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  1. Can't really be mad about that game I wouldnt be against a swap with Poehling and Suzuki
  2. If only there were one for me "whinny little girl" all would be settled
  3. Should have known you'd be an "internet bully" with past users names about you. Cheers fella.
  4. Stop down voting everything you disagree with, without an explanation, SWEETIE.
  5. Put it on your wall. Maybe it will give you some inspiration
  6. When you get down voted every other post for an opinion, something is going to be said. Bro, careful about chirps, you're the biggest nerd going
  7. I watched it happened. He held onto him.... Anyways.
  8. Should I keep chirpin' Kulak or is your finger getting tired?
  9. Down vote for saying Kulak is bad defensively. Kulak takes a holding penalty because he lost a step, Tamp Scores.... Ya
  10. Habs match up well against the Bolts, somehow. Ah, maybe not so much... Vasilevskiy 7-1-2 record against Montreal with 2.16 goals-against average and a .929 save percentage. Suzuki practiced on 4th line. Cousins was extra
  11. Looks like Suzuki and Kotkaniemi were rotating 3rd line C
  12. You would think this line up would be doing better
  13. Are you actually Kotkaniemi, just on here to pump your own tires
  14. I appreciate you guys post these stats.. Caulfield is an absolute beast.
  15. Kulak and Petry a top pair, come on. That only further exemplifies this team's deficiency on defense... Sorry, I forgot you're above down voting. You're only into handing them out like candy on Halloween
  16. I didn't down vote you, but Kulak is not a credible player, when you're trying to defend this D Corp.
  17. I was trying to tread lightly, but what's the point. I love the Habs, no question, but this is a leaky team.
  18. I knew Poeling would struggle for a bit down there. I think he had high hopes of being in a Hab's jersey.
  19. It's so early, but Gostisbehere is struggling a bit
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