subban, to clear cap space.
  12. Lehkonen needs to have a better season. Anywhere close to his rookie season in goals would be pefect
  13. It's a matter of what Drouin shows up. He could easily still put up 60pts this season.
  14. For sure Kotkaniemi looks like he's lost a step this year. Timing just looks off
  15. Fleury is really steady. I don't see how he doesn't make this team, at least to start. Poehling hasn't had much ice time
  16. That gets a down vote? You're clearly not watching the game
  17. I could see Chiarot being a boat anchor
  18. Does it not seem strange to you for Drouin to be sitting? Unless the max games is a rule.
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