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  1. Canadiens lines at practice:Tatar-Danault-GallagherDrouin-Domi-ArmiaLehkonen-Poehling-ByronCousins-Thompson-Suzuki (Weal)Mete-WeberChiarot-PetryReilly-FleuryKulak-Folin Id much rather see Kulak over Reilly
  2. That's all I'm saying. I don't not like Drouin. I actually think he's unreal(at times), but the LD is barin
  3. You're right. He shouldn't be to blame for the issues in front of him
  4. It is definitely something that needs to be taken into account. The defense is a joke. Price would probably have a couple cups, if he had decent team in front of him.
  5. I don't even know what your Lundqvist reference means There was absolutely no screen on that goal. He miss read it. . 916 sv%, 2.58 goals against. 28th in the league in save percentage and 26th in goals against. 10.5 million a year, I can say what ever I want about Price(very rarely do) . The past 3 years, he's been average.
  6. He's been so shit Price has been so average
  7. The same thing was said last year about Drouin being the better piece. Then... "crickets", when he shit the bed, down the stretch
  8. 4 points on this road trip. That's really solid At what point does Paul Byron come out of the line up? Lehkonen too. Year after year, it's the same story for Lehkonen; guy does close to nothing offensively. On a team like Montreal, that doesnt fly. They need to consistently roll four lines.
  9. He struggled in his own end. He almost got Danault leveled, with a deadly pass too Don't get me wrong, I really like Fleury and he will learn from these mistake, I just don't think Reilly is a good partner for him
  10. Kotkaniemi, looked OK, but that third line brings nothing
  11. Played decent. They need to be better in their own end. Reilly is clueless, in his own end. Him and Fleury are not an ideal pairing.
  12. I think it was more about his puck movement and decision making, not so much his skating
  13. Pretty sure the article was posted on this site. I have no idea, I've never even seen him play. Just reiterating what was said
  14. For sure, but Detroit drafted them. I'm out on this. Too much thought going into another team's g.m
  15. Why would he waste an early pick on those players, if he had an idea they were sleepers. Obviously luck is involved, but at the end of the day, that scouting staff drafted multiple players, deep in the draft.
  16. Not worth it. Bergevin has family members on this forum
  17. 26 years straight of playoffs.... Nuff' said Everything [one] has an expiration date
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