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  1. I found there were so many unecessary points made in this thread. While I'm not saying it would work this way every season, having the number 1 PP last season obviously did not help us make the playoffs. That being said, Souray's horrible +/- is not the only reason we didn't make the playoffs either. It's a team game, and while one player's specific strengths will help a team in a certain way, there are always downsides to their play as well. Personally I'd say Hamrlik is definitely more well rounded at the back... cant' really go wrong with that. I don't think there's anyone on these boards that prior to July 1st would have EVER made the trade (Souray for Hamrlik) but that's not to say signing Hamrlik instead of Souray has impeeded our progress. Players play different on different teams and only time will tell how Hamrlik will perform for the habs. I don't see him standing out as much as Souray did with his exciting goals, but he will definitely improve our defensive core. That being said, I'm sure a lot of people who have posted here haven't seen Hamrlik play enough to properly judge him. I will miss Souray though.
  2. You guys hate way too much. It's a business as well as a game, so if Souray decides to play somewhere else that's his perogative. If he signs a better contract elsewhere, then I can't see how you can reaaaaally blame him, and if he gets skrewed and doesn't, then there's nothing to complain about. I'd love to have seen him/see him on the team, but with all bias put aside, offensively he had an amazing season, so I would have been shocked had he NOT tested the free agent market and not the other way around. No need to always crucify players. It's so ridiculous.
  3. I understand that statisitcs don't mean everything when it comes to judging talent but let's put it this way... On the defensive side one looks at +/- (Last season) Stuart: -10 Hamrlik: +22 On the offensive side for a defenseman one looks at points (Last season) Stuart: 22 Hamrlik: 38 Now the fact that he got first line PP minutes probably helped him as far as points go but like Tony said, there's a reason he was a top 2 defenseman on the flames. Both Stuart and Hamrlik played on the same team last season, so I hardly see the comparison. Just because you like the way someone looks on the ice, does not necessarily mean he'd be a better pickup.
  4. I kind of don't like that aspect. If a team does well one season, and the stars who got them there become free agents the next summer, chances are you won't get them all back. It sucks for the fans. It's always been like that, but never like this. edit - this was to avsfan
  5. After looking at that, we need to get stronger on the left side.
  6. I think you guys need to stop worrying about what the team will look like on the ice next season until it's actually formulated. There are still UFA's out there that could help the habs make the playoffs and possibly be a "contender" if we improve our defense and get solid goaltending. With that being said, it's obvious in my mind that Bob will either sign a couple of the stronger players left or make trade(s) to improve our team. It's only a matter of time. As for Selanne, like others have said on here, optimistic or not, it just doesn't make sense. Especially from Teemu's perspective.
  7. Well I guess it is safe to say that Kariya will NEVER be a habs player. He seems to like it in that part of the US. By the way, the atmosphere at Blues games isn't horrible either, though they don't attract many people.
  8. I must admit that I wouldn't complain if we got both Drury and Gomez, but in all honesty just because they're 2 of the biggest names available in the UFA pool does not necessarily make those two specific players worth 7+ mil each. Obviously if you want to pick up one of those players you're going to have to spend the big bucks, but Bob usually waits it out (good or bad I don't really know). If we were still to pick up someone like Kariya or another top player who has not been hyped up, for cheaper then I don't think Sather or any other GM is any more "magical" than Bob. But we'll just have to wait and see. Only the first day, and it's not even over!
  9. Ah I double posted.... The Rangers and (to a more serious extent) the flyers are already completely different teams. The habs will make some moves though no doubt. It's still early.
  10. Damn, Blake to the Leafs? That's not a bad pickup at alllll. Eastern teams seem to be doing pretty well so far, unfortunately.
  11. I'm not going to start a debate in the rumour thread but I don't completely agree with this. Keep in mind the Sabres have done well in the playoffs the past couple of seasons. While they haven't won the cup, this doesn't mean that Briere wouldn't be able to EVER lead a team there. In all honesty, while I'm not saying that Briere would indeed be the best player to build a team around in the league, I wouldn't be dissapointed if he was the go-to-guy on the habs. While I don't believe he'll have quite as good a season as last year's, we have to remember that he got 95 points in the regular season and then led his team in scoring IN the playoffs. When's the last time a player on the habs has reached 90+ points? I think I've just convinced myself even more that I'd like to see him here. Oh and also, I do not think that Koivu and Briere would get shredded in the playoffs.
  12. I was shopping at Metro in Westmount today (small town in Montreal for those of you who don't live here) and guess who I see entering right behind me. This guy on his cell phone in a green t-shirt and a baseball cap worn low in an attempt to cover his face. It was Bob Gainey!! haha. I didn't approach him at first, because as I said he was on his cell phone, probably with another GM but after about 5 minutes I just simply passed by him and made a coughing sound while saying "Briere", cough, "Kariya". So for those of you who want to see either of them on the team, if we get them you can thank me (just kidding). But he actually acknowledged what I said and laughed. I wonder what that means lol.
  13. Yeah I agree with your last statement. If Handzus were to be the only major pickup on offense this off season I wouldn't be overly enthusiatic by any means. But add someone like Briere to the mix, along with Handzus and that would help our offense tremendously (even though for some reason I get the feeling that regardless of who he plays for, Briere won't put up the same numbers as last year.) As for the original question, I know Montreal is one of Zubrus' favorite places to play, so it's not impossible. Adding him is kind of like obtaining a stronger and quicker Ribeiro... I wouldn't mind picking him up for the right price, but not as a first option.
