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  1. I Barley caught the replay of that, but Price looked out to lunch
  2. That could potentially be a solid 3rd line.
  3. Poehling is hard on every puck. That kid could be a beast, sooner than we anticipated. I get it's preseason and guys are just getting their feet wet, but Drouin made a few passes last night that were reminiscent of last year.... I have doubts fellas.
  4. All I can think of when I see #71, is Louis LeBlanc. Evans better hope there's no remains in that jersey.
  5. Ya, seems like he can turn it on Primeau definitely has it. Lateral movement is off the charts
  6. Has Suzuki ever had issues with his compete level?
  7. Be nice to see Brook, break onto the scene
  8. I have never really seen him play, so he might be fine...
  9. Right away I noticed Chiarot. He's seriously slow. I think Hudon lost a bunch of weight
  10. Chiarot looks like Doug Murray out there, in this scrimmage
  11. Honka ranks in the 94th percentile in exiting the defensive zone with the puck on a per-60 minute basis, according to Corey Sznajder. The Stars have controlled 52.1% of the shot attempts and 54.3% of the expected goals with Honka on the ice at five-on-five throughout his career, notes Natural Stat Trick.
  12. I disagree, but if that is the case, this should be a no brainer.
  13. Honka was a top 15 pick and put up solid numbers for a 20-22 year old in the AHL. They're not just going to throw a high-end D prospect away for a fringe winger.
  14. Bottom pair is up for grabs on the right side. Honka is definetly worth a look. It may come at the cost of Brook + though, which I don't like.
  15. I was hoping Bergevin would target Honka at last year's deadline. Undersized, but what does that really mean anymore Apparently, Carolina is another team that's interested in Honka. Are they just trolling Montreal or....
  16. It will be interesting to see what happens with Lindgren. Primeau should be the starter with Laval and Mcniven as the #2.
  17. Gotta get the aggression in tune before the start of the season
  18. Carolina probably didn't even want Gardiner, but they heard Habs were interested... I don't like Gardiner, but that's a really good contract. There has to be some back issues, those numbers make no sense.
  19. I do love our prospect pool, but I also loved the core we had (as I mentioned above)... Bergevin showed how inept he was with the handling of that group. The Habs are worse off with the subtraction of Shaw and the addition of Chiarot. Where is the direction? We all get giddy on free agent days or in year's past deadline days, only to be disappointed once again. In 2017, our g.m went out and traded for Martinsen, Ott, and Dwight King( none of which play in the nhl anymore ), when the only real missing piece this team needed was a top 6 forward, that could bury the puck, from time to time At that very moment, I knew this g.m had no clue what he was doing. Keep eating the bread though; you guys are paying for Bergevin's hypnotizing, tailored fit suits.
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