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  1. What about just adding a name beside the down vote. Then at least it gives some accountability...
  2. You don't care about votes, yet you down vote people? Funny how that works... And no, I have never down voted you. Anyways, it is a stupid argument, which is the reason the down votes are being dismantled.
  3. I'm surprised you would come anywhere near this thread; your bread and butter downvotes, are no more.
  4. I absolutely agree, Weber needs a legit partner, but Mete is not dragging Weber down. I do think that We'd probably see Mete's offensive numbers go up playing further down the line up though. Weber is one of my favorite players, but you can clearly see flaws in his game. It was the same thing with Pleky; no one wanted to admit that his game was slipping, until it fell off. Weber is far from falling off, but at 34, he's not the player he once was
  5. I only read the part where you said Mete is holding back Weber; you cant be serious. Weber looked OK last game, but that guy is not a #1 D-man anymore. He has has cement in his skates these days. You're not actually watching these games, man
  6. Lehkonen and Byron bring basically no offense
  7. Minnesota falls apart against a heavy forecheck Kinkaid feeling it
  8. Kind of wish I saw this before doing my proline
  9. Lol, thanks. You're not too shabby either
  10. Hopefully. I'll never right a team off this easrly
  11. When Julien was asked if he was worried about Weber's poor play, he defected the comment and threw Mete under the the bus.. Victor has his troubles at times finishing and closing and turning pucks over,” said Julien. “When Victor is on his game and skating and moving the puck, Shea is better at defending. It’s a work in progress.” Come on. Weber's foot speed has been showing more than ever
  12. Byron has not been himself this year.
  13. Best game they've played all year.
  14. I'm glad Weal is sitting. He seemed to have hype surrounding him, for being a PP specialist... He's a fringe nhl player This team so desperately needs a legit LHD. It's almost a joke, looking at that left side Nice to see Fleury back. He has made some mistakes, but this kid needs to play
  15. I feel like Weber should be playing better right now... Start of the season, fresh legs, full summer to workout... He looks slow
  16. Weber has been on the ice for seven of the 15 goals Montreal has allowed at even strength, and 14 of the 23 they’ve allowed on the whole. And Mete, who has less of a role on the team’s penalty kill, has been on for five of the 15 at even strength.
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