  14. I didn't get to see the draft, so I'm not quite sure about the immature way he was acting. But to me, it doesn't matter if his "rankings were dropping like a stone" because the fact remains Esposito has the potential to eventually be one of the better players in the league. It would have been nice to see him play for the habs after all of the original attention he was getting. That being said, what's done is done and they decided to pick up a solid defenceman instead early on. Sorry to simply go on about one player, I just wanted to post my view on it. In my books, it wasn't an extraordinary draft by any means, and in fact I feel as though the possibilities were out there to really make it a great one this season. As someone said earlier on, I'd give it a B+.
  15. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=14318...183&hubname=nhl Opinions? lol...I think Fedorov can be one of the greatest players out there...I like the move even though he's expensive.
  16. yes, I know... with about a second to go, a buffalo raised his hands to indicate a goal so a shot must have come awfully close to going in. That was actually because the rebound went flying up in the air and he tried catching the puck with his hand. Anyways it was a pretty good game. I like the close ones lol. (When we win =/.)
  17. Now that I've looked, I only see the article about the altercation between Souray and his wife...This artcile is not entirely the same though..
  18. Interesting-ish article about Souray. Thought some people that were worried about his play last night might wanna read it. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=14122...225&hubname=nhl Was it posted? if so sorry...I didn't see [Edited on 2005/10/28 by xXx..CK..xXx] [Edited on 2005/10/28 by xXx..CK..xXx] [Edited on 2005/10/28 by xXx..CK..xXx]
  19. Lol, seems to me the home team would just waste the last several minutes of the game to get to overtime and then overtime would be unfair and boring because of the advantage. You're right about one thing, if the home team wouldn't win in OT they deserve to lose with a 5 minute PP lol. Crazy idea lol.
  20. Yeah man I play hockey and know what you're saying but I will defend Souray because the situation wasn't an easy one. Yeah Souray COULD have played the body more and made him cut to the outside. Souray COULD have taken a penalty. Souray COULD have nailed Spezza and everyone would now be talking about how nice of a play Souray made. Fact remains Spezza made an incredible move (whether or not the D played it right) and scored an even nicer goal. Heck had Theo stopped the puck, we wouldn't even be talking about this. I don't blame you for what you're saying because Souray was the last D back, who else should one put the blame on? But with all that said I stick to my statement from before. Spezza deserved that goal; he MADE it happen.
  21. You cannot punish a team for getting to overtime.. With that system, that's basically what you are doing. If two teams get to overtime, they LOSE the possibility to get three points? Even worse, if they win in a shootout, they basically lose two points. It doesn't matter if winning in a shootout is not the "same" as winning the game in 60 minutes, both teams still have the opportunity to win the game. Not to be a contrarion but I think the current point system is not all that bad. I don't think there should be shootouts at all and therefore think that the 2 points for a win 1 point for a tie 0 points for a loss system should be brought back. However with the shootout and no possibility of a tie, the current point system is the most fair. Even though one more point is added to the standings because of an OT loss, what comes around basically goes around and it's not like there are any teams in the league that won't benefit from the extra point atleast once..
  22. I don't get it though. In my opinion Streit is a better d-man than Hainsey. With that being said, if you send him to Hamilton and Hainsey comes up wouldn't Hainsey just cause the same problem and take ice time away from Komi as well? I dunno, I say keep him up at the NHL level for as long as you CAN. Needless to say if he continues to play "poorly" which I honestly don't think he really is for a 6th d-man then send him down. Who's going to replace him if you send him down though? Hainsey may never wear a habs jersey again.
  23. You have to give credit where credit is due and Spezza deserved that goal. You cannot blame Souray for that. 97.8% of people would not have been able to pull off that move on Souray and then roof it on Theo. Unfortunately he made a nice move and got the win for them. As for Zednik, I felt he was having a pretty bad game even by the end of the first period. I love Zeddy and I KNOW he'll get back to his A game and be one of the leaders in scoring for the canadiens by the end of the season. But even without his two giveaways which in turn led to two crucial goals, he was NOT confident at all around the puck. I saw maybe two shifts in the game where he looked pretty good, other than that he was mediocre at best. As for the Vermette goal, it was 100% Zednik who brought the puck back towards the Montreal goal and then missed his check on Vermette. No worries though. It was a good game and the canadiens got a point out of it all. Let's move on!! [Edited on 2005/10/28 by xXx..CK..xXx]
  24. To be completely honest, I'd have to say that I've already seen a lot of improvment in Streit's play. Had you posted about him in the pre-season, I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon and agreed with you. But we have to remember Streit is our 6th defensman and not our top one which is why he only plays around twelve minutes a game. You don't NEED to put him on in those "tight" defensive situations as much as someone like Markov. He's only -1 while someone like Rob Blake is -6, wow he must really suck then! As I said he's playing much better already (a 9th of the way through the season). I mean, he doesn't necesarilly stand out on the ice, but remember that's not ALWAYS a bad thing when you're a d-man lol.
  25. Canadiens 6 Senators 4 Montreal: Kovalev, Koivu (2), Zednik, Begin, Bonk Ottawa: Alfredsson (2), Chara, Spezza
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